I am Unius REI al this today all is mine

I am Unius REI: al this, today, all is mine!] Genesis 14:18-20. Then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine. He was priest of God Most High, 19. and he blessed Abram, saying,"Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. 20. And praise be to God Most High, who delivered your enemies into your hand." Then Abram gave him a tenth of everything. Psalm 110. 1. The Lord says to my lord. "Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies: a footstool for your feet." 2. The Lord will extend your mighty scepter from Zion, saying, "Rule in the midst of your enemies!" 3. Your troops will be willing, on your day of battle. Arrayed in holy splendor, your young men will come to you, like dew from the morning's womb. 4. The Lord has sworn, and will not change his mind: "You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek." -- ANSWER -- I am Universal Brotherhood: the natural Law: "you do good and avoid evil"..

@Abu Antar - [my current, political sovereignty: it is only:in the supernatural order: faith.] Nothing of all that, you said, may have a political value, for me, in fact, my political jurisdiction, 1. can not be retroactive, and: 2. not: it may be, yet, implementation (at the an political level) because governments:of the world does not: have recognized me: such as: REI Unius. Of course, at the end of the world, God will do judge: by his: true saints, and his: true martyrs (which God alone knows, of every people, and, of all religions, who have followed the path of love universal who have not defiled their souls in the wickedness of the Pharisees and of the Islamists): all nations, all people, and all the kingdoms. For the future, of Unius REI, if we will, an Armenian, jew, etc.. who claims his homeland?

he has the right to: be able to get it from me, because, today, for the wickedness of Sharia, and his Satanism, to make the dhimmi?, the Palestinians have not, yet, this right: that they can claim. the legal claims concerning, situations, strife of the past?, do not have with me, an great importance, because, I always start, in my considerations, policies, from the real needs of the people, and peoples. le rivendicazioni giuridiche, riguardanti, situazioni, contese, del passato?, non hanno presso di me, una grande importanza, perché, io parto sempre, nelle mie considerazioni politiche, dai bisogni reali dei popoli. but, this is obvious to all, Islamists (worldwide caliphate: of: Arab League: sharia, Al Qaeda, Boko Aram, etc. ..) and the Pharisees (IMF, NWO, Satanism ideological) for their schizophrenic considerations: the religious maniacs, they have invested everything in making collapse: of all peoples in the most ruthless tragedy.

ma, questo è evidente a tutti, islamisti (califfato mondiale: Al Quaeda, Boko Aram, ecc..) e farisei (FMI, NWO, satanismo ideologico) per le loro schizofreniche considerazioni: di maniaci religiosi, loro hanno investito tutto, nel fare sprofondare tutti i popoli: nella più spietata tragedia.

@Abu Antar -- [la mia, attuale, sovranità politica: è soltanto: di ordine soprannaturale: la fede.] nulla: di tutto quello, che, tu hai detto, può avere un valore politico: per me, infatti, la mia giurisdizione politica, 1. non può essere retroattiva, ed inoltre: 2. non: può essere, ancora, operativa (sul piano politico): perché, i Governi: del mondo: non: mi hanno riconosciuto: come: Unius REI. Certo, alla fine del mondo, Dio farà giudicare: ai suoi: veri santi, ed ai suoi: veri martiri (che, Dio solo, conosce: di ogni popolo, e, di ogni religione, che, hanno seguito la via dell'amore universale: che non hanno profanato la loro anima nella malvagità dei farisei e degli islamisti): tutti i popoli, tutte le persone, e tutti i regni.

Per il futuro, di Unius REI, se, ci sarà, un armeno, ebreo, ecc.. che, rivendica la sua patria? lui ha il diritto di: poterla ottenerla da me, perché oggi, per la malvagità della Sharia, e il suo satanismo, per fare i dhimmi, i Palestinesi non hanno, ancora, questo diritto: da poter rivendicare.

