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Catching Our Eye [[all nazi islamic country sharia imperialism, criminal arab league, for dhimmi martyrs christians slave ]] This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye. Christian village 'overrun' in Syria. Clashes between Syrian government troops and rebel forces threatened to overrun a Christian village north of Damascus this week, reports the Associated Press. Opposition fighters are reported to have been led by an al-Qaeda-linked rebel faction, which attacked Maaloula on September 4, before pulling out the next day.
AP reports that the assault has "spotlighted fears" among Syria's religious minorities about the prominence of Islamic extremists within rebel factions.
Monastery closure hits Sinai economy
Residents of the Sinai city of St. Catherine have complained they are struggling to survive following the closure of the city's 1,500-year-old monastery two months ago, reports Al-Monitor.
Egypt's government ordered the monastery shut in early July after suspicions it was to be attacked.
This is only the third time the monastery has closed in 50 years. Father Paolos, a member of the monastery's Holy Council, told Al-Monitor they are "suffering a major financial crisis, and we cannot cover the monastery's expenses and dozens of families that we constantly support".
The monastery employs 400 workers, but Fr. Paolos says salaries will have to be cut "drastically" if the government fails to sanction the reopening of the popular tourist site. UN warns of Syria 'genocide'. A UN diplomat has warned that if the violence in Syria continues at its present rate, there is a "risk of genocide".
Mokhtar Lamani, who worked with the UN during both the Balkans war and Rwanda, told the BBC that Alawites and Christians were at most risk, and that over two million Syrians have fled.
The BBC's Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen says UN envoys are reluctant to use the word "genocide" and that Lamani, based on the diplomat's personal experience, can be considered an "authoritative source".
New concern for North Korea. A new report from The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea states that an "extremely high" number of prisoners are detained on political grounds, while countless others are unaccounted for or have died in detention. "Through this vast system of unlawful imprisonment, the North Korean regime isolates, banishes, punishes and executes those suspected of being disloyal to the regime," the report states. "They are deemed 'wrong-thinkers,' 'wrong-doers,' or those who have acquired 'wrong-knowledge' or have engaged in 'wrong-associations.' "
Korean-American Christian Kenneth Bae is one of many perceived political opponents in prison in North Korea. His trial and conviction came at a time of high tension between the US and North Korea, in the wake of the communist state's third nuclear test. The US Special Envoy for North Korean rights Robert King last week hoped to seek pardon for Bae, who is suffering from ill health, but King was refused entry. Today former US basketball player Dennis Rodman is visiting 'his friend' Kim Jung-un. Rodman says he will not be discussing Bae's case at all.
Meanwhile, the United Nations has been refused access to North Korea's prison camps. However, an initial UN investigation found evidence of forced amputations and reports that a mother was forced to kill her own newborn baby, report The Telegraph, and the BBC. Another view of Egypt's violence
While much of Egypt and the world fixates on the fate of the Muslim Brotherhood and their attacks on Coptic churches, Timothy Kaldas sees something else: "The state's cynical use of Christian suffering to justify its violent behavior."
Despite the fact that attacks on Christian churches and communities have been widespread and well-documented since Aug. 14, "the security forces, be they police or military, have been nowhere to be seen. This is not due to them being unaware of the attacks," writes Kaldas on the English-language Mada Masr news website. The American-born son of Egyptian expatriates, Kaldas is a Cairo-based photographer.
"Every press conference that addresses the foreign media never fails to inform foreign journalists they're not paying enough attention to the crimes being perpetrated against Christians throughout the country," he writes. "[T]he negligence of the media, if you believe such negligence exists, pales in comparison to the negligence of the state, whose only interest in mentioning attacks on Christians is to further their political agenda."

Catching Our Eye [[all nazi islamic country sharia imperialism, criminal arab league, for dhimmi martyrs christians slave ]] This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye. [ Algierian military seizes Christian man ] An Algerian Christian has been arrested, his home searched and his computer seized, without explanation, according to the Protestant Church of Algeria. The man, identified by the name Sofiane, was riding in a taxi Aug. 23 when he was stopped at a military checkpoint near Biskra, about 500 kilometres south of Algiers. He was taken to Biskra for questioning.
"The police raided his family home and took his laptop and other personal items," said a source within the Protestant Church of Algeria, who was quoted anonymously by Open Doors International, a ministry that supports Christians who are pressured because of their faith. Sofiane, married and the father of one, remains in custody, the source said, and police have not provided any information about his detention.
CAR rebels killed; church attacked. A spiral of reprisal violence in the western portion of the Central African Republic this month has resulted in the desecration of a Catholic parish and has forced 18 priests and nuns to flee, according to Agenzia Fides, the Vatican's missionary news service. The trouble began earlier this month when members of the rebel coalition Seléka arrested a bicycle mechanic "for no reason," Fides reported. On Aug. 16, a fed-up group of "young local hunters" killed four Seléka members in retaliation. The next day, Fides reports, rebels entered the town of Bouar, guns firing. They ransacked the housing quarters of the Sœurs de la Charité, burned classrooms and desecrated the church. The Diocese of Bouar sent a convoy to evacuate the priests and nuns to Bohong, about 80 kilometres to the west. Fides reports that its sources in Bouar say "reprisals are likely to last for a long time.". Senator pushes for relgious-freedom envoy. U.S. Senator Roy Blunt is renewing his call for the State Department to create a special envoy for religious minorities in the Middle East. Blunt, a Republican from Missouri, introduced the necessary legislation in March. This week, in the wake of widespread attacks on Christian churches, schools and other facilities across Egypt, he renewed his plea to have his bill formally taken up for consideration. "The continued violence against Coptic Christians and other civilians in Egypt is incredibly disturbing and flies in the face of the religious freedoms and fundamental values that Americans hold dear," Blunt said in a press release. The envoy would "promote the right of religious freedom of religious minorities," monitor abuses, and represent U.S. interest in religious freedom to foreign governments. The bill is co-sponsored by a bipartisan mix of 10 senators. Report: Nigeria violence is sectarian. Boko Haram is the foremost perpetrator of religiously motivated violence in Nigeria, claims a new report issued by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. The report, issued Aug. 19 as an update to a July 2012 report, documents dozens of Boko Haram attacks on churches and individual Christians since January 2012 that have killed at least 532 people. Attacks on critical Muslim leaders and other "un-Islamic" groups have killed a further 134 people. The actual numbers likely are larger, the report notes, because only those incidents for which the militant Islamist group claimed responsibility are documented.
Earlier in August, the International Criminal Court said a "reasonable basis" exists to conclude Boko Haram has committed crimes against humanity in Nigeria.
The USCIRF update claims Boko Haram's "misuse" of faith is increasingly putting religion at the center of Nigerian violence, and that government toleration has created environment of impunity. The commission, an an advisory body to the U.S. Congress, urges an American policy that acknowledges the centrality of religion to Nigeria's unrest, in order to more effectively support Abuja and Nigeria's religious leaders.
Beaten Chinese pastor suspects regime
A Chinese house church leader who was abducted and beaten while driving home last week said he suspects local government agents, China Aid reports.
Li Shuangping, leader of Linfen house church, was dragged from his car on Aug. 13 and assaulted by four men, who threatened to kill Li and his family. He was later released.

