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[Papa FRANCESCO SAID IS 666 IMF] Francesco parla ai movimenti che compongono il mosaico del mondo cattolico e rivolge un invito su tutti: «Uscite, uscite». Li rimanda «alle periferie dell'esistenza», sulla falsa riga di quanto raccomandato ai cardinali all'indomani della sua elezione. [Papa FRANCESCO SAID IS 666 IMF] Ma con un'enfasi, che, fa di questo suo discorso -- durato 38 minuti, il più lungo, finora, del suo pontificato -- un manifesto dell'impegno cattolico nel mondo. «Uscendo -- ha aggiunto -- può capitare un incidente, ma, io preferisco una Chiesa incidentata, a una Chiesa malata, perché, chiusa, come una stanza che non vede aria per un anno intero».
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[Papa FRANCESCO SAID IS 666 IMF] Una Chiesa incastrata «nelle sue insicurezze, in strutture caduche» che imprigionano Cristo stesso: «A volte -- ha detto il Papa -- se lo sentiamo bussare non è perché vuole entrare, ma perché vuole uscire e noi non glielo lasciamo fare». Francesco promuove invece una «cultura dell'incontro, dell'amicizia». Incontro con Cristo, prima di tutto, ma poi incontro con gli altri: «Anche con quelli che non la pensano come noi, che non hanno la nostra fede», senza che questo significhi «negoziare la nostra appartenenza», ma nella consapevolezza che «tutti hanno qualcosa in comune: sono immagine di Dio».

STOP! sPa, CRIMINAL CORPORATIONS, MONSANTO, ETC .. STOP GMO! STOP, CRIMINAL CORPORATIONS , MONSANTO, ECC.. STOP, SPA, STOP: OGM! Rome, May 17 - Some 161 animal species and 194 plant specimens risk extinction in Italy, according to a new study released Friday. The report was by the environment ministry and the National Federation of Parks (Federparchi) as part of a wider project championed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which draws up "red lists" of species in danger. Amongst those are various species of lake and river fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and sea fish, as well as flora, the environmental ministry said.

@ Ihatenew2layoutbis666 - why, I have to speak well: of: Monsanto and its GMO's Satan? they not have them, give to me: 10 millions of EURO, and dollars, for to do: Me: also: a corrupt Bildenberg Mason, a slave of the central banks (the big usura, lenders legalized, that sells, money: created from nothing to, 270%: the its value) that is, it destroys the human race! lol. but these pigs, which, if you make, of money, if, world war, going to burn everything? -- perché, io devo parlare bene: della Monsanto e dei suoi OGM di satana? loro non mi hanno ancora dato: 10 miloni di dollari: per fare: di me: anche: un corrotto massone bildenberg, schiavo delle banche centrali (la grande usura legalizzata, che, vende il denaro: creato dal nulla: al 270%: del suo valore)che è, distrugge il genere umano! lol. ma, questi porci, che, se ne fanno del denaro, se, la guerra mondiale, sta per bruciare tutto?

[Arab League: IMF NWO salafis islamists Pharisees freemasonry Bildenberg : "drink your poison made by yourself!" amen ] [@my JHWH -- alleluia, to you! kill all my enemies criminals! amen, alleluia! hallelujah! ] 29:1 If God wounds, who can heal? The word of God warns all to flee from the wrath to come, to the hope set before us in Jesus Christ. 2. The people have cause to rejoice or mourn, as their rulers are righteous or wicked. 3. Divine wisdom best keeps us from ruinous lusts. 4. The Lord Jesus is the King who will minister true judgment to the people. 5. Flatterers put men off their guard, which betrays them into foolish conduct. 6. Transgressions always end in vexations. Righteous men walk at liberty, and walk in safety. 7. This verse is applicable to compassion for the distress of the poor, and the unfeeling disregard shown by the wicked.

[Arab League: IMF NWO salafis islamists Pharisees freemasonry Bildenberg : "drink your poison made by yourself!" amen ] [8. The scornful mock at things sacred and serious. Men who promote religion, which is true wisdom, turn away the wrath of God. 9. If a wise man dispute with a conceited wrangler, he will be treated with anger or ridicule; and no good is done. 10. Christ told his disciples that they should be hated of all men. The just, whom the blood-thirsty hate, gladly do any thing for their salvation. Pulpit Commentary. Verse 9. - If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man - if a wise man has a controversy, either legal or social, with a wicked fool - whether he rage (is angry) or laugh, there is no rest. It is a question whether the wise man or the fool is the subject of this clause. St. Jerome makes the former the subject, Vir sapiens, si cum stulto contenderit, sive irascatur, sive rideat, non inveniet requiem.