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[as: Jezebel second, Passionaria of Satan! eih, my sister] LONDON, June 1. - Tomorrow, 60 years ago, Elizabeth II, was crowned sovereign, of the United Kingdom only 27 years old, with a solemn ceremony at Westminster Abbey in front: to 8,000 guests from 129 countries and territories, of the former Empire. Tomorrow, will be the queen in Windsor and a ceremony in the abbey: - answer - from the foundation of the Rothschild's SpA: Bank of England, the evil: and: crime: conspiracies and murders, genocides and wars, depressions, racism, conflicts, etc. .. have entered the world, through, the Masonic system, of banking seigniorage .. and, if, this IMF of the Pharisees is not destroyed: immediately? not only, it will be impossible to stop the World War, but also: you will pass to history as: Jezebel second, the Passionaria of Satan!

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[come: Gezabele seconda, la passionaria di satana! eih, my sister ] LONDRA, 1 GIUGNO. - Domani, 60 anni fa, Elisabetta II, veniva incoronata sovrana, del Regno Unito a soli 27 anni, con, una solenne cerimonia a: Westminster Abbey davanti: a 8.000 ospiti da 129 Paesi e territori dell'ex Impero. Domani la regina sarà a Windsor: e una cerimonia nell'abbazia: -- answer -- dalla fondazione della: Rothschild's SpA: Banca di Inghilterra, la malvagità: ed: il crimine: di congiure, ed omicidi, genocidi e guerre, depressioni, razzismo, contrapposizioni, ecc.. sono entrati nel mondo, attraverso, il sistema massonico del signoraggio bancario.. e se, questo FMI dei farisei: non viene distrutto: immediatamente? non soltanto, sarà impossibile: fermare la guerra mondiale: ma, anche: tu passerai alla storia: come: Gezabele seconda, la passionaria di satana!

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PARIS, JUNE 1 - A report, the French agency, Capa, who will be, transmitted, tomorrow from Canal +, door, "new evidence", the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The report, carried out by Patricia Chaira: Saddek and Chettab: Aleppo, shows video "unequivocal signs: the use of gas: April 13th," and victims "with muscle spasms: and foaming at the mouth." To save the survivors, three dead and 17 wounded, doctors inject atropine, an antidote against: the neurotoxic gas (such as Sarin, ed.) (ANSA). --- ANSWER - MASSONI Bildenberg, YOU: YOU ARE, WITHOUT, DIGNITY! if, ASSAD, has used: GAS? HE WOULD HAVE ALREADY WON! [11:01. June. BAGHDAD. Iraq: piano, al Qaeda attacks with sarin. In Europe and the U.S.. Cell, dismantled, manufactured gas in Baghdad]. BUT, that chemical weapons, are been used by terrorists? of this, we are, sure, but, against them? you have not done anything!

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PARIGI, 1 GIU - Un reportage dell'agenzia francese Capa, che verra' trasmesso domani da Canal +, porta "nuove prove" sull'uso di armi chimiche in Siria. Il reportage, realizzato da Patricia Chaira e Saddek Chettab ad Aleppo, mostra in video "i segni inequivocabili dell'uso di gas il 13 aprile", e le vittime "con spasmi muscolari e bava alla bocca". Per salvare i sopravvissuti, tre i morti e 17 i feriti, i medici iniettano atropina, un antidoto contro i gas neurotossici (come il Sarin, ndr). (ANSA). --- ANSWER -- VOI MASSONI SIETE SENZA DIGNITÀ! SE ASSAD USAVA IL GAS? LUI AVREBBE GIÀ VINTO! [1101 GIUGNO. BAGHDAD. Iraq: piano al Qaida attacchi con Sarin. In Europa e in Usa. Cellula smantellata,fabbricava gas a Baghdad]. MA che le armi chimiche le hanno usate i terroristi? di questo noi siamo sicuri, ma, contro di loro? voi non avete fatto niente!

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ANKARA, JUNE 1 - The turkish director Ferzan Ozpetek supports the protesters Gezi Park, adhering to an appeal to the international media'' 'cause the rest of the world is made aware of what is happening and the police state created by the party AKP of Prime Minister Erdogan''.'' Turkish media says, appeal, directly controlled by the government, or economically or politically tied to the government, refuse to talk about the incident.'' - ANSWER - It is normal, too, the Turks have become Islamists, and, the genocide of the Armenians, is their right, of which: not: you should still talk! Masons Bildenberg, Pharisees IMF, have plunged Europe into the tragedy .. because they have already destroyed: consciousness: Judeo-Christian: in Europe, then: Europe has become: a land of conquest, but not by secular Muslims, who are also their own: the victims, of the Islamists salafis, of Arab League