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Catching Our Eye [[all nazi islamic country sharia imperialism, criminal arab league, for dhimmi martyrs christians slave ]] This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye. Jail then exile for Iranian convert. Iranian Christian convert Ebrahim Firouzi, 28, has been jailed for one year for "evangelism activities [which are] considered in opposition to the regime of the Republic Islamic of Iran". (Source: Mohabat) Firouzi, who was arrested in March and could not afford a lawyer, will then spend two years in exile in the remote city of Sarbaz, near the Pakistan border in Iran's southeast.
His bible and computer were confiscated and destroyed.
'Your wife arrested, your father dead'. An imprisoned Iranian convert to Christianity has spoken of the "mental torture" he has experienced since his arrest in December 2010. Mohabat News reports that Farshid Fathi, who is serving a six-year jail term for being the "chief director of a foreign organisation in Iran and raising funds for [them]", was told by prison guards his wife had been arrested and his father suffered a heart attack. Neither is true. His wife and two children are safe in Canada, where they moved in February this year, after two years in Turkey.
Egyptian pastor 'fine and safe', Reports that an Egyptian pastor was kidnapped on Thursday (Aug. 15) were false, according to The World Today, a Swedish newspaper.
Nasralla Salib, pastor of a Seventh Day Adventist church in Asyut, on Friday (Aug. 16) told the newspaper he was "fine and safe", having been sheltered from trouble by Muslim neighbours. Moderate Muslims defending their Christian neighbours has been one of the recurring stories coming out of Egypt. To keep up with events as they happen, follow our Storify feed. Crisis deepens as Cairo camps cleared
The Wall Street Journal reports that a number of churches have been attacked and some set on fire in Egypt following the bloody clearing of Morsi supporters from Cairo 'camps'. Churches in the town of Sohag and village of Delga were reportedly set on fire while churches in the Abou Helal district of Minya and in the city of Suez were also attacked. The Anglican community in Egypt sent out an appeal for urgent prayer, saying stones and Molotov cocktails have been thrown and a priest's car destroyed in Suez.. While state media reported only 15 fatalities as the army cleared Morsi's supporters from their two main 'camps' in Cairo, the Muslim Brotherhood claimed thousands have been killed. Some communications in Cairo have been cut, and roads in Alexandria blocked, and the situation remains confused.
Hisham Hellyer, a professor at Georgetown University, told the BBC World Service that "all media sources need to be double-checked, as no-one is neutral in today's crisis". Zero. That's the number of Christians among the 25 people sworn in as governors by Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour on Tuesday, according to Mideast Christian News. Egypt has 27 governates; Mansour filled the governor's position in all but two of them.
The incoming slate of regional executives has a Mubarak-era flavour, prompting loud protests from both the Muslim Brotherhood and the opposition groups that galvanized the popular uprising that, with the help of the Egyptian military, drove the Brotherhood from power July 3. Of the 25 appointees, 11 are former military officials, and a further two are former police commanders, Al-Ahram reported.