[Arab League: IMF NWO salafis islamists Pharisees freemasonry Bildenberg : "drink your poison made by yourself!" amen ] [ It matters not how the wise man treats the fool; he may be stern and angry, he may be gentle and good tempered, yet the fool will be none the better, will not be reformed, will not cease from his folly, will carry on his cavilling contention. Hitzig, Delitzsch, and others, deeming that the rage and the laughter are not becoming to the character of the wise man, take the fool as the subject; so that the sense is, that after all has been said, the fool only falls into a passion or laughs at the matter, argument is wasted upon him, and the controversy is never settled. This seems to be the best interpretation, and is somewhat supported by the Septuagint, "A wise man shall judge the nations, but a worthless man, being angry, laughs and fears not [καταγελᾶται καὶ οὐ καταπτήσσει,

[Arab League: IMF NWO salafis islamists Pharisees freemasonry Bildenberg : "drink your poison made by yourself!" amen ] [which may also mean, 'is derided and terrifies no one']." Wordsworth notes that the irreligious fool is won neither by the austere preaching of John the Baptist nor by the mild teaching of Christ, but rejects both (Matthew 11:16-19). Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible. If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man,.... Enters into a controversy with him, either by word or writing, in order to convince him of his folly and wickedness, of his errors and mistakes; whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest; that is, either whether the fool is angry with the wise man, and rages at him and abuses him, and calls him names, or laughs at him, and scoffs at all his arguments, reasons, and advice; yet the wise man does not cease from proceeding in the contest with him; or he is not dejected and cast down,

[Arab League: IMF NWO salafis islamists Pharisees freemasonry Bildenberg : "drink your poison made by yourself!" amen ] [ and discouraged; or, as the Targum is, [@my JHWH -- alleluia, to you! kill all my enemies criminals! amen, alleluia! hallelujah! ] "he is not broken;'' but patiently bears his wrath fury, his scoffs and jeers: or else whether the wise man deals roughly or gently with the feel, in a morose or in a mere jocose way: it has no upon him; he is never the better for it; he does not acquiesce or rest in what he says like the Pharisees in Christ's time, who are compared to surly children: who, when "piped to, danced not"; and, when "mourned to, lamented not"; see Gill on Matthew 11:16, and See Gill on Matthew 11:17. The design of the proverb is to show, that all labour to reclaim a fool from his folly is lost, let a man take what methods he will, Proverbs 27:22. Wesley's Notes on the Bible.

[Arab League: IMF NWO salafis islamists Pharisees freemasonry Bildenberg : "drink your poison made by yourself!" amen ] [ [@my JHWH -- alleluia, to you! kill all my enemies criminals! amen, alleluia! hallelujah! ] 29:9 Whether - Whether he, the wise man, deal sharply with him, or mildly, there is no rest, no end or fruit of the debate. Proverbs 29 .Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes, will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy. 2. When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan. 3. A man who loves wisdom brings joy to his father, but a companion of prostitutes squanders his wealth. 4. By justice a king gives a country stability, but, those who are greedy for[a] bribes tear it down. 5. Those who flatter their neighbors. are spreading nets for their feet. 6. Evildoers are snared by their own sin, but the righteous shout for joy and are glad.

[Arab League: IMF NWO salafis islamists Pharisees freemasonry Bildenberg : "drink your poison made by yourself!" amen ] [7. The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern. 8. Mockers stir up a city, but the wise turn away anger. 9. If a wise person goes to court with a fool, the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace. [@my JHWH -- alleluia, to you! kill all my enemies criminals! amen, alleluia! hallelujah! ] 10. The bloodthirsty hate a person of integrity. and seek to kill the upright. 11. Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end. 12. If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked. [@my JHWH -- alleluia, to you! kill all my enemies criminals! amen, alleluia! hallelujah! ] 13. The poor and the oppressor have this in common: The Lord gives sight to the eyes of both.

[Arab League: IMF NWO salafis islamists Pharisees freemasonry Bildenberg : "drink your poison made by yourself!" amen ] [14. If a king judges the poor with fairness, his throne will be established forever. 15. A rod and a reprimand impart wisdom, but a child left undisciplined disgraces its mother. 16. When the wicked thrive, so does sin, but the righteous will see their downfall. 17. Discipline your children, and they will give you peace; they will bring you the delights you desire. 18. Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom's instruction. [@my JHWH -- alleluia, to you! kill all my enemies criminals! amen, alleluia! hallelujah! ] 19. Servants cannot be corrected by mere words; though they understand, they will not respond. 20. Do you see someone who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for them.

IIIIWotanIIII - you make me sick! @ Ihatenew1 ° layout - another fool:IIIIWotanIIII: for you: "Kill him!"! lol. but you're going to become, "ihate: new: of: new: layout, again" or IhatenewbisLayout -- @Ihatenew1°layout -- un altro imbecille: per te: IIIIWotanIIII,"uccidilo!"! lol. ma tu stai per diventare: "ihate:new:of:new:layout,again" or Ihatenew666bisNEWLayout

[Arab League: IMF NWO salafis islamists Pharisees freemasonry Bildenberg : "drink your poison made by yourself!" amen ] [[@my JHWH -- alleluia, to you! kill all my enemies criminals! amen, alleluia! hallelujah! ] 21. A servant pampered from youth, will turn out to be insolent. 22. An angry person stirs up conflict, and a hot-tempered person commits many sins. 23. Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honor. 24. The accomplices of thieves are their own enemies; they are put under oath and dare not testify. 25. Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe. 26. Many seek an audience with a ruler, but it is from the Lord that one gets justice. 27. The righteous detest the dishonest; the wicked detest the upright.

io ordino: a tutti gli Stati: di stampare una moneta di proprietà: del portatore(ad uso interno: per sostenere le aziende: e pagare la Pubblica amministrazione): secondo la scuola di Giacinto Auriti (cioè, un circuito monetario parallelo, di titoli di Stato, legati alle proprietà, od ai prodotti). che, poi, è: per lo stesso motivo: che: il Presidente Kennedy: è stato fatto uccidere dai farisei Illuminati del FMI, perché aveva fatto Ordine Esecutivo 11110: Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. L'ordine esecutivo 11110: fu un ordine esecutivo firmato: il 4 giugno 1963 dal presidente degli Stati Uniti: John Kennedy.

