it was prophesied

PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS. September 25 2013. PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS. Kenya: al-Shabaab attack. to a Catholic church Wajir. Just a few hours after the end of the siege at the mall Westgate Mall of Nairobi al-Shabaab could be returned to action. Last night to a Catholic church Wajir in the north -east of the country - the border area and between Kenya Somalia long been the scene of the attacks perpetrated by extremists - is was made of targeted by gunmen of rifles and grenades. Witnesses have told That the attackers are approach to board of two cars the church and have begun to shoot. After the intervention of police macaws escaped by throwing two grenades. At least n and dead three injured in the of bloody raid. Only the day before yesterday the militias of al- Shabaab defeats from of authority Nairobi after 4 days of resistance inside of Westgate had threatened of putting in act more attacks in the Country. Difficult not see an connect with what happened last night also if not is got no claim. but while the country mourns the victims of Westgate there are still many questions about the dynamics of the assault to Nairobi the identity of the components of and commando the exact number of the dead. Yesterday shabaab militants through their Twitter account they said That in the blitz are were killed " 137 hostages " and have also the accused forces Kenyan of have used ' chemical gas " and of having " caused the building to collapse burying testing and all the hostages under the rubble." The accusations That as well fueling doubts are you are denials the Kenyan Minister of the Interior Ole Lenku That HAS downplayed fears That 71 missing indicated by Croce Rossa local are actually died. The official remains steadfast to 61 deaths blackberries six officers of the forces of safety and five assailants. As for the composition of command yesterday the Minister of Justice USA Eric Holder Has That said not at the moment there is evidence That show the involvement of U.S. Persons. While the Foreign Office Has That confirmed an British 35/enne of Somali origin is was arrested at the airport of Nairobi as part of the investigations. © reproduction reserved

I'm sorry be my friend not you can save becouse you have been silent while the innocent Christian martyrs died! [ Everyone knows Unius REI I macaws law of retaliation! ]

THE DOSSIER. in the viewfinder intolerance. Simona Verrazzo. November 4 2013. are the " perfect prey." The ideal target on which to vent frustrations and individual collective failures. for that the minorities ethnic political religious are too often discriminated against excluded oppressed. The latest demonstration now comes from the Pew Research Centre a think tank based to Washington That HAS analyzed the conditions of Christians in the ten countries where are the minority group blackberries numerous. A sort of in the majority minorities for put it in other terms. in topping the charts there is Nigeria with 49 3 for a hundred. Nigerians are Christians 78 million and yet - despite are so many - the persecutions in this part of Africa are order of day. The most part live to south but That those are in the north in states as Yoke Kano Kaduna or Borno are forced to suffer attacks of the Islamic fundamentalist sect Boko Haram That aims to reinforce the Sharia ( already force in almost all the Northern of Country ) and to hunt " infidels " with violence. Scrolling down the ranking of countries with blackberries numerous Christian minorities in the world catches the eye as in nine out of ten cases are also places to discrimination are strong. is the case of Egypt. That the Pew Centre ranks ninth with 5.1 for hundred of population Coptic amounting to little blackberries of of 4 million people. n given however not shared by other sources That speak of 8 million of Christians amounting to about 10 for hundred of the population. That That is certainly is That Egypt hosts the blackberries ancient indigenous African requested together to that of Ethiopia and the blackberries large Christian community of Arab- Muslims. Yet in spite of that of the Copts is a presence of old centuries continually the chronicles remind us how they are persecuted. also after the deposition of president Mohamed Morsi a member of the Muslim Brotherhood the Brotherhood continues to attack the Christians as evidence of the assault Friday at the church the Virgin Mary to Zaytoun Cairo where go to pilgrimage also Muslims. as reported by the Catholic [ [ AsiaNews ]] students close to the Muslim Brotherhood and torn banners offensive phrases written on the walls to the patriarch and the Copts the forces armed. and for the churches persecuted of every denomination the World Evangelical Alliance HAS organized for today and next Sunday two days of prayer the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. in the classification is also a former Soviet republic. Kazakhstan to Muslim majority where Christian is almost an fourth of the population ( 24.8 for a hundred ) in total four million of people. Here the round of vine is arrived with the law religion of 2012. This provides That all religious activities not registered in the State are considered illegal. The result HAS always denounced [ [ AsiaNews ]] is was the closure of hundreds of churches. but the Christian minorities not are persecuted in Islamic countries only. just remember the violence Hindu fundamentalists in India ( as in the State of Orissa ) or the "hunt " in China to members of so-called " underground Church " the faithful to Rome. Scrolling down the rankings Korea stands out of the South the only country where not Christians are persecuted but are in fact arrived at the top of civil society as the late President Kim Dae- Jung ( laureate for the Peace in the 2000) and the current leader Park Geun - hye both Catholics.
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PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS. India exonerated professor accused of blasphemy. November 15 2013. The charge of is the blasphemy which cost one hand and part of arm. Now Professor TJ Joseph is a Christian Indian was acquitted by the court of in Thodupuzha Kerala. The story dates back of March 2010 when the lecturer professor at Newman 's College is accused of blasphemy from the Islamic fundamentalist group Popular Front of India ( PFI ). According to the extremists he added questions offensive toward Muhammad an the questionnaire for the examinations. Date the threats receipts the man had apologized publicly for his " mistake not intentional." Sometimes month later however an of the group had attacked him to strangers Muvattupuzha (district of Ernakulam ) and cutting off the hand part of the right arm. TJ Joseph was survived the attack but in the september of the same year the school authorities he had been fired without the possibility of access to retirement. Now finally is was acquitted of all charges. A judgment HAS said Sajan George president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC ) " for which we must thank the Indian judicial system. The case of Professor Joseph is was one of the pages blackberries dark of Kerala. " According to Sajan George aspects blackberries grave of this episode were " the attitude of police That HAS registered the complaint against of him and he also arrested and of the institution That has suspended from service. for fortunately the Mahatma Gandhi University to where Newman College is affiliated HAS revoked the decision of the school authorities and the HAS summary. " © reproduction reserved

PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS. December 26 2013. Angelus. "We pray for the Christians discriminated against " The Pope Has praying reciting the Angelus of today for Christians discriminated against to because of testimony of and gospel Has That noted in addition to situations countries where " not religious freedom is still guaranteed or not is in fact fully realized " there are also cases of " countries and environments That on paper safeguard the freedom and the rights human but where of made ​​believers especially Christians meet and limitations and discrimination. " The Pope criticizes " the false image of Christmas. the image and fabulous corny That in the not the Gospel there is." Has it said the Angelus for the celebration of St. Stephen the first martyr remembering " the true meaning of Incarnation " That fellow " Bethlehem to Calvary" and recalls " that divine salvation involves the struggle to sin it passes through the narrow gate of Cross. This is the way That Jesus Has clearly indicated to his disciples as testifies the gospel of today. " Pope Francis That HAS recited the Angelus from the window of study of St. Peter's Square it is if asked not seem " out of place " celebrate Stephen the first martyr of history of the Church immediately after Christmas " celebration of the life " that " infuses feelings of serenity and of peace " " why - HAS asked - disturb the enchantment with the memory of a violence so terrible? ". but HAS explained " in view of faith" the feast of saint Stephen " is in full harmony with the deeper meaning of Christmas in the martyrdom in fact - HAS commented pope Better World - violence is overcome by love death life. " and in the martyrdom is " reproduces the same comparison between the good and the evil and hatred forgiveness and between the mild violence That HAS culminated in the the Cross of Christ. the memory of the first martyr is well immediately to dissolve a distorted image of Christmas. the image and fabulous corny that in the not the Gospel there is ". © reproduction reserved.

December 26 2013 Christmas message Urbi et Orbi "Never blackberries tragedies as for Lampedusa migrants ' dear brothers and sisters of and Rome of world and good morning Merry Christmas! I make my own the song of the angels That appeared to the shepherds of Bethlehem in the night in where he was born Jesus also That song combines and sky earth sky turning to the praise and the glory and to the land of men the hope of peace. I invite everyone to join to this song: this song is for every man and woman That waking in the night That in hopes even better world That you take care of the other of trying do humbly his duty. Glory to God! © Copyright 2013 - Libreria Editrice Vaticana

PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS. December 27 2013. Religious freedom. Martyrdom because of Christians
EUROPE in the name of " secularism " is contrasted each root. " It happens " That Christians are openly adversaries ' also and countries environments That on paper and protecting freedom human rights but where of made ​​believers and especially Christians meet and limitations and discrimination. " The note of Pope 's Angelus address yesterday echoes also numerous incidents in Europe where the denial of as Christianity size ranging from countries in which the public are bandits wishes of Christmas as Great Britain to those where the simple exhibition during n tg of a small cross attached to a chain can cost to the place a journalist as happened recently blackberries of an month ago in Norway. Christians are today opposed in France. here the Church is reminding the government Hollande pledged to legalize euthanasia after wedding gay That "neither the Republic nor the state nor are doctors owners of human life " as HAS warned on the eve of Christmas the Archbishop of Lyon Cardinal Barbarin. but macaws tough times also for the Christians in Belgium where macaws groups of believers to animate the opposition of the project law for extend euthanasia for children. Open face ridicule believers Spaniards That support the recovery of the law on abortion cleaned of liberalization of Zapatero. Situation similar in Croatia where the Church Has led the big - and challenged - initiative for the defense of family with the reform of the referendum the Constitution. Francis Ognibene. NIGERIA fundamentalism of North triggers the hunting to the faithful. In sub- Saharan Africa north-central Nigeria has long been one of the regions blackberries dangerous for the Christian community. Le violence macaws increased dramatically with the attacks of the jihadists of Boko Haram a sect formed in the city north-east of Maiduguri That Has the objective of to bring in the country version very blackberries extreme of sharia ( law Koranic ). Over the past four years those That to sometimes are described as the " Nigerian Taliban " have taken of especially targeting leaders and civil places of cult Christians. Official figures speak of at least 3600 deaths since 2009 in most Christians. Most of the attacks of Boko Haram are which took place in the north of Nigeria to Islamic majority forcing thousands of Christians to head towards the south. The central government of Plateau is however often the scene of clashes between against the Muslim community the Christian or between the militants and the authority. The al-Qaeda have also hit blackberries times asked to Christmas. This year after a series of attacks Army militants December 24 in the north -east of the country and thanks to the raising of level of security throughout the country not we are were the attacks. Matteo Fraschini Kofi
Middle East the Holy Land is the epicenter of an long exodus. are only 154 thousand Christians That today inhabit the Holy Land within the boundaries of Israel. 80% of minority are Christian Arab other ares of joint to Jews to which must be added about 30 thousand foreign workers and the Christians of Palestine Jerusalem Est really an "little flock" in the State of Israel That has about 8milioni of inhabitants ( of 6 million Jews and in addition also million and half of Arabs ). Nazareth is the city with blackberries large numbers of Christians followed by Haifa and Jerusalem. small as communities and dying That for decades now fighting against the evil of endemic and escape abroad of diaspora to because of violence and of an environment culturally hostile in throughout the Middle East. Considering the migration of Christians in Israel increase each year of 0.9 %. n given below both with respect to the Jews (+ 1.7%) That compared to Muslims (+ 2.7%) and That in perspective makes still blackberries the small Christian presence. The minority has an high rate of education and percentages of access to higher university national ones. Instruction That paradoxically could encourage the emigration qualified. the risk fact is That the holy places are transformed into the future of museums perfectly preserved but without living communities. A temptation that of escape shared for decades as well in Egypt where he resides the Coptic minority as in Syria and Lebanon. Luke Geronico IRAQ More blood to Baghdad the community seeks " normalità "
In Baghdad the violence not HAS spared even on the day of Christmas. in the afternoon two bombs are exploded in the area of Dura killing 25 people and wounding 56. A killing - yet another - not claimed by any group. Yet given the proximity of the church of San Giovanni the authorities had thought That it was of an sectarian attack against the minority. A hypothesis disproved soon after by Monsignor Shlemon Warduni auxiliary bishop of the capital. The ambush - HAS explained the minister in an interview to " Vatican Radio " - " no was directed to Christians. not we have to mix the things - HAS added the minister -: is the attack which occurred on the day of Christmas but not why is Christmas. According to the Ministry of the Interior the goal of the terrorists was the market of Athorien particularly to crowded of that time in the morning. is was an difficult year for the Iraq That HAS attended to a devastating wave of sectarian violence. The past estimates of the United Nations speak of beyond 8 thousand deaths since January a "figure from 2006 " when after the fall of Saddam Hussein sectarian violence erupted in all its ferocity. To sharpen to violence - an civil conflict not said - the protests against the government of Shiite Maliki accused of favoring to his community the expense of the Sunnis. ( R.E. ) PAKISTAN icon of Asia Bibi blasphemy. and as India strikes also the shepherds. an another bad year for Christians and the minority religious of Pakistan. to from Asia Bibi That remain in jail in of expectation judgment appeal to three years after the condemnation to death for blasphemy. On all the weight of the conflict and of endemic violence of an country of of 180 million That the inhabitants it is sinking in its contrasts ethnic sectarian and of conflicting interests with an growing impact of terrorism is what fueled by jihadist movements as al- Qaeda the Taliban is that of matrix local. It weighs but also a law ( the so-called " anti- blasphemy" ) used as an ram for undermine the rights of the minority religious or not Islam fundamentalist. A situation That for some time exports of violence religious pretext across the border where the immense India to in turn the radicalism of matrix Hindu claims also in politics also That role confirms entrenched privileges. Just for the defense of the last in the traditional system of castes and marginalized groups ( Dalits ) the Indian Church suffers and pressures and injustices. as on 11 December when the Archbishop of Delhi Bishop Anil Couto is was stopped by dozens of priests nuns and activists during a march for ask That the Government confirm also for the baptized recognized benefits of Dalits faith Hindu.
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PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS. January 8 2014. Faith to the test. Christian persecution the increase in 2013. The number of Christians persecuted for their faith is in increase. also in the 2013 violence and the discrimination against them are grown. The phenomenon has emerged also from ' " Index worldwide of the persecutions in 2014 " That study ranks the 50 countries blackberries affected by intolerance made by the association Portes ouvertes France of an NGO to support persecuted Christians. Association apolitical founded in the 1976 Portes Ouvertes France makes this relationship since 1997. in the 2013 he writes the NGO there was an enhancement of the generalized persecution Africa in particular of the belt the Sahel "has become an the field of battle for the Church " and there was a sort of " That winter the Christian right in the countries have experienced the Arab Spring. " Of Korea North confirms for the twelfth consecutive year the country in for which Christians live is blackberries and dangerous precarious in second place in Somalia where tribal and clan Muslims ensure death " almost all Christians That together." The situation not improves in Arab countries. Syria and Egypt first of all: Syria which fell from 11th to third place holds the sad record of the number of Christians killed ( most of Nigeria according to news derived from printing ) Egypt is the country where Christians have suffered blackberries violence. Islamic extremism remains the factor blackberries insidious. The increase of the persecutions is particularly noticeable in failed states ie those which power center struggles to take fully its role. in addition and Somalia Syria Iraq the ' Afghanistan Pakistan Yemen and now also the Central African Republic. Among the other countries where Christians are under pressure we find Maldives Saudi Arabia Iran Libya Uzbekistan Qatar. © reproduction reserved