Catching Our Eye. [[all nazi islamic country sharia imperialism, criminal arab league, for dhimmi martyrs christians slave ]] This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye. [ Iranian convert jailed for 10 years ] Mostafa Bordbar, an Iranian convert to Christianity, has been jailed for 10 years (Source: Mohabat News). Bordbar, 27, who was arrested last year, was sentenced to five years for membership of an "anti-security organisation" and five years for partaking in "gatherings with intent to commit crimes against Iranian national security". His lawyer, Shima Ghousheh, said she will appeal the verdict.
Italian priest 'kidnapped' in Syria. An Italian Jesuit priest has been abducted in Syria by Islamists with links to al-Qaeda, Reuters has reported.
Fr. Paolo Dall'Oglio was reportedly kidnapped on Monday (July 29) in the rebel-held eastern Syrian city of Raqqa, which, Reuters says, has fallen under the control of militant Islamists. However, the Vatican has yet to confirm the news.
Dall'Oglio had worked in Syria for over 30 years, "promoting Islamic-Christian harmony-building" (his  words). But he was expelled last year after speaking out against President Bashar al-Assad and helping victims of the civil war. Since then, he has been working predominantly in Europe.
On 22 July he posted an online petition to the Pope, whom he implored to advocate on behalf of suffering Syrians. However, his stance has been controversial for many Syrian Christian leaders. Nadim Nassar, the only Syrian Anglican priest, told World Watch Monitor: "Any attempt to politicize the voice of Christians in Syria is wrong, and devastating for them, because it weakens them".
Zimbabwe election battle begins. Zimbabweans head to the polls today (July 31) as a two-man battle gets underway between long-standing president Robert Mugabe, who has been in power for 33 years, and challenger Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister since 2009. In an editorial for the Washington Post, Tsvangirai questioned whether the elections would be free and fair, but Mugabe insists Zimbabwe's Christian roots will ensure there will be no foul play and that he will step down if he loses. "We don't do things like that [rig elections]," he said. "We have never done it. We have had elections before, democratic elections. The West might not have accepted them as democratic but our own people definitely know we have done no cheating, never, ever. We are also a Christian nation." WSJ: Religious freedom 'integral'. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal says religious freedom is an essential human right that must be protected. "Because the freedom to live according to one's beliefs is so integral to human flourishing, the full protections of religious liberty must extend to all," write Robert George and Katrina Lantos Swett, chairman and vice chairwoman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. Body of kidnapped Assyrian discovered. The body of Salem Dawood Coca, an Assyrian from Betnaya in northern Iraq, was found on July 8 in the truck he was driving when he was kidnapped on May 27. The Assyrian International News Agency reports the truck was rigged with explosives, prompting speculation Coca was being forced to carry out a suicide bombing, but that he had refused.
AINA said the kidnappers contacted the family and called Coca a "Christian infidel". Coca leaves behind a wife and several children. He was 63.

Catching Our Eye [[all nazi islamic country sharia imperialism, criminal arab league, for dhimmi martyrs christians slave ]] This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye. al-Bashir trip to Nigeria sparks protest. Human rights groups are blasting Nigeria for hosting Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir at an African Union health summit, and have demanded his arrest on genocide charges from the International Criminal Court.
However, a spokesman for Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan says "Nigeria is not in a position to determine who attends an AU event and who does not attend an AU event... Nigeria is just providing the platform for the meeting". (BBC)
It was noted that al-Bashir left the summit earlier than expected. Lebanon on the brink. The war in Syria threatens to spill over into Lebanon where the Damascus regime and the rebels both have supporters. A Lebanese BBC journalist's film 'Lebanon on the Brink' shows the latent sectarian enmity between Sunni and Alawite Shia in Tripoli, northern Lebanon. Copts suffer pro-Morsi backlash. Twenty-three houses belonging to Coptic Christians have been set on fire in Naga Hassan village, Egypt, after a Muslim man was reportedly killed in an altercation with three Copts on July 5, writes Egypt Independent. Although local residents said the altercation had no religious or political motivation, others are concerned at an apparent increase in interfaith tension following Mohamed Morsi's deposition. The UK's Independent newspaper reports that Coptic Christians are being held responsible for the coup by some of Morsi's supporters, and suffering violence as a result. 'Freed' Asseriyan sworn to silence. Robert Asseriyan, the Iranian pastor arrested during a church service on May 21, has been freed, Mohabat News reports. Asseriyan, of the Assemblies of God Church in Tehran, was reportedly released on bail on July 2. Mohabat says the condition for his freedom is for him to remain silent, after his church was forced to close during the Iranian Presidential elections. 'Epidemic' of sexual violence in Egypt. In the midst of the political demonstrations in Egypt, violent attacks have been carried out against at least 91 women in the past week. According to Human Rights Watch, many of these extended acts of aggressions are pre-meditated assaults by groups of men.

Catching Our Eye [[all nazi islamic country sharia imperialism, criminal arab league, for dhimmi martyrs christians slave ]] This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye. Coptic Pope backs protests
Egypt's Coptic leader Pope Tawadros II has lent his support to the growing anti-Morsi protests, saying it is "wonderful to see the Egyptian people taking back their stolen revolution in a peaceful way", reports Al-Ahram.
Syrian priest 'shot not beheaded'. Francois Murad, the Syrian priest killed during a June 23 attack on a convent, was shot not beheaded, according to the latest reports. (The Daily Telegraph). A YouTube video appearing to show two prisoners being executed by rebels had been linked to Murad's murder, but Human Rights Watch said the video was most likely filmed in a different location several months before Murad was killed. Murad's order, The Custody of the Holy Land, said he was shot by Islamists while trying to defend nuns. Fides linked the attack to the jihadi group, Jabhat al-Nusra. Bomb kills 4 in Syrian Christian district. Four people were killed and several injured on Thursday in an explosion in the mostly Christian Bab Sharqi district of Damascus' Old City, near the Greek Orthodox Virgin Mary Church. Syrian state-run TV said it was a suicide bomb; opposition forces said it was a government-fired mortar. No one had claimed responsibility, and it was unclear if the church was the intended target. The Associated Press said it was the first reported suicide attack inside the Old City, and that the bomb went off 50 metres from the church entrance. "A terrorist bombed himself nearby the Patriarchate, next door to the Shi'ite association. Four persons were killed and 11 injured, one of them a woman working at the Patriarchate," according to Open Doors International. But the victims most likely were Shi'ites, the organization said, because the bombing occurred at a Shia medical center next to the church. Syrian priest calls for end of 'folly'. A Syrian priest was killed on Sunday (June 23) in an attack on a convent by militants linked to the jihadi group, Jabhat al-Nusra, according to Fides.
Another priest, Pierbattista Pizzaballa, told the Catholic Herald that Ghassanieh, the village where Francois Murad died, "like other Christian villages, has been almost completely destroyed and is almost totally abandoned".
"The only thing we can do," he said, "is pray that this folly ends soon and that no more weapons are sent to Syria because that would only prolong this absurd civil war." Death penalty fear for Libyans
"Why should people have to worry in the new Libya that they could face the death penalty over what someone else sees as disrespectful of religion?", Human Rights Watch. Ali Tekbali and Fathi Sager, two Libyan National Party officials, may face death over posters made for the 2012 elections, if found guilty of charges including insulting Islam and "instigating division".