Esso delegava al segretario: del tesoro: USA: il potere, già attribuito: al Presidente dall'Agricultural: Adjustment Act: del 1933, di emettere certificati argentei (silver certificates).[Crescono i poveri, ma i ricchi sono sempre più ricchi]. RaiNews24.- ‎2 ore fa. notizie Italia: La crisi economica fa un'altra vittima. Cassintegrato si uccide nel viterbese. 18 maggio 2013. Je commande: dans tous les Etats: l'impression, une propriété de monnaie: au porteur (pour usage interne: pour soutenir les entreprises: la rémunération et l'administration publique, ecc ..): selon l'école de Giacinto Auriti (c'est à dire un circuit parallèle , de: l'argent, les titres d'État, liés à la propriété, ou pour les produits). qui, alors, est: pour la même raison: ce qui suit: président Kennedy a été fait mourir,

par les pharisiens Illuminati FMI, parce qu'il avait fait Executive Order 11110: Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Executive Order 11110: c'était un ordre exécutif signé: 4 Juin 1963 par le président américain John Kennedy. Il délègue au Secrétaire: Treasure USA: le pouvoir, déjà donnée: le Président de l'agriculture: Loi d'ajustement: de 1933, à délivrer des certificats d'argent (certificats d'argent). [Cultivez les pauvres, mais les riches deviennent plus riches]. Ich bestelle: in allen Staaten: Drucken, eine Währung Immobilie: auf den Inhaber (für den internen Gebrauch: die Unternehmen zu unterstützen: mit Pay-und der öffentlichen Verwaltung, ecc ..): nach der Schule von Giacinto Auriti (dh eine Parallelschaltung von: Geld, Wertpapiere des Staates in Bezug auf das Eigentum oder den Produkten). wer ist also: aus dem gleichen Grund: dass:

Präsident Kennedy wurde sterben getan, von dem Pharisäer Illuminati IWF, weil er Executive Order 11110 getan hatte: aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Executive Order 11110: es war eine Executive Order unterzeichnete am 4. Juni 1963 von US-Präsident John F. Kennedy. Zu den Generalsekretär delegiert: Schatz USA: Macht, schon gegeben: der Präsident der Landwirtschaft: Adjustment Act: von 1933 zur Ausgabe von Zertifikaten Silber (Silber-Zertifikate). [Wachsen die Armen, sondern die Reichen immer reicher]. Ordeno: en todos los Estados de: impresión, una propiedad de la divisa: al portador (para uso interno: para apoyar a las empresas: salario y la administración pública, ecc ..): de acuerdo con la escuela de Giacinto Auriti (es decir, un circuito paralelo , de: dinero, valores de Estado, relacionados con la propiedad, ni a los productos). ¿Quién, entonces, es: por la misma razón: que: El presidente Kennedy se ha hecho dado

, por los fariseos Illuminati FMI, por haber hecho la Orden Ejecutiva 11110: De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. La Orden Ejecutiva 11110: era una orden ejecutiva firmada el 4 de junio de 1963 por el presidente John Kennedy EE.UU.. Se delega en el Secretario: Treasure EE.UU.: el poder, ya dada: el Presidente de la Agricultura: Ley de Ajuste: de 1933, para emitir certificados de plata (certificados de plata). [Crecer los pobres, pero los ricos se hacen más ricos]. un uomo si è suicidato oggi gettandosi dal ponte Clementino a Civita Castellana, in provincia di Viterbo. Si tratterebbe di un cassintegrato uccisosi a causa della crisi economica. L'uomo, un ceramista: di circa 50 anni di nome Gennaro De Luca, sposato: e: con tre figli, è morto sul colpo. Il riferimento è alla crisi del settore della ceramica, che: qui è ormai ultradecennale: prima ha colpito: le stoviglierie, poi i sanitari.

Oggi: su circa 70 aziende: e: tremila addetti, ben due terzi sono interessati: dalla crisi: in oltre 50 di queste, superano i duemila: i lavoratori divisi: tra: i vari tipi di cassa integrazione, contratti di solidarietà e mobilità. 187AUDIOHOSTEM -- General of occult powers, pries of satana voodoo, master of youtube, what, you're doing, for, save the human race from World War, and, then also to save your life, of an piece of shit like yours horror family IMF-NWO? Générale des pouvoirs occultes, pries de Satana vaudou, maître de YouTube, quoi, que vous faites, pour, sauver la race humaine de la Première Guerre mondiale, et puis aussi pour sauver votre vie, d'un morceau de merde comme horreur vôtre famille FMI -NWO? generale dei poteri occulti, padrone di youtube, che cosa, tu stai facendo, per, salvare il genere umano dalla guerra mondiale, e quindi per salvare anche la tua vita, di, pezzo di merda?

