Costituzione tunisina sharia

Ukraine ] After the occupation of ministry of the Justice the authorities threatening of declare the state of emergency everything the country the situation remains tense in the roads of Kiev. [Who has interest to dilanire and to impoverish peoples is always the banker international large architect big brother therefore all those who buy money from Fund monetary international macaws his accomplices! ]

Opposition leader who was assassinated in Thailand. [ Then in every way this murder back utle the government! ] BANGKOK 27. Precipitates the situation in Thailand. One of opposition leaders anti-government Suthin Tharathin is in fact been assassinated to yesterday shots of firearm to while Bangkok spoke to the crowd. The announced the opposition. Hospital sources have confirmed that Suthin leader of the network students and of the Democratic Force for the reform and to overthrow the Government ( Pefot ) is was hit by several bullets in the head and in the neck. In the same attack macaws left wounds others nine people. The Pefot part of the varied galaxy of groups of opposition former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and at the sister Yingluck currently chief executive ad interim. an video taken from above shows how the attack had place outside of an the temple of the a suburb east of Bangkok where he had been set an seat for voting anticipated in view of the general election of next February 2. Man is was shot while he spoke an pickup truck. The attack is was attributed to an group of shirts red supporters of Shinawatra coming in particularly from the rural north -east. The Pefot is one of the more extreme groups of the protest led by former deputy prime minister Suthep Thaugsuban. The opposition has decided of boycott the elections planned for next Sunday proposing the establishment of an Board of people appointed from above which approves various reforms anti- corruption first of to return to urns. [ Then in every way this murder back utle the government! ]

The celebrations in for Italy the day of the memory. In addition the rhetoric. [ really? ] if is in addition the memory then who will never make a memory for the 40milioni of the Christian martyrs killed by the Soviet Communists during an time of peace?] this is truth the West is in the hands of Satanists Masons of the religion scientism of the evolution like dogmatic theory eternal. that Their they decreed the destruction of Israel in fact for renew the celebrations not rhetoric about the Holocaust.. and Christians of one such wickedness? do not they would never have been able but also day you will see that an some group of scholars "First Levi " will also to Christians blame for which is was exterminated O Israel! and everyone will say "I were the christian nazi all the followers of Unius REI! "

Rome and Madrid together for raise (le lies) in the workplace and the IMF the ECB to comparison on the European crisis [ but without monetary sovereignty can do to race only on the number of for suicide despair or the number of unemployed ] ROME 27. Italy and Spain back to sit around the table. The goal is one of put to point a strong collaborative policy but also European international and to reiterate that axis which from the outset of his office the president of Council Enrico Letta wanted tighten with Spain for seek a common strategy in the fight against unemployment. Italy and Spain have suffered the effects of the crisis and count even high rate of unemployment among young people in addition for the 54 one hundred in the Iberian Peninsula for the 41 one hundred in the Italian tradition. and this to front of an rate of unemployment overall respectively of about 26 and for the 12.7 percent. Among the expectations of top Italy - Spain Program today to Villa Madama there is also the constitution of a common strategy for counteract rampant poverty in Europe. But on the table there will be too the main international political dossiers to start the emergence Ukraine going for the difficult conflict Syrian and the complicated process of peace in Near East. [ More they speak these Masons together? That is the traitors who have stolen the monetary sovereignty and who have taken the control the occult and real of power? and more things go worse! ]

Approved the new constitution of Tunisia. TUNIS [ give to trust these guys only because they have rejected Sharia? would also serious act of naivety in fact are very far away from the state secular yet! ] And since nothing is random the new order world masonic this false generosity is a trap for Unius REI only! ]. to in addition three years after the revolt that led to the fall of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali Tunisia has approved the new constitution. The text revised until at the last has obtained 217 out of 200 MPs to vote favor 12 against and 4 abstained for enters into force immediately. Commissioned for prevent authoritarianism in the country the paper is primarily aimed at gender equality. Article 20 affirms the equality of rights and obligations of two sexes while Article 45 requires that the Government not only protect the rights of women but to ensure the equal opportunities also inside of elective councils. In the new Constitution it states then that Islam is the religion of State but excluding the sharia as the basis of right of the country. On the other hand his Medhi Jomaa prime minister Tunisian commissioned by the president Moncef Marzouki announced the formation of his Government. The new executive made by independent will have to get in week confidence of the National Assembly ( Parliament ). "I have given to the President the list of ministers to the candidate get the confidence of the National Assembly Constituent " said the Prime Minister Medhi Jomaa. The new executive will have the onerous task of do get out of the country from the profound political crisis after the assassination to july of deputy of the opposition Mohamed Brahmi. The result of the Agreement between the Islamists of party of majority Ennahdha its allies in the coalition and the opposition the new government must also organize legislative elections and within presidential l ' year.