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Catching Our Eye [[all nazi islamic country sharia imperialism, criminal arab league, for dhimmi martyrs christians slave ]] This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye. Syriac church torched
A group with links to al-Qaeda set fire on June 19 to al-Wahdah Syriac church in Syria's eastern city of Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Arab News Agency is reporting.
SANA, citing information from "an official source", reported the responsible group is "an armed group affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra". The United Nations has declared al-Nusra to be an alias for al-Qaeda in Syria, and the United States has designated it as a terrorist organization. Earlier, terrorists seriously damaged a Catholic church in Deir Ezzor with a car bomb. Bomb sullies Pakistan founder's legacy
On Saturday (June 15), the Residency in Balochistan where Pakistan's founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah spent his last days was badly damaged in a bomb and grenade attack, reports Pakistan's News International. Jinnah said in his inauguration speech in 1947: "You are free; free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed, that has nothing to do with the business of the state." While the attackers remain unidentified, commentators are worried by the apparent symbolic nature of this attack on Pakistan's. founder's principles. Syrians struggle for basic necessities. A Priest in Homs told Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need about his "desperate struggle" to provide basic food, shelter and medicine to more than 30,000 people fleeing the war-torn city. Rouhani victory 'not free nor fair'
Iran's elections were neither free nor fair, according to Mansour Osanloo, former President of the Tehran Bus Driver's Union, writing for the New York Times.
Hassan Rouhani won the June 15 election, but the real power, Osanloo said, still lies with Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Euro Court to France: Don't deport Copt. France has decided that an Egyptian Coptic Christian man should be returned to his native country, but the European Court of Human Rights last week asked France to reconsider. AFP reports that the man, identified as M.E., arrived in France in 2007 from the Upper-Egypt governate of Assiut, and later claimed he and his family faced attacks and threats while he lived in the heavily Coptic region. French courts denied his application for asylum, saying his predictions of threats if sent home were not persuasive. The European Court, however, pointed to the increase of violence against Copts predating Egypt's 2011 revolution and noted there was "no evidence that the situation of Coptic Christians had improved in the meantime".

Catching Our Eye
This is the place where we post news updates, quick takes, and links to items of interest around the web. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see what's Catching Our Eye.

    Not the usual blasphemy conviction

    The Associated Press reports that Cairo's Nasr City Court has convicted a Muslim cleric for burning a Bible. In a country where the law forbidding denigration of Islam, Judaism and Christianity is used usually to prosecute Christians, Sunday's verdict was a rare case where it was applied against a Muslim.

    Ahmed Abdullah ripped and burned a Bible during a Sept. 11 protest against an American-made anti-Islam video. His son was also found guilty. The two were fined 5,000 Egyptian pounds, about US $700.

    The father was also sentenced to eight years in prison, but the judge suspended the prison time.
    Turkey 'defined by inflexible religiosity'

    Calling Turkey a home to the "last secularists in the Middle East", Turkish opposition party MP Şafak Pavey has condemned Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's government for failing to reconcile Islam, secularism and democracy because of a government "defined by inflexible religiosity". (The Guardian)
    Egyptian blasphemy case 'bodes ill'

    Christian teacher Dimyana Obeid Abd Al-Nour has been fined 100,000 Egyptian pounds ($14,000) for defaming Islam and insulting Prophet Mohammed, which is prohibited in Article 44 of the Egyptian constitution.

    The 24-year-old will now face compensation claims at a civil court following the conclusion of the criminal trial in Luxor on June 11.

    Amnesty International says the case "bodes ill for others in Egypt facing trial on similar charges".
    Amnesty wants Sudanese pastors freed

    Amnesty International has called for the release of two Presbyterian Church leaders in South Sudan, who were arrested on May 19.

    Reverend Idris Nalos Kida and Pastor Trainee David Gayin were not allowed access to a lawyer or their families, and are at risk of torture or other forms of ill-treatment, Amnesty International reports.
    Egyptian 'defamation' verdict due

    The trial of an Egyptian Christian teacher accused of defaming Islam and insulting Prophet Mohammed is expected to conclude at a third hearing scheduled for June 11, reports Middle East Concern.

    Twenty-four-year-old Dimyana Obeid Abd Al-Nour was arrested on May 8 after accusations by the parents of three students at Sheikh Sultan primary school in Luxor.

    "It is not a crime to speak one's mind on a religion, whether it is their own or that of someone else," said Amnesty International's Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui.

    However, Article 44 of the 2012 Egyptian constitution states: "insult or abuse of all religious messengers and prophets shall be prohibited".

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yitzhak kaduri Benjamin Netanyahu tu hai visto? [ Spa monopolio ebraico di NetWorkTV hollywood's jewish FED BCE Nwo per la prima volta hanno incominciato squarciare il velo su questi genocidi sistematici che gli islamici fanno da 1400 anni forse che per amore del mio amore per Israele Illuminati satanisti farisei hanno rinunciato a distruggere Israele? ] [ #Siria: qaedisti prendono #Al Bab #strage. [ Decine di esecuzioni sommarie ] secondo attivista. 13 gennaio 19:23 #Siria: #qaedisti jihadisti per il #Califfato #mondiale sharia #saudita #salafita #ottomano prendono #Al#Bab strage #BEIRUT Le milizie #jihadiste dello #Stato #islamico #'Iraq e del #Levante ( #Isis) entrante in conflitto con altre formazioni di insorti in Siria hanno riconquistato in queste ore la località di Al Bab a nord di #Aleppo. Lo riferiscono attivisti locali raccontando di #decine di #esecuzioni #sommarie di prigionieri e combattenti rivali. Al Bab oltre a essere diventata teatro di scontri fra ribelli locali e qaedisti é stata nei giorni scorsi bombardata dalle forze governative di #Assad.