Pope outdoes himself, most appearances: the day of his inauguration. (AGI) - Vatican, May 18 - [...] - ANSWER - Merkel has gone from the Pope to beg, understanding, why, I should no longer, i have to mistreat her .. and it is also true that all governments of the world are afraid: by me Unius REI, for to declare by yourself, to be "illegal, abusive and criminal" .. It is also true, that, the politicians, who are at a level: very low, in the Masonic Pyramid NWO: occult powers, they do not know:of the thousands: of human sacrifice: that: are been make every day, on the altar of Satan .. but, because the politicians are community leaders, and pretend: with: the people, to have a political sovereignty: that, instead, has Rothschild 666: IMF, and: Bush: 322 NWO, because, in fact it is they who have the banKING seigniorage. for spread of satanism in all the world

Papa supera se stesso, più presenze: del giorno: del suo insediamento. (AGI) - CdV, 18 mag. - Papa Francesco stesso. Con le 200mila: presenze in piazza San Pietro: e: via della Conciliazione: ufficializzate: questo pomeriggio [...] --ANSWER -- La Merkel è andata dal Papa: a implorare, comprensione, perché, io non debba più maltrattare lei.. ed è anche vero, che, tutti i Governi del mondo: sono spaventati: da me Unius REI, per dichiarare da soli, di essere "illegali, abusivi e criminali".. ed è anche vero, che, i politici che sono ad un livello: molto basso della piramide massonica: dei poteri occulti, loro non sanno: delle migliaia di sacrifici umani: che, si fanno sull'altare di Satana.. ma, perché i politici fanno gli amministratori comunali, e fingono: con: il popolo, di avere una sovranità politica: che, invece è di Rothschild 666: FMI: e Bush 322 NWO, perché, infatti sono loro che hanno il signoraggio bancario.

@google, 666 blogger -- OnLineCriminalhacker, ie, IHateNEWLAYOuT --- who is the alien that smells like rotten flesh of a corpse, and always follows me, a minute later, that I publish: my articles on blogger?, so my article marks, has one only view, and, then, is excluded from the search engines! because, you want to do of: me: a bad guy? you Pharisees: IMF, you are plotting against the existence of Israel and against the existence of the whole human race. qui est l'étranger qui sent la chair pourrie d'un cadavre, et moi, une minute plus tard, suit toujours, que je publie: mes articles sur Blogger, donc mon article marques, a un seul point de vue, et, ensuite, est exclu des moteurs de recherche! parce que vous voulez faire de: moi: un méchant? vous, pharisiens: FMI, vous êtes en train de comploter contre l'existence d'Israël et contre l'existence de la race humaine tout entière

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[is not: a spam job] but, it is a declaration of war, of the powerful: occult: Satanism institutional (project aliens, secret weapons, underground cities) against: the Pharisees of the IMF. because, it is true, that, mice 666, are fleeing before that, the ship should sink, but if, this ship is our whole planet?, and if: there will be about: 6miliardi dead, who can say, "I'll survive?" That's why, Satanists institutionals International: are passed to my service, because they have shown: to have more faith in YHWH God, them, that, not the Salafis, and the Pharisees .. and, have been shown to have faith, also in me, they know that, my love is stronger, than, not mine anger, and if: they do not kill for Satan?, then, I also do not kill them. between, a little in america begin to die the Pharisees Illuminati: IMF FED ECB-NWO, ie, masonic system... a world war now? prevent their occult powers: to take possession of the planet, between, 180 years.

05/17/2013. EGYPT - ISLAM [@ Benjamin netanyahu - coraggio! l'attacco nucleare preventivo, è inevitabile, contro tutta la LEGA ARABA, diversamente? Israele ed il mondo: non potranno essere salvati, dalla Cabala dei Farisei ] Islamist judges and blasphemy charges, new weapons against Christians and secularists. The case of Dimyana Ubeid Abdel al-Nour, a Christian teacher accused of insulting Islam, is raising concerns across the country. Backed by Islamist Prosecutor General Talaat Abdhallah, more and more judges accept complaints for blasphemy and proselytising. Cairo (AsiaNews) - Judges affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist imams are jeopardising the safety and survival of Egypt's Coptic Christians, sources, anonymous for security reasons, told AsiaNews. Backed by controversial Attorney General Talaat Abdhallah,

EGYPT - ISLAM [@ Benjamin Netanyahu - courage! the preemptive nuclear attack is inevitable, against all the ARAB LEAGUE, otherwise? Israel and the world can not be saved, of the Cabala of the Pharisees] more and more judges are in fact accepting allegations of blasphemy and insults to religion. "The presence of radical imams in mosques in Upper Egypt villages is another problem," one source said. "They incite the largely illiterate population against Christians." Minority Copts have in fact become the victims of assault, arsons and bombings on a daily basis. The latest case occurred on Wednesday in a village in Minya District (Upper Egypt) where a mob of more than 2,000 Muslims attacked Coptic-owned shops and homes and tried to burn down the local church, which is dedicated to St Theodore Coptic.

EGYPTE - ISLAM [@ Benjamin Netanyahu - courage! l'attaque nucléaire préventive est inévitable, contre, toute la Ligue arabe, sinon? Israël et le monde ne peuvent pas être sauvés, de la cabale des pharisiens] "Copts have lived with these problems for years," the source added, "which are often resolved through the intervention of religious authorities, and reconciliation. However, the rising number of complaints about blasphemy or proselytising is a reason of concern. In fact, judges once were reluctant to deal with such complaints out of fear that they might spark sectarian violence, now blasphemy charges are one of the easiest ways to attack the Christian minority thanks to the support of Islamist officials." In recent weeks, the case of Dimyana Ubeid Abdel al-Nour (pictured) become front-page news.