Kindergartens to Rome cut aid to the third child. Blocked aid to families numerous green light instead to the project favor of gay lesbian bisexual and transgender persons.
The gamble not is an game. Slot machines in bars halls games open 24 hours: Italy is turning into a gambling den. Persecuted Christians. The stories blackberries dramatic and data for the battle to ensure to all religious freedom. The choice of Marino. Kindergartens to Rome cut aid to the third child. Low shot of the Capitol families Roman three or blackberries children. If the resolution is approved by the City Council not the asylum will be blackberries free for the children That already have two brothers. an another slap in the face political family by a junta instead attentive to initiatives pro- gay in the Capitol seeking staff internal expert " policies of kind and LGBT " for strengthen the department and educational services education youth and equal opportunity. The proposal of resolution of commission school want to change the preceding ( the 90 of May 25 2000) That provides for the exemption from the payment of contribution rate of for the third child households three or blackberries minor children. " We are witnessing the dismantling of the policies family members put in walking with difficulty in all these years " says the president of of the Forum associations of family Lazio Emma Ciccarelli. " The situation is severe the families bring their children to the nursery why need of work so the council will be responsible of of the collapse families Roman. " Outraged Comment of Angelo De Santis Head Association families numerous of New York. "But is so difficult to understand That a family with three children today independently by income not can be considered rich? '. and he adds. "It's obvious the junta Marino is contrary to the family. The mayor so attentive to discrimination is discriminating against those who do family. " "In nine months - says the director Gianluigi De Palo a former councilor to the family the parent company of civic list " Citizens x Rome " - the administration Marino HAS dismantled the job done three years by myself to from from the " quotient Rome " dozers for the political family throughout Italy. " Jordan Tredicine (Fi) announces a motion against the resolution. for Valeria Mennuni ( Ncd ) is an " unacceptable attack on the birth rate." in pickaxe to the nth contemporary political family the Capitol Square also another brick of gay propaganda. With a circular of January 28 the Department resources human resources research within the administration four figures professional. The Department and educational services schools and young people equal opportunities HAS by the Government had " significant new functions matter of promotion and protection of the equal opportunity." We need therefore two figures ( an official expert notices and contracts ) and also for administrative the "Service policies of Genre." As many for the "Service LGBT ' an administrative and an expert " sociologist psychologist social having skills issues lesbian gay bisexual and transgender. " Experts to be used in a section dedicated to issues gender. Maybe for implement Directive UNAR anti discrimination at the Office of the Presidency the Council That like dictate the bon ton " homophile " to teachers.
" First civil unions - said De Palo - then the testimonials gays in schools for the project against bullying staff time expert LGBT. is an ideological battle on themes of abstract administration That lost of view of the concrete real life problems of the family to end month transport maintenance road. " Luca Liverani
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[ Open brief aan de satanisten van het project. aliens ontvoeringen microchip Gmos. Synthetische mensheid ] ThomasMistafield (6 fag ) synnek1 (6 fag ) 187HaudioHostem (6 fag ) = i meester youtube 666 eigenaar Spa een varkensbloed drinker van half van de het virus gekkekoeienziekte in de hersenen! 666 mislukte eigenaar in youtube [ maar je kunt altijd begaan zelfmoord in uw drum zwavelzuur meth uw werknemer IhatenewLayout de priester voodoo 666 ] ik heb gezien verdrinken in de Vloed universeel gezien dat ik heb je sterft onder de Toren van Babel en heb ik ook gezien als je het branden en onder Sodom Gomorrah heb ik gezien z afgeslacht de door Profeet Elijah Elijah Elijah ( Yahweh Elohim) naar de beek Ghison Kishon ( vandaag.. Ghison ) dan je verbrandt Satan Rothschild IMF!