Al Miqdad: gli USA Turchia e Arabia Saudita vogliono fare saltare la conferenza di Ginevra 2 dopo la loro delusione dei ragazzini che avevano inviato per discutere. le armi di distruzione di massa sono tre: Biologica chimica enucleare ma esiste una quarta che è la bestialità che consiste nel prendere la decisione sbagliata nel momento sbagliato. Fonti di informazioni parlano di divergenze nelle fila dell'opposizione su chi dovrebbe sostituire Al Jarba dopo che quest'ultimo aveva annunciato il suo ritiro. questo sarebbe il motivo del dialogo diretto fino a questo momento... Homs: rapido avanzamento degli eroi dell'Esercito Arabo Siriano nella zona di al Zara nella periferia ovest di Homs dove si trova il più grande covo dei vili terroristi sicari uccidendo più di 60 terroristi e la cattura di 17. le nostre forze stanno ancora avanzando. Periferia di Damasco: Durante lo scavo di una galleria da parte della Direzione della difesa aerea attorno della Direzione due giorni fa si sono incontrati in un punto comune dove i terroristi armati avevano già scavato una galleria dalla parte di Al Miliha... gli agenti della difesa aerea allora avevano minato la galleria ritirandosi poi dalla galleria che è stata fatta esplodere con tutti i terroristi dentro quelli che avevano cercato di ritirare i cadaveri: sono stati uccisi a loro volta. tra i terroristi si contano più di 40 uccisi.

Il consulente del Presidente Bashar Al Assad risponde a tutto quello che #Kerry e la sua banda hanno portato alla #Conferenza di #Ginevra 2 per presentare il Governo legittimo siriano come un governo che uccide tortura e opprime la sua popolazione. Quelle foto o video riportate a prova della tesi portata sostenuta e promossa dai veri nemici della Siria faranno la fine di quelle prove che sono state in precedenza fabbricate e mistificate in diverse occasioni tra quelle da ricordare la questione del chimico e del suo utilizzo per accusare il governo siriano di quelle macabre e disumane menti e mandanti degli stessi gruppi mercenari che ogni qualvolta si preveda una convocazione del Consiglio di sicurezza dell'ONU o dell'Assemblea stessa dell'ONU stranamente si presentano queste prove o si commettono massacri e atti criminali per portarle in quelle aule. Mi domando se mai possibile che il Mondo continua ancora a ignorare la presenza di più di 130.000 terroristi sicari mercenari provenienti da più di: 83 paesi: e che stanno uccidendo massacrando e eseguendo: modi e tecniche mai viste: nella storia dell'umanità e la cosa che dovrebbe offendere ogni coscienza umana è che tutti questi atti criminali vengono regolarmente filmati e lanciati dagli stessi terroristi nella rete vantando e festeggiando le loro atrocità nel nome di Dio e cosa fa quel mondo che si presenta come difensore dei diritti della democrazia e della giustizia sociale quel mondo accusa con atteggiamento infido e perfido la vittima di essere l'autore di queste atrocità e i mercenari criminale vengono regolarmente ignorati come se non esistessero anche se organismi internazionali riconoscono e dichiarano esplicitamente l'innocenza del Governo siriano e le altre istituzioni siriane. Nessuno al di fuori della delegazione ufficiale siriana ha pensato o ricordato nella conferenza di Ginevra le centinaia se non migliaia di civili e non #rapiti da parte dei gruppi terroristi presenti sul suolo siriano ad iniziare da quei #libanesi per finire con le suore e le bambine orfane rapite da #Maaloula.
Queste persone non sono state rapite casualmente o per vendetta ma sono state rapite per ordine preciso da parte dei mandanti per averle come strumento di ricatto come è successo ogniqualvolta che si preveda una riunione di un organismo internazionale e sin dai primi giorni di questa guerra mondiale contro la Siria e contro la popolazione siriana (ricordate le dichiarazioni di Hellary Clington a riguardo). Mi domando ancora è mai possibile che questo mondo che si presenta come difensore dei valori nobili dell'umanità non abbia pensato di essere strumentalizzato e raggirato da parte dei gestori della guerra contro la Siria????.
L'utilizzo di queste foto o "prove" perché avviene in certi momenti e non quando sono disponibili?????. La risposta è semplice: Queste foto e queste pretestuose prove sono assolutamente e certamente fabbricate eseguite e portate dagli stessi autori nelle persone che all'oppinione pubblica si riservano l'immagine del difensore dei diritti e cioè da parte dei sostenitori finanziatori ospitanti fornitori ed investitori nel terrorismo mondiale precisamente sono: i governi degli #USA #Francia #Inghilterra #Italia #Turchia #Arabia #Saudita #Qatar e tutti quei paesi che ruotano nella loro orbita.

Lo scenario più importante che noi abbiamo visto ieri è che un piccolo paese resiste di fronte a mezzo di quel mondo forte e ricco e quel piccolo Grande Stato ribadisce a loro dicendo: Sono uno Stato libero indipendente e sovrano... Questo è di per se una storica vittoria con tutti le sue conseguenze e che non potrebbe nemmeno sognare qualunque leader arabo e nemmeno leader mondiali.. Questa è la vera libertà che volgiamo noi non vogliamo un'altra libertà siamo pronte ad offrire qualunque sacrificio per questa libertà.. Questo è la nostra decisione per la indipendenza nazionale... Al Moualem. ha dato la miglior descrizione della dottrina wahabita: " la #wahabia esporta in Siria mostri a immagine di essere umani". Grande flusso di richieste per interviste alla delegazione siriana. Sin dalle prime ore della Conferenza di Ginevra 2 si è osservato un affluenza senza precedenti verso la delegazione siriana chiedendo interviste che non potrebbero essere esaudite tutte le richieste mentre quello che chiamano la delegazione della coalizione andava in giro a cercare qualche giornalista per rilasciare dichiarazioni. Gli esperti dell'informazione hanno interpretato questo avvenimento come un ulteriore segnale dello svincolo dei mezzi mediatici dalle posizioni dei ministeri degli esteri occidentali per rendersi più libera e più vicina alla realtà di quanto sta accadendo veramente senza poterla più nascondere (come hanno fatto per quasi tre anni). L'intervento del Ministro degli esteri siriano #Walid Al #Moualem è stato il perno principale che ha esposto in dettaglio gli atti criminali che la #Siria sta subendo dal punto di vista umano politico socuiale ed economico.