EGIPTO - ISLAM [@ Benjamin Netanyahu - valor! el ataque nuclear preventivo es inevitable, en contra, toda la Liga Árabe, de lo contrario? Israel y el mundo no se pueden guardar, de la Cábala de los fariseos] The 23-year-old Christian teacher at a primary school in Luxor was arrested on 8 May for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad in class. Faced with a large number of calls for her release, Prosecutor General Abdhallah freed her on bail (US$ 2,900), a huge sum for the young woman's family. Yet, Dimyana is still in prison where she begun a hunger strike ahead of her trial on 21 May. Dimyana's legal ordeal began on 8 April 2012. The young teacher taught at the Shaikh Sultan Primary School and on that day was covering polytheism, religious life at the time of the pharaohs, and how Pharaoh Akhenaten had adopted monotheism.

埃及 - 伊斯蘭教[@內塔尼亞胡 - 勇氣!先發製人的核攻擊是不可避免的,對所有的阿拉伯國家聯盟,否則?以色列和世界不能被保存,法利賽人的卡巴拉] The lesson also touched on the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. During the class, the subject inspector was also present but he left ten minutes before the session ended. Two days later, the school suspended the teacher after three children accused her of defaming Islam and praising the Gospel. In the following days, three separate committees as well as the school director questioned her. The parents of some children had claimed that the teacher had compared Muhammad and the late Patriarch Shenouda III, judging the latter better than the former. However, from the start, Dimyana denied the allegations.

이집트 - 이슬람 [@ 벤자민 네타냐후 - 용기!선제 핵 공격 그렇지 않으면, 모든 아랍 연맹, 대한, 불가피? 이스라엘과 세계는 바리새인 유대교의 구원 할 수 없습니다] After questioning, all three committees cleared her. However, under pressure from parents and other teachers, the school brought the case to the attention of the Education Ministry, which opened a file against the teacher. On 8 May, she arrested. Moderate Muslims have also caught in cases of lèse-religion, especially journalists and television commentators. The most famous case involves Bassem Yousef, the Egyptian Jon Stewart, who was arrested and later released after the Muslim Brotherhood complained that he had insulted Islam, a charge he has always rejected as false. His trial has been set for September. In recent months. (S.C.)

[this is against homophobia, but, it is also, against: the ideological homosexuality] 17/05/2013 VATICAN. Pope: "We are all sinners," but "the problem is not that we are sinners: the problem is not repenting of sin," is to be "corrupt". During Mass this morning, Francis speaks of Peter who has left "model" to Jesus. "" Peter is a big "no" because it is a good one "but because" it is a noble, has a noble heart. "" is important, let us meet the Lord: He always seeks us, He is always near us. "" we are all sinners, "but" the problem is not, that, we are sinners: but, the problem is not be repenting of sin, "is to be" corrupt "and not "being encountered: by the Lord", as Peter did, he left "model" by Jesus, The pope said Francis

[this is against OMOFOBIA, but, it is also, against: lo omosessualismo ideologico] 17/05/2013 VATICANO. Papa: "Tutti siamo peccatori", ma "il problema non è essere peccatori: il problema è non pentirsi del peccato", è essere "corrotti". Durante la messa di questa mattina, Francesco parla di Pietro che si è lasciato "modellare" da Gesù. ". "Pietro è un grande" non "perché sia uno bravo" ma perché "è un nobile, ha un cuore nobile". "è importante, lasciarci incontrare dal Signore: Lui sempre ci cerca, Lui è sempre vicino a noi"."Tutti siamo peccatori", ma "il problema non è essere peccatori: il problema è non pentirsi del peccato", è essere "corrotti" e non "lasciarsi incontrare dal Signore", come invece ha fatto Pietro, che si è lasciato "modellare" da Gesù. L'ha detto papa Francesco

@ Laura Boldrini - I hope, that, you come ouster, as President, of House of Representatives, for your abuses of power, because: I am in favor of your statement: "Homosexuals must see recognized, legally (only civil rights) , their marriages, even in Italy, "but perhaps you did not mean to say, let's marriage (also: for: the natural law), we, too, to gays, as well as: did the other nations? In fact, the way of shit? can not enter: the Kingdom of God: why will always be a sexual perversion! .. Now, we know, that, as God, he put his son on the cross, no longer has a problem, with, the infinite justice, that, sin has broken, for have offending: the infinite holiness of God, such as: FRANCESCO Pope said, persist in sin: against: nature, against: the Word of God, it means, exclude, themselves, from enter in Mercy, that is, the Kingdom of God

@Laura Boldrini -- mi auguro che, tu vieni cacciata come Presidente, dalla CAMERA dei DEPUTATI, per i tuoi abusi di potere, perché anche: io sono favorevole alla tua affermazione: "Gli omosessuali devono veder riconosciute, giuridicamente(solo diritti civili), le loro unioni, anche, in Italia", ma, forse, tu non intendevi dire: diamo il matrimonio(non: il diritto naturale), anche noi, ai gay, così come: hanno fatto le altre nazioni? infatti, la via della merda? non può entrare: nel Regno di Dio: perché rimarrà sempre una perversione sessuale! .. ora, noi sappiamo: che, Dio poiché, ha messo suo figlio sulla Croce, non ha più un problema, con la infinita giustizia, che, il peccato ha infranto, offendendo: la infinita santità di Dio, come: ha detto Papa FRANCESCO, ostinarsi nel peccato: contro: natura, contro: la Parola di Dio, significa, autoescludersi, dalla Misericordia, cioè, dal Regno di Dio.