January 28 0739. WASHINGTON [ when an American Satanist he says something? the way forward is just quite different in fact not you can assign bullying anarchy violence! this not is dialogue but fall hostages of blackmail! Of course the dialogue is of the soul democracy but to destroy and make an coup? not is democracy! ] The Vice- American Joe Biden asked last night to the president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich of pick the police riot and working with the opposition for reduce the tensions. in a conversation telephone Biden also warned Yanukovich that " declare the state of emergency or adopt any other measure of security so serious would worsen the situation and reduce the space for a solution peaceful " of the crisis.

Interventions in Myanmar From the World Bank two billions of dollars in aid against poverty lol. how aid? to be returned then back with interest? Then the condition of Myanmar worse!

[T all the opposition must be given one space television for talk discuss learn to accept the rules democratic but with the violent is must be violent! ] [ Egypt demonstrates how the conspiracy of the Wahhabi Erdogan it can be deadly when Satanists Americans Pharisees support them! but buyers at interest money to them they deserve all the bad of world! ] In the clashes between extremists and police at least 86 deaths and over a thousand protesters arrested Proclaim the presidential Egypt. In addition Mansour assured that will take " measures and exceptional extraordinary though the situation it requires " for return security and the stability in the country. in this way the president urged the interim the Egyptian courts to speed up the processes against those implicated in acts of terrorism and has asked the prosecutor general who review cases of all the people arrested. But three years later the uprising against the former president Hosni Mubarak the country is still forced to do to deal with the battles the streets bombings and attacks in the Sinai. In the end week whole are were at least 86 dead and 247 wounded in clashes that you are registered in around Egypt between forces government and Islamic extremists supporters of Mursi. It has made known last night the ministry of the Healthcare Egyptian. "The victims are were killed in the governorates of Cairo Alexandria Fayoum Ismaila Assiut Beni and Sweif Menia " said the spokesman Ahmed Kamel. The Ministry of Interior announced of have arrested 1079 rioters people who were in possession of shotguns grenades Molotov cocktails and other weapons too are several policemen were injured in the clashes.

Freed diplomats kidnapped in Libya. TRIPOLI (the disatro of UN U.S. EU Arab League is under the eyes of everyone everywhere Their arrives damn it everything falls to hell in kind stable! ). ares were freed Egyptian diplomats kidnapped in recent days in the capital Libya. Lo reports the agency of the state the Egyptian MENA arguing that macaws and all were released five members of the Egyptian embassy that they were were seized between Friday night and Saturday. The abduction of personal Egyptian of the home to diplomatic Tripoli had happened according to the ministry of Foreign Affairs of Libya in two times Friday night was taken in his home in the capital an first diplomatic ( an official according to the Government of Cairo ). Saturday the other kidnapping of diplomats. an spokesman of the same ministry Libya announced yesterday that for reasons of security " Ambassador Egypt in Libya and most of and fifty officials diplomats have Egyptian embassy left Tripoli. " Two years later the fall of regime of Muammar Gaddafi chaos is rampant and Libya once again take of aims also to foreigners. Meanwhile from the south of the country arrive news always the most tragic of bloody fighting that second the official medical sources local they have provoked in last two weeks at least 88 dead and to 130 wounded Sebha. The Ministry of the Health provides an budget even heavier 154 dead and 463 wounded and Sebha Ouerchefana. The clashes seen opposing leaders of the tribes of Awlad suleiman and of tebu the first of origin and Arabic the second African. The army is was unfolded in recent days in the region of and Fezzan the government said the state of emergency.