Folders " crazy " Equitalia. an click for not pay them. The folder not must be paid? for to solve the problem just an hour click. Has equitalia in fact enabled on your website an new telematics service simple and fast That allows citizens of send the request of suspension of collection conveniently by its computer. The online application is added the other mode of presentation of demand already in place. at the counter by fax by e-mail or through with acknowledgment of returning. It may take the suspension of collection directly to Equitalia in case of cancellation of debt aside the institution creditor of an payment already made or of a favorable ruling.

China also if Xue Fushun father of democratic Xue Mingkai it is for suididto despair? this not make however blackberries lighter less serious the guilt of thy crime

02/05/2014 INDIA. India the Court will review the supreme judgment "pro- Hindu " for curb religious extremism. in the 1995 the blackberries high court of Country That had established search votes in the name of not Hinduism is a form of corruption. The verdict was much criticized why of the accused that process was being elected in name of Hindutva nationalist ideology. The president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC ) accepts in so favorable the decision of the Court Supreme in view of the general elections of May 2014. " In states where is pursued the Hindutva minorities live in insecurity ".05/02/2014 CHINA China father of an dissident dies after falling from an balcony of the court. for the police " it is committed suicide." Xue Fushun father of democratic Xue Mingkai was able to escape from prison and secret he was a refugee in the palace of Prosecutor General of Shandong. He sought the protection of the court against the persecution of in respect of police his family. for the wife and the son not is suicide but intentional murder. The support of Chinese dissidents That for writing an open letter denounce the " continuous violation " of the authority.

Benjamin Netanyahu I then this I have said many times though the ARAB LEAGUE not to me the Secular State (non- secular ) to remove sharia and any discrimination between the citizens.. Besides I macaws forced to deport all Palestinians.

Turkey. Erdogan's Ottoman Empire Salafi ( cheers the idea of make world war! ) To ok tour of vine on the internet. Standards issue Erdogan accused of cover-up ' Tangentopoli '. [ Now we are in full Nazism! with the approval of the UN the atheists omosessulisti cristianofobici for the new Holocaust against Israel and sharia caliphate World ]

France: 2 suicide [ by mortgage loan ] to the day manager sme. Search macaws 7% of total suicide [ then in France are committed 2 suicides per day of entrepreneurs almost always afflicted by the mortgage loan. ] Is clear all committed suicide have rejected the faith Christian for become the victims of despair That moneylenders communists Pharisees Anglo-American Illuminati have spread for the world with the seigniorage banking stolen from the constitution! 05 February PARIS [ that is war of Europeans Masons Bildenberg International Monetary Fund scam World Bank Spa FMi FED ECB against the Jewish -Christian civilization. ] An average of about 2 managers of small and medium enterprise commit suicide every day France 7% of the total number of suicides. The fact is in constant increasing according to the Observatory of health managers. Between 2006 and in 2010 there has been a wave of suicide few large companies transalpine as and Renault France Telecom. is also a phenomenon difficult to measure according to Olivier Torres founder of Observatory but is comparable to that between the artisans and traders.