@ King Saudi Arabia - a man of faith you? but your deeds are evil: more, of those, the Masons atheists, bildenberd: 322 Kerry (who use sienza of the Kabbalah, to destroy Christianity), if you do not work: for my kingdom: the "universal brotherhood "1. to break down spontaneously, sharia and its project of World Caliphate, 2. and to revive, along with me, a Holy Islam without hypocrisy this world of shit, it will not last, plus 300 years, as I have always said, but, solto last 200 years (and maybe it's better that way), but, in those 200 years, no man will know: the good, or the face of God, because, 1. there will only be, demons, or men evil, like you, or, saints martyrs. in both cases, all the tribulations described in the book of Revelation, must necessarily, crash, against the rebels, because the era of zombies and Satanists and their accomplices Bildenberg Masons, by the will of the Pharisees: the IMF can not be stopped

@King Saudi Arabia -- un uomo di fede? ma, le tue opere: sono più malvagie: di quelle, dei massoni atei, bildenberd: 322 Kerry (che usano la sienza della Cabala, per distruggere il cristianesimo), se, tu non lavorarerai: per il mio regno: della "fratellanza universale", 1. per abbattere, spontaneamente, la sharia ed il suo progetto di Califfato Mondiale, 2. e per risollevare, insieme a me, un Islam Santo senza ipocrisia; questo mondo di merda, non durerà, più 300 anni, come io ho sempre detto, ma, durerà soltato, 200 anni(e forse è meglio così), ma, in questi 200 anni, nessun uomo conoscerà: il bene o il volto di Dio, perché, 1. ci saranno soltanto, o uomini demoni, come te, oppure, martiri. in entrambi i casi, tutte le tribolazioni descritte nel libro di Apocalisse, devono necessariamente, abbattersi, contro i ribelli, perché l'era degli zombies e dei satanisti, e dei loro complici massoni bildenberg, per volontà dei farisei: del FMI, non può essere fermata

187AUDIOHOSTEM: caníbal, sacerdote vudú: dijo: [hace 1 día]. [No hay más Dios que Alá, Mahoma es el mensajero de Dios] - RESPUESTA - Las obras de Mahoma eran demoníacos! y en nombre de ésta: Penal Internacional: una verdad: la herramienta de Satanás: hoy en día: se han comprometido enormes crímenes, injusticias aberrantes! pero llegará el día en que, a todos los musulmanes del mundo, olvidar su perversión, la maldad, y el satanismo, de lo esotérico: criminal islamista de dhimmi: Muhammad: y: el diálogo, con todos los demonios, y decir: "somos los musulmanes, ya que, en lorenzoAllah Mahdi ", de hecho, debo rigenerate, en la ley natural, todas las religiones del mundo. porque, las rebeliones alternativas: a mi reino? es la tercera guerra mundial, con, 5500000000 muerto. y, es cierto, porque este planeta parece: convertirse: una alcantarilla, para sentir el olor que ...

187AUDIOHOSTEM: Kannibale, Voodoo-Priester: Er sagte: [1 day ago]. [Es gibt keinen Gott außer Gott, Muhammad ist der Gesandte Gottes] - ANTWORT - Die Werke von Mohammed waren dämonische! und im Namen dafür: internationales Strafrecht: eine wahre: Werkzeug des Satans: Heute: sind verpflichtet enormen Verbrechen, Ungerechtigkeiten, anomale! aber wird der Tag kommen, dass alle Muslime in der Welt vergessen, seine Perversion, Bosheit und Satanismus, der esoterischen: islamistische Verbrecher Dhimmi: Muhammad: und: seinem Dialog mit allen Dämonen, und sagen: "Wir sind Muslime, wie in lorenzoAllah Mahdi "in der Tat, ich muss rigenerate, in dem Naturgesetz, alle Religionen der Welt. weil die alternativen Rebellionen: meinem Königtum? ist World War III, mit, 5,5 Milliarden Toten. und ist es richtig, denn dieser Planet scheint: werden: ein Abwasserkanal, um den Geruch zu spüren, dass ...

187AUDIOHOSTEM: cannibale, prêtre vaudou: il a dit: [1 day ago]. [Il n'ya de dieu que Dieu, Mahomet est le messager de Dieu] - RÉPONSE - Les travaux de Mohammed étaient démoniaque! et au nom de celle-ci: international pénal: un vrai: outil de Satan: aujourd'hui: sont commis d'énormes crimes, les injustices, aberrant! mais, le jour viendra, qui, tous les musulmans dans le monde, oublier sa perversion, la méchanceté, et le satanisme, de l'ésotérisme: criminelle islamiste pour dhimmi: Muhammad: et: son dialogue avec tous les démons, et dire: «nous sommes les musulmans, comme en lorenzoAllah Mahdi "en fait, je dois rigenerate, dans la loi naturelle, toutes les religions du monde. parce que les alternatives rébellions: à ma royauté? est la troisième guerre mondiale, avec 5,5 milliards de morts. et, il est vrai, parce que cette planète semble: devenir: un égout, de sentir l'odeur qui ...