Extremists killed in Nigeria. [ King saudi arabia I not enjoy of the death of nobody! you're an bastard hit an the people through terrorism it was just your demonic Sharia which could think for an crime of kind and only Satanists Pharisees Anglo- Americans that they could allow it to you! [ ] ABUJA. The forces of of the security Nigeria announced yesterday morning of have killed four alleged militants of group of jihad Boko Haram which shortly before had attached weapons fist the village of Wala in the State of Borno in the north -east of the country in Africa. This has made it known the police stating that are offensive were also destroyed four vehicles extremists loads of rudimentary explosive devices guns and ammunition. The intervention against Boko Haram is was rendered possible after the arrest of an an affiliate to the group which has provided important information to the authorities. The uprising army launched by Boko Haram moving inspiring Islamic fundamentalism which has as its objective the imposition of the law Islamic has caused thousands of victims since 2009. The group is also responsible of ferocious attacks against Christians in the north of Nigeria to a Muslim majority. Among the bloodiest episodes the bombs erupted during the Christmas Mass of 2011 which caused 40 deaths and hundreds of wounded.

Sunday macaws 100 Christians were killed against 4 terrorists Boko Haram. is good this budget he said the Saudi Wahhabi Salafist Satanists King of criminals!

The White House criticized the decision Afghanistan of release 37 Taliban
Kabul and Washington under pressure [the government of Afghanistan is the only government Islamic that not is hypocritical all the ARAB LEAGUE sharia caliphate at least Their they say clearly the Taliban must win this game and woe to not who you know our game! ] KABUL 27. Always under pressure relations between Afghanistan and United States. The decision by of the authority of Kabul of free thirty-seven the Taliban considered by Washington "very dangerous" has triggered a new tension between the two countries. In recent days the same decision
to put in freedom of thirty militiamen had aroused the wrath of the the White House. of moreover how they pointed out U.S. military sources the Taliban had tried of hit first of to be captured goals Americans. in an statement the White House expressed its strong opposition to what Kabul stated pointing out that in this way not only will exacerbate the relationship between the two countries but difficult too to threatening progress on the plan of the security made ​​in Afghanistan. And it is precisely on the question of the safety measuring the divergences between Kabul and Washington. The agreement in issue for after not 2014 is was yet signed and it seems that not signed will be placed. The President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai not withdraws from his position that is say sign the agreement only after the of the Afghan presidential election next April 5. of contrary opinion is Washington which pressed so that the agreement is sealed as before. In the meantime it is thought to alternatives for guarantee Afghanistan a
future sufficiently clear considering that after 2014 will have been
completed the withdrawal of contingent international and of consequence the Taliban could to take advantage of this empty for intensify to violence.
Before the agreement security became pattern of clash with
Kabul Washington had thought of employ on the territory of Afghanistan after 2014 n nucleus of for American soldiers make less traumatic the final step of the deliveries. of front current position Afghanistan the Pentagon is considering the adoption of the so-called option zero that is to say that no military American albeit with sun logistical tasks will remain on the territory of Afghanistan. But on the table there are also other plans. in these days the commander of the forces allied John Dunford he suggested the President Barack Obama of leave in Afghanistan at least ten thousand soldiers and not only U.S. until the end of 2016. Meanwhile there are new violence. an bomber suicide is in fact explode to Kabul to the passage of an of buses military four people macaws death and more of twenty are left wounds. an another attack bomb is was made ​​ in the province of Nangharhar two are civilians were killed.

When the priests not make news. not they do but they give notice in newspapers strength and hope to men are and all the bishops priests "anonymous" who continue to offer the Their life name of Christ in service to the diocese and to parishes. for these priests ' brave holy good faithful " Papa Francesco invited to pray at the Mass celebrated Monday morning January 27

Letter of secretary of synod of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia. not it reinforces the drive erasing the identity! [ But Satanists Anglo-American Illuminati Pharisees later have destroyed biodiversity now have already decided which ethnic groups must be extinguished! ]

Ten thousand documents on Christianity Japanese in the Vatican.
Identikit of martyrs of Kyushu. When Christians must nasconderre? then macaws Satanists who have taken the control! [ someone has decided that I not had more to do the copy paste from the pdf of Osservatore Romano ] ok good night!

Satan Rothschild Saudi arabia I are was programmed for win for for not let us kill! Iran regime scam West. Minister Yaalon it will use for the next 3 years military capabilities January 28 1236. Israel TEL AVIV Minister of the Israeli Defence Moshe Yaalon warned on the consequences of the Agreement the interim with Iran which has softened the pressure on Tehran. The scheme he said Yaalon at a conference of the Institute for the studies on national security "will use the next three years for broaden the his based on the nuclear threshold and acquire nuclear capabilities military. 're cheating the international community. " [ Islamists believe the most cunning and the most cruel of all! ] Yaalon why do you want to open eyes to the Masons? not exist in the naive the West and in no part of world... prepared to die you are have been betrayed!