Periferia di #Damasco #Ghouta orientale: 155 terroristi mercenari sono caduti in un'imboscata dell'Esercito arabo Siriano. Sapete che il ministro degli affari esteri #Saudita il quale ha parlato oggi della rotazione del potere. quel uomo e' dal 1975 un ministro degli affari esteri. Alcuni dei sostenitori della cosiddetta opposizione ieri avevano cercato di aggredire il #Ministro dell'informazione siriano #Omran #Alzoubi intervenuta la polizia svizzera portandolo in salvo. Il primo risultato della danza di #Ginevra a #Aleppo: L'Aeroporto Internazionale Civile di Aleppo è aperto sicuro e proprio oggi ha ricevuto il primo volo siriano. New York 9 gen. Per la seconda volta in un mese la #Russia ha bloccato una mozione non vincolante di censura nei confronti del regime di #Bashar #al-Assad per le stragi di civili perpetrate con i raid aerei su #Aleppo che dal 15 dicembre scorso hanno gia' provocato oltre settecento morti e piu' di tremila feriti. Il testo sottoposto al #Consiglio di #Sicurezza delle #Nazioni Unite dalla #Gran #Bretagna esprimeva "indignazione" per i "quotidiani" attacchi "cinici e sistematici" condotti in spregio delle norme di diritto internazionale contro la popolazione della seconda citta' della Siria: ma Mosca ha preteso che ogni riferimento a quest'ultima fosse eliminato e cosi' per evitare che ne sortisse una versione troppo edulcorata i proponenti lo hanno ritirato. Qualcosa di identico era gia' successo il mese scorso quando a farsi carico di un'iniziativa analoga erano stati gli Usa. In questa occasione #Washington in realta' nutriva dubbi sull'opportunita' di una mossa del genere nell'imminenza almeno teorica della piu' volte rinviata conferenza di pace in programma il 22 gennaio prossimo in Svizzera la cosiddetta Ginevra 2. "La bozza #britannica non costituisce nulla di cui ci si debba sorprendere il Consiglio non puo' rimanere in silenzio su una questione simile" avevano pero' replicato in via riservata fonti diplomatiche occidentali e cosi' si era andati avanti finche' l'ostilita' russa non ha mandato tutto a monte.
Il #Cremlino storico alleato di #Damasco ha gia' paralizzato con il veto proprio e della #Cina tre risoluzioni vincolanti di condanna #anti-Assad. (AGI).
Lo scandalo di #Mohammad #Qassim Al #Nassouh comandante del cosiddetto "Battaglione degli amanti dei discepoli" arrestato mentre stava praticando il sesso con una sua nipote.

TG 24 Siria ha condiviso il video di ‎شبكات أخبار سوريا المتحدة / F.S.N.N‎.
22 gennaio Al Moualem.... Nessuno al Mondo Sig. Kerry nessuno proprio ha il diritto di dispensare legittimità o anche revocarla o ancora concedere ad un Presidente un Governo a una Costituzione o a qualunque cosa in Siria se non gli stessi siriani nessun altro.
لا أحد في العالم سيد كيري لا أحد في العالم له الحق باضفاء الشرعية أو عزلها أو منحها لرئيس أو حكومة أو دستور أو قانون أو أي شئ في سوريا الا السوريون أنفسهم.
الوزير وليد المعلم
Il nostro esercito diplomatico a Montreux per la pace... e il nostro esercito eroico in Siria per la guerra... chi la guerra ha voluto la guerra avrà e chi vuole la pace la pace avrà.. nel vocabolario dei Leoni non vi è il termine arrendersi...
"Abou Bakr Al Ansari uno dei cosiddetti giuristi dell'organizzazione terrorista "lo Stato Islamico in Iraq e Siria" ucciso in una sede dell'organizzazione grazie ad un missile che lo ha spedito all'inferno.
Svizzera: Centinaia di siriani si sono riuniti davanti alla sede della conferenza Ginevra2 a Montreux urlano per la Siria e suo presidente. 500 detenuti in cambio delle suore rapiti dai terroristi a Maaloula:
La delegazione del Qatar che era entrata attraverso l'Aspromonte di Irzal nei territori siriani attraverso un valico illegale 10 giorno fa o quasi era composta da 4 personaggi rimasti per tre giorni a Yabroud dove hanno incontrato l'Emiro del fronte al NUsra (organizzazione dichiarata terroristica dagli americani) e nel Qalamoun hanno incontrato le suore rapite.
la delegazione del Qatar aveva offerto di provvedere a tutta quanto necessario per liberare le suore compreso il pagamento del denaro.
Il fronte rapitore delle suore ha consegnato una lista di 500 nomi di terroristi detenuti in cambio della liberazione delle suore.