187AUDIOHOSTEM: cannibal, voodoo priest: he said: [1 day ago]. [There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God] - ANSWER - The works of Mohammed were demonic! and in the name of this: international criminal: a true: tool of Satan: today: are committed enormous crimes, injustices, aberrant! but, the day will come, that, all Muslims in the world, forget his perversion, wickedness, and Satanism, of the esoteric:islamist criminal for dhimmi: Muhammad: and: his Dialogue, with all demons, and say, "we are Muslims, as, in lorenzoAllah Mahdi" in fact, I must rigenerate, in the natural law, all religions of the world. because, the alternative rebellions: to my kingship? is World War III, with, 5.5 billion dead. and, it is right, because this planet seems: become: a sewer, to feel the smell that ...

187AUDIOHOSTEM: cannibale, sacerdote voodoo: ha detto: [1 Giorno fa]. [Non c'è altro dio che Dio, Maometto è il messaggero di Dio] [1 giorno fa] . [There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God] -- ANSWER -- Le opere di Maometto: sono state demoniache! e nel nome di questo: criminale internazionale: strumento di Satana: ancora oggi: vengono commessi: crimini immensi, ingiustizie, aberranti! ma, verrà il giorno, che, tutti i musulmani del mondo, dimenticheranno: la sua perversione, malvagità, e satanismo, di quel esoterista: di Maometto: il dialogatore dei demoni, e diranno: "noi siamo musulmani, come, lorenzoAllah in Mahdì", infatti, io rigenererò nella legge naturale, tutte le religioni del mondo. perché la alternativa alla mia regalità è la III guerra mondiale con 5,5miliardi di morti. ed è anche giusto, perché questo pianeta sembra diventato una fogna, a sentire la puzza che...

[What is this: This enormous rebellion to my majesty? ] [Know ye not that, Unius REI is eternal, and that his enemies are mortal, to become, only, very soon, the dust of the earth? ] [Is impossible for the enemies of: Unius REI, enter in the kingdom of God, because: I'm the only opportunity, that, God has given to atheists (rational natural law: then, her ass, is: only for the shit, and, not for love, therefore, not only to God, you're a pervert, but, you're a pervert also on a rational level) to be able to enter Paradise] [certain: I too am a creature, and also, I may be wrong, but, you must demonstrate: you are right: on a rational level] [and: if, you want to have: a reason also, on the supernatural level, you must find your own truth in the Bible (which has not been corrupted by the Pharisees)] [be reason for: you can not, ever, go to God in an attitude of opposition to his true Word of God]

[ cosa è: questa enorme: ribellione: alla mia regalità? ] [ non sapete voi che, Unius REI è eterno, e che, i suoi nemici, sono mortali, per diventare, soltanto, molto presto, la polvere della terra? ] [è impossibile: per i nemici di: Unius REI, entrare: nel regno di Dio, perché: io sono l'unica possibilità, che, Dio ha dato agli atei (legge naturale razionale: quindi il buco del culo è per la merda, e non è per l'amore: quindi, non solo, per Dio, tu sei un pervertito, ma, tu sei un pervertito anche sul piano razionale): di poter entrare in Paradiso] [certo: anche io sono una creatura, ed anche: io posso sbagliare, ma, tu devi dimostrare: di avere ragione: sul piano razionale ] [ e: se poi, tu vuoi avere: una ragione: anche, sul piano soprannaturale, tu devi trovare la tua verità: nella Bibbia(che non è stata corrotta dai farisei) ] [perché: tu non potrai, mai, andare da Dio, in un atteggiamento, di opposizione, alla Sua VERA Parola di Dio]

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666 Obama, Bush, Rothschild 187AUDIOHOSTEM: ie, faggotoffline lol.---- if I begin,to killing people criminals, like you? then, like: I can be truly happy? alone without you? the idiots kill enemies, I transform enemies into friends, because my happiness has to be perfect ... so, I'm happy to fill your life crazy, of diseases, problems, anxieties, troubles and obsessions! but do not panic! in my Jewish Temple? God will heal you all! because, I can do evil, while God can do good! se, io incomincio, ad uccidere le persone criminali come voi? poi, come: io posso essere veramente felice? da solo senza di voi? gli idioti uccidono i nemici, io trasformo i nemici in amici, perché la mia felicità deve essere perfetta... così, mi accontento di riempirvi i malattie, problemi, angosce, tribolazioni ed ossessioni! ma, niente paura! nel mio tempio ebraico? Dio vi guarirà tutti! perché, io posso fare il male, mentre Dio può fare il bene!

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crime, jewish media Masonic West: [delirium of: traitor, Obama: accomplice: Caliphate worldwide, for, destruction of Israel] again: today, 26. February. for: (ASCA) - Rome, April 24 - The two orthodox bishops kidnapped in Syria were released. and for: (ANSA) REBELS, FREED ORTHODOX BISHOPS - The two orthodox bishops kidnapped in Syria were released. The commander of the Army announces a free (all lies) - ANSWER - in fact, Turkey has said, that, the bishops have been kidnapped by Chechens, in retaliation for the death: of the aggressor islamist: in Boston. That's, like, the Satanists: of Rothschild and Obama, defending the Chechen Islamists, in a total contempt: of: civilization Jewish-Christianity: and against: American people [(ANSA) - NEW YORK, April 25 - The two bombers Boston were coming upon, again: with an attack: in Times Square: in New York.]