January 28 2431 CAIRO [ the arrogance of these Islamic terrorists is shamelessly fucilateli! ] "Down with the military " means shouted President Egyptian deposed Mohammed Morsi of refusing enter into the cage of the accused at trial against of he it is open this morning in Cairo.

Approved the new constitution of Tunisia in where Islam is recognized as religion of state? but this is a bastard! ISRAEL YOU PUT THE TUNISIA AL first place your INEVITABLE attack nuclear QUOTE! BUT I I SEE THAT YOU ARE AS BALLS TO BE BECOME THE NEXT CHRISTIAN MARTYRS INNOCENT!

Unfortunately even for an theologian these would show of not you understand that faith not born to be an act automatic of the doctrine as he writes the Doctor Angelico "faith not destroys the reason but goes beyond it and the door to perfection " (De Veritate 14 1 9). The theologian Thomas right thanks to the stimulus of philosopher which as often happens the Revelation has confirmed that for a person who rightly used the reason is possible to demonstrate and proclaim that the existence of God is a noble action rational! here because many times children amaze adults with Their observations and statements since the Their mind not is yet so sovrastrutturata for not able to more see the unit which is in all things behold because YHWH has encouraged me several times and different ways to play role of Unius REI. because of this I are of course " I not are born like Unius REI I macaws become Unius REI " in fact Unius REI ie law natural is living in the heart of every man. [ foreknowledge of God which he wrote the Bible is because God that is so close and like to us in actually he is also the totally more ]

The denial of the Creator it drops the absurd everything the universe denying everything of value of one order and we all know like relativism has opened and nihilism anarchist and self-centered even opened the road to Satanism and has allowed for the Muslims of demons raise the head for kill so many of my Muslim brothers saints this bad only of the Talmud Pharisees could want gender human. therefore not are are these strength self-destructive to create the Universe and without realizing it I I for one another demonstration rational and philosophical of the existence of God right now. So un'incongruente and pathological irrationality lives in the international scientific community. who opt for the religion of the evolution with fervor dogmatic. [ Third rational proof of the existence of God ] When then no I can not deny is impossible dimostare not the existence of God then also on the floor of statistical probabilities the existence of God can be proven to 99.9%. [ I swear for the Holy One YHWH for the one who is sitting on the throne or I will of evil to all the bastards that are on planet earth! ]

The identikit of martyrs to Kyushu. [Not I can insult Buddhism which to is on time state exploited politically! In fact even Christianity is was politically exploited in past too many times ie when the Masons not they still took the control of the NWO. But this must be noted 1. the kingdom of God moves everywhere on earth there are martyrs innocent! 2. however 90% of martyrs innocent is always an martyr christian all times. So are Satanists and demons to say what doctrinal truth is that should be more feared not to case his nephew of Genghis Khan wanted Christianize all China and for of guilt Pope this his project not able here because after China was forced to open to Buddhism ] First of all because simply prohibition to profess faith not Christian sortie the effect hoped for of stem fervor missionary and lo zeal of Christianized populations administration shogun decreed the obligation of of apostasy mass ( in 1614 in 1635 and again in 1646 ) in concrete forced the people of enrollment Christian villages forced at a Buddhist pagoda which was then held to transmit related documents ( deed of and apostasy certificate of inscription ) to the archive of daimyo. according to the documentation archivists of daimyo proceeded the preparation of " records of Christians." Which further to measure to uproot Christianity was also devised the regular practice of e- smokes a ceremony in which it was necessary of trample a cross or an image sacred. At the annual ceremony which took place at the pagoda of belong to watched the faithful members the monks of the pagoda transmitted then the archive of its daimyo certificate of place and - fumes. The Buddhist pagoda finally sent to the archive residential of an daimyo last certificate at the time of the death of an Christian or of an an apostate (and proceeded to Keep under control his family and descendants ). The Cards Marega consist essentially in this file format from acts of apostasy certificates of inscription the pagoda registers of Christians certificates of and perfumes certificates of birth and of death of Christians and of Their descendants from the time of Tokugawa Ieyasu up to the second half of the nineteenth century. These precious documents often still kept in good condition in pockets that to contained in origin remind us the Christian martyrs together with others not ruled to the test and constitute in each case documentation singular for the study of the Christianity in Japan not are in fact notes scholars of these issues and others collections of such large dimensions. Used together with other documents of archive stored in on-site and to the remains of the vestiges of materials Christians still exist the Cards Marega will of course of rebuild an picture historical richly articulate in detail an step in ahead in the knowledge of a story so delicate and importantly to be explored. is for this why that is created a partnership between the Library and the Vatican headed by Japanese institutions the National Institute for humanities ( Nihu ) for the cataloging conservation digitization the study and the cataloging of the cards Marega preserved in the Vatican and in today's day it is given the announcement official. in the importance of the Vatican Cards Marega was discovered a few years ago thanks to the diligence inquiring of Delio Proverb scriptor orientalis of the Library it they came and various contacts with the world the Japanese in specifically with the professor Silvio University of Life studies of foreigners Kyoto. and it is born an the project which will be developed on an arch temporal of six years and which provides for the collaboration of National Institute of japanese literature (which is member manager of project Kazuo Ohtomo ) of National Museum of japanese history of the Historiographical Institute the state university of Tokyo and Archives historical of the prefecture of Ōita. Also the listing the arid institutions and in the recall a few names among the many we understand like a similar undertaking is realized thanks to converge of multiple skills and to the effective availability of many people. and we understand once again open to know the culture way of and fruitful understanding of fruitful collaboration reaching goals and good leaders by to all the fruits conquered.