L'Ingegnere Nagham Salloum nella Provincia di Souidaa in prima linea e personalmente vuole essere attiva e provvedere alla manutenzione della rete elettrica distrutta dai criminali terroristi della Nato dell'Europa e America della Turchia dell'Arabia Saudita del Qatar e di quelli che si fanno chiamare gruppo del 14 marzo libanese e dei tutti i patrocinanti del terrorismo mondiale sotto moltissimi pretesti e menzogne. Questa è la donna siriana vera e propria. I rappresentanti dell'organizzazione terroristicaa Ginevra 2: Lo Stato Islamico in Iraq e Siria il fronte di al Nusra e tutti gli adoratori del petrodollari:
- Assi al Jarba;
- Michel Chilo;
- Burhan Ghalioun;
- Abdul Hanid Darwish;
- Hadi Al Bahra;
- Badr Jamous;
- Rima Flehan;
- Souhai Al Atassi;
- Anas Al Abdah;
- Ahmad Ramadan.

Il Ministero degli esteri russo ha criticato il ritiro dell'invito inviato a Iran per partecipare alla Conferenza di Ginevra 2 considerando questo atto una delusione in quanto la revoca dell'invito indebolisce gli sforzi spesi per sottrarre la Siria da questa crisi. Imboscata ben pianificata eseguita da parte dei nostri Soldati nell'aeroporto Al Tabqa con l'esito di 12 terroristi eliminati e gli altri si sono immediatamente ritirati in fretta e furia mentre il nostro Esercito a requisito le loro armi e munizioni con due vetture da loro utilizzate. Ginevra #Ministro Esteri Al-Muallem: alla Siria interessa il successo di Ginevra 2 come primo passo per un dialogo siriano siriano [fuori subito tutti i mercenari dalla Siria]

Periferia di Damasco: Durante lo scavo di una galleria da parte della Direzione della difesa aerea attorno della...
13:42 - 24 gen 2014

 Sunset ‏@_darkhours 9 h

 @Tg24Siria AJ admit:#Syria-#Damscus #CapitalShield #SAA eliminate rebels possibility2stirke hearthland … v @NamanTarcha

 TG24SIRIA @Tg24Siria

Gli armi di distruzione di massa sono tre: Biologica chimica enucleare ma esiste una quarta che è la bestialità...

TG24SIRIA @Tg24Siria

Al Miqdad: gli USA Turchia e Arabia Saudita vogliono fare saltare la conferenza di Ginevra 2 dopo la loro...

TG24SIRIA @Tg24Siria

Siria l'esercito riprende il controllo sulla località Tayyara est di Zarzour in Aleppo tagliando la strada Aleppo Raqqa ai terroristi

TG24SIRIA @Tg24Siria

Fonti di informazioni parlano di divergenze nelle fila dell'opposizione su chi dovrebbe sostituire Al Jarba dopo...

Siria: Vendetta dell'ISIL di Al-Qaeda Massacra Attivisti Dell'Opposizione ad Aleppo
Per MrGeourg 8 gennaio 2014 Al Nusra front attivisti FSA Grave Massacro Miliziani di Al-Qaeda opposizione armata opposizione siriana Stato Islamico dell'Iraq e al-Sham STRAGE A ALEPPO

Immagini di corpi (almeno 43) di attivisti civili giornalisti del canale Shaza Al-Hurria e uomini armati appartenenti all'opposizione liquidati dai terroristi dello Stato Islamico nell'Iraq e nel Levante (ISIL) o Dawlet Al-Islam in Iraq e Al-Sham (Daish) ramo di Al-Qaeda in Siria e in Iraq. 1502533_415194765250784_1045408969_n 1535696_415191341917793_195575593_n

Il massacro si è consumato nelle note del 6 gennaio nei pressi dell'ex struttura dell'ospedale oftalmologico nelle città di Aleppo che è stata presa d'assalto dai stessi terroristi dell'opposizione trasformandola in un ospedale di campo e centro operativo del canale mediatico Shaza Al-Hurria (Profumo della Libertà).

Tale crimine entra nel contesto della lotta al potere e vendetta sanguinosa tra i vari fazioni dell'opposizione criminale Qaedisti Jihadisti e uomini armati (ISIL Nusra Fronte Islamico FSA …).

Tra i corpi si trovano diversi civili anche medici alcuni volontariamente si sono offerti e altri sono stati costretti a collaborare con l'opposizione. Secondo fonti locali quasi 247 sono stati uccisi nell'ultima settimana di scontri tra questi miliziani. &

Green Resistance & Black Libyans are freeing Jamahiriya from the neo-colonialist puppet government installed by the Zion-NATO forces, (Eng-Ita)

25 Saturday Jan 2014

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Green Resistance & Black Libyans are freeing Jamahiriya from the neo-colonialist puppet government installed by the Zion-NATO forces

The Secret War in Libya
 By Eric Draitser, Global Research,
The battles currently raging in the South of Libya are no mere tribal clashes. Instead they represent a possible burgeoning alliance between black Libyan ethnic groups and pro-Gaddafi forces intent upon liberating their country of a neocolonial NATO-installed government.

On Saturday January 18th a group of heavily armed fighters stormed an air force base outside the city of Sabha in southern Libya expelling forces loyal to the "government" of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and occupying the base. At the same time reports from inside the country began to trickle in that the green flag of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya was flying over a number of cities throughout the country. Despite the dearth of verifiable information, the government inTripoli has provided only vague details and corroboration, one thing is certain: the war for Libya continues.

On the Ground

Libya's Prime Minister Ali Zeidan called an emergency session of the General National Congress to declare a state of alert for the country after news of the storming of the air base broke. The Prime Minister announced that he had ordered troops south to quell the rebellion telling reporters that "This confrontation is continuing but in a few hours it will be solved." A spokesman for the Defense Ministry later claimed that the central government had reclaimed control of the air base stating that "A force was readied then aircraft moved and took off and dealt with the targets… The situation in the south opened a chance for some criminals…loyal to the Gaddafi regime to exploit this and to attack the Tamahind air force base…We will protect the revolution and the Libyan people."