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[delirio di Obama: complice del Califfato mondiale, per la distruzione di Israele] (ASCA) - Roma, 24 apr - I due vescovi ortodossi rapiti in Siria sono stati rilasciati. (ANSA) RIBELLI, LIBERATI VESCOVI ORTODOSSI - I due vescovi ortodossi rapiti in Siria sono stati rilasciati. Lo annuncia un comandante dell'Esercito libero (tutte menzogne) --ANSWER -- in realtà, la Turhia ha detto, che i vascovi sono stati rapiti, dai ceceni, come ritorsione, per la morte dell'attentatore di Boston. Ecco, come i satanisti di Rothschild e Obama, difendono gli islamisti ceceni, in un totale disprezzo del cristianesmo e del popolo americano [(ANSA) - NEW YORK, 25 APR - I due attentatori di Boston stavano per colpire con un attentato a Times Square, a New York.]

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@ youtube NWO 666, 322, IMF, CIA FED NATO ---> [This channel uses the new single channel of YouTube. Read more about the new graphic layout.] Have found a way to destroy the image of the bottom, this time, everything you do, to suppress the identity of persons and peoples! @youtube 666 NWO, 322, IMF, FED CIA NATO --->[Questo canale utilizza il nuovo canale unico di YouTube. Leggi ulteriori informazioni sulla nuova impostazione grafica.] avete trovato il modo di distruggere, l'immagine di fondo, questa volta, tutto voi fate, per soffocare l'identità delle persone e dei popoli! @ Masonic system: of banking seigniorage, Bildenberg, corporations, Jewish lobbies, monopoly, now accaparratrici: of every monopoly, "you invoke from God the destruction, and it will!". @sistema massonico del signoraggio bancario, bildenberg, corporations, lobby ebraiche, monopoliste, ormai accaparratrici di ogni monopolio, "voi invocate da Dio la distruzione, ed essa verrà!"

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@ 322 Pharisees super: Nazis, Enlightened from Baal Peor, Murdoch-MARDUK, calendar Talmud, Rothschild, Rockefeller corporations, 666 FMI-NWO (Masonic system of bank seigniorage) - everyone knows that, bidding, that Jesus refused in the desert? you have accepted! killing Jesus (becoming, mortal enemies of Christianity)?, you have condemned Israel, for destruction, too many times (the Holocaust), in 2000 years, in fact, the real threat to Israel, are not the Nazis of the Arab League. Lobby: A group of people bound by common interests, and be able to exert pressure on political power, to obtain measures in their favor, rich, freemasons, criminals, thieves, mafia, parasitic moneylenders, all masonic system: corporations, for banking seigniorage, NATO CIA, MOSSAD, for Worldwide caliphate, ECB-IMF FED NWO, for destroy Israel - ANSWER - you got me scared! Now, you will have to suffer my wrath!

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@ 322 Farisei super: nazisti, Enlightened from Baal Peor, Murdoch-MARDUK, agenda talmud, Rothschild, Rockefeller corporations, 666 FMI-NWO (sistema massonico del signoraggio bancario) -- lo sanno tutti, l'offerta, che, Gesù ha rifiutato nel deserto? voi la avete accettata! uccidendo Gesù (diventando i nemici mortali del cristianesimo), voi avete condannato Israele: alla distruzione, troppe volte (all'Olocausto), in questi 2000 anni, in realtà, la vera minaccia per Israele non sono i nazisti della LEga Araba

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Lobby: Gruppo di persone legate da interessi comuni, e in grado di esercitare pressioni, sul potere politico, per ottenere provvedimenti a proprio favore, rich, freemasons, criminals, thieves, mafia, parasitic moneylenders, all masonic system: corporations, for banking seigniorage, CIA NATO, MOSSAD, for Worldwide caliphate, IMF FED ECB-NWO, for destroy Israel -- ANSWER -- voi mi avete spaventato! ora, voi dovrete subire la mia ira!

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Obama: I admire the decision to Napolitano. 'Ensuring that we will move forward together'. April 20 - ANSWER - all nonsense! was a defeat, of the politics,ie, the logic Masonic mafia, for the banking seigniorage: system: voodoo cannibal, for do 200.000 human sacrifice on altair of satana, every year, of the system of corrupt parties, to assassinate, all the peoples, in favor of the lobbies of high finance: Goldman sachs, Bildenberg, calendar Talmud: IMF-NWO, III world War, for, destroying Israel, through, the Caliphate worldwide, of the Sunnis ! and, to establish the era of Satanism .. in addition to being criminals and religious maniacs? the Arab League, they are also idiots! my Allah have mercy on us all...

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[666 IMF, betray, all peoples, to make the plot, of the Pharisees, 322 NWO, Their agenda is to destroy Israel! ] Syria rebels solution, is: only with strength! Idriss talks on the sidelines Friends Syria meeting in Istanbul (ie, friends of the Arab League, to the Caliphate worldwide) 20 April, (ANSAmed) - ISTANBUL, APRIL 20 - For the armed opposition, the Syrian, the end of the civil war may: be alone: ​​military said this evening in Istanbul. the commander of the rebel forces Selim General Idriss. Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting of foreign ministers. of 'friendly countries of Syria'. Idriss rejected the hypothesis. for a political solution. '' There is no 'one solution, with this regime through. negotiation. There 'no other solution than the force'' he said. (but, the Obama administration, give the money, really, to all those who do the attacks, against, Western interests, all over the world)

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@Rothschild - drink your poison: made by yourself

in the spirit of Gandi: I UniusRei, I take und...

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