Datagate Schroeder criticizes the United States. Former Chancellor " have no respect for sovereignty Germany." 05 February BERLIN [ hypocrite though Satanists Americans make at least 10000 human sacrifices on the altar of Satan (every year) this is becouse have been allowed out of your masonry then is normal That should take strong controlling top of you for we can bring. check and intimidated. ] "The U.S. is not they have no respect for an loyal ally and of sovereignty our country" so ' the former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to the tabloid Bild in the aftermath of a journalistic investigation that probably the intelligence agency NSA HAS watched also his phone user to starting from 2002. "What countries are spying on each other not is certainly nothing new. But intercept the phone of an clerk or of a Chancellor goes decidedly too far " HAS said.

Communist Giorgio Napolitano an enemy of Christ. At the resumption of the House question on the dl prisons where yesterday the government HAS grossed trust obstruction of the League by involving all its members on orders of day. [ You take an every thief 100 and then reduce them in freedom? ]

05 February WASHINGTON [ it of all human rights profane the Churches and commit sacrilege ( impunity) that is democracy Masonic homosexual to way of this West fell in hands of Masons Europeans Bildenberg! this Europe That amplifies the abomination against nature not know to do! ] The world boycott of the Games Sochi. is yet another appeal launched by Nadia Tolonnikova and Maria Alyokhina the singer of group Pussy Riot to New York for attend the concert of this evening organized by Amnesty International together to Madonna. In the evening entitled ' Bringing Human Righs Home ' the Barclays Center of Brooklyn the of two girls become the symbol of opposition to the Kremlin not sing but read a letter addressed to President Putin.

Giorgio Napolitano [ this is of Europe of the Masonic your system communists omosessualisti Bildenberg. Your abomination? not hold up! ] Have put the knife to the throat of the Church why recognizes lawful abortion. 05 February CITY ' of VATICAN is " surprise " reaction of to the Vatican accusations UN abuse " because of the negative aspect That document they have produced is That it seems That were already been made ​​before of meeting of Committee with the delegation of the Holy See "says Msgr. Silvano Tomasi observer of the UN Geneva That speaks of " ideological line." an " attempt of interfere in the teaching of the Catholic Church."

05 February GENEVA [ and where place you hypocrites atheists omosessualisti the serious violation of the rights of adult? that is of not be able to love and marry a woman? you are hairy everywhere in fact not go the cause of issue becouse you are an Masonic abomination of Europe Bildenberg That not is the Europe of the peoples and of sovereignty monetary traitors UN EU Bildenberg you are the evil! ] The Holy See remove "immediately" from office who HAS committed sexual abuse of children or That there is suspected becouse Has so far " adopted policies and practices " that have led to continue abuse of tens of thousands of children and impunity for the perpetrators. You read it in the report of the UN Committee on the rights of children. [in fact you are segliando today after a long time why burns the success of Pope Francis! ]

Pope. If money is an idol not there is equity. Commitment against the Church That dignity violations bring misery. 04 February CITY ' of VATICAN [ the UN Spa Bildenberg Pharisees Anglo- Americans for destroy Israel Zapatero sex with animals abomination against nature gayzzazione ideological.. are terrified That Francis Pope can speak of bank seigniorage! careful guys you're pulling the rope too! ] ' When the power luxury and the money become idols we prepend all these ' requirement of a fair distribution of the riches. Therefore it is necessary That the conscience be converted to justice to ' equality and sobriety sharing '. He says the Pope in the message for the Lent. The commitment of the Church he adds is " to do That way cease the violations of human dignity and discrimination harassment That in many cases macaws origin of misery ".

Benjamin Netanyahu [is was prophesied. " on the tip of every hill " there will be a Jewish city in this way though they will want to bomb Israel will have to strike too the Palestinians you can go where you want and you can take everything that want! ] 05 February 13:51. JERUSALEM [ I will lower the head to of all murderers and sharia their accomplices. UN. EU of violation. of every fundamental human right because. they defend. the Sharia they declared of be the new Nazi homosexuals! ] The Municipality of Jerusalem Has given the go-ahead to various plans for an total of 558 new housing units for settlers to Jerusalem Est "In the course of meeting of commission local of planning "it said in a note of the City of Jerusalem macaws were approved " plans for 386 homes to Har Homa 136 to Neve Yaakov and 36 to Pisgat Ze ' ev ".