The identikit of martyrs to Kyushu. Ten thousand documents on the persecution and on the technical refined of extermination put in act by Satan against Christianity Japanese everything is documented in the Vatican library which represented the technical of daimyo ( feudal lords ) however these documents gave proof of fruitful the fruit of the Jesuit missions and Franciscan for all those who were called not only to eternal life but participation of the the same divine nature. giundono then to rome the first Japanese Christians were were ricevutida by the Pope Lateran on May 1 1585. that year and Sisto V then the delegation Japanese was formed by some of the early Christians of that distant land which in Japanese was the fruitful ministry in 1549 of Francesco Saverio Japan had been blessed because he had been reached evangelization of missionary those early Christians proud of to be to come to Rome by the Pope to witness the Their faith all original documents concerning the persecution cruel when scientifically rationally in the attempt superhuman ( as useless ) of be able to exterminate Christianity from Japan. be perceived by the feudal lords converted to Christianity. So with the advent to power of the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616) and specifically with the edict issued by him March 17 1612 we entered into a phase more severe and violent of repression of systematic Christianity many centuries of martyrdom until the fall of the final shogumato and of its consequences ideological.

the existence of God it may be object of demonstration? Of course! but only one mind pure can recognizing the Arché of the ancient Greeks and not the engine still but a person full of love and of feelings that look at outcome of a life to live for the Eternity and is for this purpose that he is costrtto to do suffer those who like him perchhé not without suffering there is asceticism and not is possible to be born the divine life because of sin imprisoned all of us in life corruptible wicked carnal. Unfortunately not few deny the possibility of know God razonalmente and among these unfortunately not miss philosophers too inspirational Christian and theologians for the existence of which God is attainable alone thanks to his self-revelation. But if by reason not is possible to come to God would say that the intellect of man is like convoluted if on same arrested in his walking incapable of understanding sense of the his experience (one instrument injured damaged now no transcendent purpose ) which would in the end incomprehensible and contradictory as unjustified and disoriented would be your own actions. We too suffered detect that not there is in oddity being human that has God as the Creator (because the Universe not it may be understandable too in his purpose without an creator ) that in every case the theologian dogmatic and stupid mean it you know "I believe in God the Father almighty creator" and yet the dogmatic religious for no way to fail recognize it with certainty. [ January 29 2014 ] here why not can no longer exist in all world one the state which is identified in a his religion of the State! To of out of one State secular and non-denominational and you become Nazis criminals.

Ukraine Egypt and Syria have demonstrated that 1. not only agents of enemy countries may destabilize a country fomenting terrorism. 2. but also using occult powers why not there is nothing to joke about about 200000 human sacrifices that are on the facts altar of Satan every year since that behind to all that there the IMF and NWO all the Spa GMOs of course. Today the Satanists Salafis the Pharisees who have started to laugh even against Israel because he has little to live. Isaele never would have had disobey to Unius REI these are the occult powers of esoteric agenda! and Muhammad is the false prophet that is to hell of mentioned in the Apocalypse. And I not say that for escape from it all this is necessary of become Christians [no! In fact even many Christians fall victims of occult powers! ] In fact no religion is saving for if it therefore the report personal with God not be a substitute from any religion. In fact I do not have a religion!