In addition to the assault on the airbase there have been other attacks on individual members of the government in Tripoli. The highest profile incident was the recent assassination of the Deputy Industry Minister Hassan al-Droui in the city of Sirte. Although it is still unclear whether he was killed by Islamist forces or Green resistance fighters the unmistakable fact is that the central government is under assault and is unable to exercise true authority or provide security in the country. Many have begun speculating that his killing rather than being an isolated targeted assassination is part of a growing trend of resistance in which pro-Gaddafi Green fighters figure prominently.

The rise of the Green resistance forces in Sabha and elsewhere is merely one part of larger and more complex political and military calculus in the South where a number of tribes and various ethnic groups have risen against what they correctly perceive to be their political economic and social marginalization. Groups such as the Tawergha and Tobou ethnic minorities both of which are black African groups have endured vicious attacks at the hands of Arab militias with no support from the central government. Not only have these and other groups been the victims of ethnic cleansing but they have been systematically shut out of participation in Libyan political and economic life.

The tensions came to a head earlier this month when a rebel chief from the Arab Awled Sleiman tribe was killed. Rather than an official investigation or legal process the Awled tribesmen attacked their black Toubou neighbors accusing them of involvement in the murder. The resulting clashes have since killed dozens once again demonstrating that the dominant Arab groups still view their dark skinned neighbors as something other than countrymen. Undoubtedly this has led to a reorganization of the alliances in the region with the Toubou Tuareg and other black minority groups that inhabit southern Libya northern Chad and Niger moving closer to the pro-Gaddafi forces. Whether or not these alliances are formal or not still remains unclear however it is apparent that many groups in Libya have come to the realization that the government installed by NATO has not lived up to its promises and that something must be done.

The Politics of Race in Libya

Despite the high-minded rhetoric from Western interventionists regarding "democracy" and "freedom" in Libya the reality is far from it especially for dark skinned Libyans who have seen their socioeconomic and political status diminished with the end of the Jamahiriya government of Muammar Gaddafi. While these peoples enjoyed a large measure of political equality and protection under the law in Gaddafi's Libya the post-Gaddafi era has seen their rights all but stripped from them. Rather than being integrated into a new democratic state the black Libyan groups have been systematically excluded.

In fact even Human Rights Watch, an organization which in no small measure helped to justify the NATO war by falsely claiming that Gaddafi forces used rape as a weapon and were preparing "imminent genocide", has reported that "A crime against humanity of mass forced displacement continues unabated as militias mainly from Misrata prevented 40000 people from the town of Tawergha from returning to their homes from where they had been expelled in 2011." This fact coupled with the horrific stories and images of lynchings rapes and other crimes against humanity paints a very bleak picture of life in Libya for these groups.

In its 2011 report Amnesty International documented a number of flagrant war crimes carried out by the so called "freedom fighters" of Libya who despite being hailed in the Western media as "liberators" used the opportunity of the war to carry out mass executions of black Libyans as well as rival clans and ethnic groups. This is of course in stark contrast to the treatment of black Libyans under the Jamahiriya government of Gaddafi which was praised up and down by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations in their 2011 report which noted that Gaddafi had gone to great lengths to ensure economic and social development as well as specifically providing economic opportunities and political protections to black Libyans and migrant workers from neighboring African countries. With this in mind is it any wonder that Al Jazeera quoted a pro-Gaddafi Tuareg fighter in September 2011 as saying "fighting for Gaddafi is like a son fighting for his father…[We will be] ready to fight for him until the last drop of blood."

As the Toubou and other black ethnic groups clash with Arab militias their struggle should be understood in the context of a continued struggle for peace and equality. Moreover the fact that they must engage in this form of armed struggle again illustrates the point that many international observers made from the very beginning of the war: NATO's aggression was never about protecting civilians or human rights but rather regime change for economic and geopolitical interests. That the majority of the population including black ethnic minorities is worse off today than they ever were under Gaddafi is a fact that is actively suppressed.

Black Green and the Struggle for Libya

It would be presumptuous to assume that the military victories made by the pro-Gaddafi Green resistance in recent days will be long-lasting or that they represent an irreversible shift in the political and military landscape of the country. Though decidedly unstable the neocolonial puppet government in Tripoli is supported economically and militarily by some of the most powerful interests in the world making it difficult to simply overthrow it with minor victories. However these developments do signal an interesting shift in the calculus on the ground. Undoubtedly there is a confluence between the black ethnic minorities and the Green fighters as both recognize their enemy as being the tribal militias who participated in the overthrow of Gaddafi as well as the central government in Tripoli. Whether a formal alliance emerges from this remains to be seen.

Were such an alliance to develop however it would be a watershed moment in the continued war for Libya. As Green resistance fighters have shown in Sabha they are able to organize themselves in the south of the country where they enjoy a large degree of popular support. One could imagine an alliance in the south that would be able to hold territory and possibly consolidate power throughout the southern part of Libya creating a de facto independent state. Naturally the cry from NATO and its apologists would be that this is anti-democratic and counter-revolution. This would be understandable as their goal of a unified Libya subservient to international finance capital and oil interests would become unattainable.

One should be careful not to make too many assumptions about the situation in Libya today as reliable details are hard to come by. More to the point Western media has attempted to completely suppress the fact that the Green resistance even exists let alone is active and winning victories. All this simply further illustrates that the war for Libya rages on whether the world wants to admit it or not.

The Secret War in Libya
By Eric Draitser, Published by Global Research at
Copyright © 2014 Global Research

Eric Draitser is the founder of He is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City. You can reach him at Network at Freelancers Network reloaded

Resistenza Verde & Neri Libici stanno liberando la Jamahiriya dal governo fantoccio neo-colonialista installato dalle forze Sion-NATO