Palatucci is was an policeman Italian deputy commissioner added of public security [ rather a figure girl and of second floor institutional! ] All well that Palatucci did of course not could be an well documented [ so much as to say to Hitler you see how many Jews are able to save thanks to me! "] to the point such that the lives of many Jews he had to be saved in kind anonymous given that 200000 Jews who were fleeing from the Balkans could find all salvation through the territory of deputy commissioner police commissioner that is an a young officer who to his again it was subordonato for others the authorities who had the power and control real. This favored a secret facility in complicity with the uncle Bishop police commissioner because of course without the Their support those 200000 not have pututo survive! If. then for him be been forced to sign the list of the Jews to send to the fields of extermination not can no longer be considered even just among the nations for the regulation of Jerusalem this is then an another topic.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and John Palatucci [ two Christian martyrs against the Nazis with different modes of location and of strategy ] [ this is true Christianity and what limited to the circumstances it was possible to do against Nazism Islam and against all intolerance for freedom of religion that is freedom of consciousness. Every man is born free and should remain free. ] In 1945 the Confessing Church offered to Stuttgart 's famous admission of fault "The church [...] is where he remained mute would should shout because the blood of the innocent shout to the sky... It is remained to watch when under the cover of name of Christ are made ​​ violence and injustice... The church ( Lutheran ) admits of having witnessed use arbitrary of the brutal force the suffering physical and spiritual of countless innocent people oppression hatred murder without looking up his own voice in their favor without having found ways for run their at for help. It is guilty of the life of weaker brothers and defenseless of Jesus Christ (the Jews )... The confesses... not he reproached the slanderer the his and injustice he abandoned the maligned to his destiny. " Anything but the behavior was " cautious" of the Church Catholic why when the Conference of Bishops Dutch condemned Nazism for retaliation Hitler exterminated and 10000 priests nuns among whose victims the most famous of that set enumerate and Edith Stein Maximilian Colbe Mary. So the Catholic Church he followed the path of catacombs hiding Jews in convents and facilitating in every way the Their transfer in the United States like have in fact all citizens of Dalmatia river and Gorizia who saved the lives of 200000 Jews who were fleeing from the Balkans and that just for this they were abandoned the Pharisees Anglo-American genocide for hand of Titus in fact were 200000 Italians in Istria which were infoibati ( in sinkholes of Karst ) or drowned. So you ate oblivion of Freemasons Communists and Democrats against one of the best Italian peoples guilty only of have an Christianity heroic. Thus the slander of " Christian - Nazis " not one can generalize the action of the Church Catholic in fact against an the regime so cruel not be was of course the clash front a production strategy or winning. This where thinking the deputy commissioner added of public safety Palatucci who seems to have passed honors for the effective action documented of rescue of some Jews (but reality imposed the secrecy of the his action ) to shame ( to be state forced to ratify orders and injunctions which not would could intervene ). Remains the reality of have saved with his a conservative strategy the life of all the Jews that he was able to of save and that his anti- Nazism too if not anti-fascism (why not it can be assumed that all the fascists were automatically to everyone favor of anti-racist laws indeed is Their documented passive resistance in some cases the Their filibuster real even if not could be an filibuster formal ) even if for some pseudo- Zionists who I would call Rothschilderiani police commissioner it " Schindler Italian " in fact [ for some studies with methodological and dubious effectiveness storiogrfica ] he collaborated with the Nazis so active and virtuoso.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and John Palatucci [ two Christian martyrs against the Nazis with different modes of location and of strategy ] [ we all know like it might screw be exploitable the work of pseudo- historical. ] [ the museum the Holocaust of Washington ( for attitude prudent) has removed the his name from the exhibition. He was known as the " Italian Schindler ' for having saved 5000 Jews from extermination Nazi so as to be recognized as an right from Israel and to be was said martyr by Pope John Paul II. This truth however is today which has become very controversial disputed ( because of an work a lot no doubt from the point of seen historiography in the sense that as everyone knows the documents emerged ranging historicized with free consciousness from pollution ideological or any commission of ideological ) Why nobody can deny that to someone would like ( for example at Spa 666 IMF) that Jews and Christians are odiasseo yet! However there remains right the celebrations even at the highest institutional levels macaws bestowed to Palatucci even today great honors show the opposite that is in his position police commissioner in please the Jews who of course saved (as is documented ) and then if appropriate concrete he could do that that it was possible of do for him in that his position for not see immediately too his name added to the list of deportees with the perspective of not be able to help more none even when the circumstances favorable to him consented. ) On Schindler Italian is emerged too much ambiguity perhaps serious slander after which the researchers of Centre First Levi have had access to documents and Italians Germans under of research on the role of River where he worked as Palatucci officer of police from 1940 to 1944.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and John Palatucci [ two Christian martyrs against the Nazis with different modes of location and of strategy ] The his death itself in the field of Dachau to 35 then corroborated the thesis. The his own deportation to Dachau in 1944 not was determined by your for deeds to save the Jews rather from accusations German of appropriation and embezzlement treason for having spent to the British plans for the independence of River in the postwar period. [ Says in so very serious the second the Centre First Levi's what in to reality better studies thorough and perhaps not oriented might appear a serious slander against the the same work of Pius XII in fact for erect culturally the myth the following cristian -Nazi. Why this will sow hatred between Jewish communities and Christian is the strategy of again that Satan has had lead! for to preserve for the Pharisees Anglo-American seigniorage banking that Their they have stolen through the Masonic conspiracy Bildenberg ] Indrimi stated that " the myth " of Palatucci began in 1952 when the uncle the bishop Joseph Mary Palatucci told this story for guarantee a pension the man's relatives. " John Palatucci not is another that the conspiracy of silence arrogance and the condescension of many young Italian officials who followed with enthusiasm Mussolini in his last disastrous steps " he concluded Indrimi in the letter sent to the museum of Washington. ( June 21 2013 ) [ still the anxiety doubt of to find us nowadays with hasty and perhaps ideological dominant positions which are by far farther that is by of those that of in fact have the monopoly of fund monetary international who has stolen the economic sovereignty through the monopoly of the monetary sovereignty against of all governments world so that Satan may be all in all! ] In fact in quite another direction walk the political authorities Italian despite the regime universal masonic of which also Their macaws part and parcel however Their positions remain more loyal to those who Palatucci was that is an faithful servant of the State an holy and n Martire at the time himself that he lived in dramatic moments and that did all that that was rationally possible of do in his position... This is no doubt were 200000 in Istria facts exterminate Tito guilty of have saved many Jews to risk of the Their life and this bankers Rothschild Illuminati by Lucifer not could forget.. here because today Israel is located above an abyss that is of the conspiracy the Pharisees - Salafis.

david duke shows explain only the bad side of the Jews but I know also tea good side I'm unius REI true Israel Unius REI.
David Duke shows only side wicked of the Jews but I know too the side good I macaws unius REI true Israel Unius REI.

With the mediation of head of the diplomacy of Brussels the monitor lizard antichrist supreme leader of Masonic system european van rompuy. [ All Masonic deception for implement World War III! ] Resumed the dialogue (fake) and between Serbia Kosovo [ in fact not there can be no peace without justice! kosovo that is the Arab League for the genocide which he realized through NATO to its expenses must rebuild all the monasteries shrines and churches which he did to destroy ] BELGRADE steps in towards the normalization of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Kosovo. Today in fact is provided for an additional meeting the first minister Serbia and of Kosovo Ivica Dacic and Hashim Thaci for add an another gusset dialogue of peace between the Governments of Belgrade and of Pristina. The interview will take place in the presence of Catherine Ashton High Representative for Foreign Affairs and the Politics of security of the EU. and to confirmation of the trust and Dacic are Thaçi were invited to participate in the International Conference on Security in the program to Monaco of to Bavaria fine January. It has given the daily news of Pristina ' Lajm. " to invite the two premier says the newspaper is was the President of the Conference Wolfgang Ischinger former ambassador German to Washington
and former mediator in the talks status of Kosovo. The Conference of Monaco this year the fiftieth edition is definitely one of the most important international forum and authoritative in the field of foreign policy and of security. In recent days Serbia has also started the negotiation of accession to the Union the European Union. The goal is one of becoming the twenty-ninth the State the EU in 2020. [ All bullshit! if you not restore presence of people Serbian in kosovo you endorsed every genocide which in the name of false prophet Muhammad is was always made ​​ in 1400 years of crimes from ARAB League for the sharia law that is the design the imperialist for the conquest of world! ] And because of you Masonic system you atheists Satanists antichrist you are simply organizing the massacre of all kind human.