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ANKARA, 1 GIU - Anche il regista turco Ferzan Ozpetek appoggia i manifestanti di Gezi Park, aderendo a un appello ai media internazionali ''perche' il resto del mondo sia messo a conoscenza di quello che sta accadendo e dello stato di polizia creato dal partito Akp del premier Erdogan''.''I media turchi, afferma l'appello, controllati direttamente dal governo, o economicamente o politicamente legati al governo, si rifiutano di parlare degli incidenti''. -- ANSWER -- È normale, anche i turchi sono diventati islamisti, ed il genocidio degli armeni è un loro diritto, di cui non si deve ancora parlare! i massoni Bildenberg, farisei FMI, hanno fatto sprofondare l'Europa nella tragedia.. perché, loro hanno già distrutto: la coscienza: giudaico cristiana dell'Europa, quindi: l'Europa è diventata terra di conquista, ma, non da parte dei musulmani laici, che, sono anche loro: le vittime, degli islamisti

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BRUSSELS, JUNE 1 - The commission, Legal Affairs of the European: has recommended its abolition of parliamentary immunity: for: the president of the Front National (FN) French Marine Le Pen. The decision must be made: the plenary session: in Strasbourg on 11 June. Paris had forwarded: the request in Strasbourg in November, for: the statements in which the MEP, the extreme right, he made a parallel: between: the prayers in the street: the Muslims and the Nazi occupation of France. - ANSWER - NOT exists,a threat, in prayers, or, in same Muslims, as such, but, because Islam is not: only: a religion, but, a political system of Nazism: to conquer the world: absolutely intolerant (sharia), without, any hope for peaceful coexistence among the peoples .. in this case: it is the French Marine Le Pen, to be right! Masons Bildenberg,area to be traitors!

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@ My YHWH - oh, yes! this is, that would be, really, funny, if Satanists: and, their: satanisms all togheter, as 187AUDIOHOSTEM 666, Abu antar, Bildenberg Pharisees, freemasons, Islamists, all the whores of the devil, ecc.. they, after, 5 years, they dared to talk: against: me, for the first time! @ my JHWH -- oh, si! questo si, che, sarebbe divertente, se, i satanisti: ed: i satanismi, come 187AUDIOHOSTEM 666, Abu antar, Bildenberg farisei, massoni, islamisti, tutte le puttane del diavolo, proprio loro, dopo, 5 anni, loro osassero dialogare: contro: di me, per la prima volta! @ Mon YHWH - oh, oui! c'est, ce serait vraiment, drôle, si les satanistes, et, leur: satanisms tous togheter, comme 187AUDIOHOSTEM 666, Abu Antar, pharisiens Bildenberg, francs-maçons, les islamistes, toutes les putains du diable, ECC .. ils, après, 5 ans, ils ont osé parler contre: moi, pour la première fois!

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@ Jews - I would never have imagined that, the Holy Spirit: he made ​​it clear: to me, just today, such as: 322, 666, IMF-NWO, etc. .. Masonic system of occult powers, this is obvious, they are giving rise to an ERA, Age, for Satan! and, the religious maniac, serial murderess, the King of Saudi Arabia, he thinks, he's come out: victorious: with: his worldwide caliphate, from: all this: horror, making exterminate all the peoples of the world .. without: a hint of compassion for his own peoples muslims ... to get it done: of himself with: his Muhammad: the real antichrist, the ally of all the satanism of the world, for: to destroy the hope of Israel .. that's why, no, one, Islamist, may deserve: from us: no one: act of mercy!

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@Ebrei -- io non avrei mai immaginato, che, lo Spirito Santo: avrebbe fatto capire: a me, proprio oggi, come: 1. sono esistiti: veramente i: "nazisti cristiani", per dire, che, Gesù, e gli Apostoli, andavano sterminati: anche loro.. 2. che: i nazisti oggi, sono gli islamisti; 3. che, esistono: i cattocomunisti; 4. e che, ci sono: anche: i cristiani anti-sionisti, che, sono a favore degli islamisti: della sharia, -- ANSWER -- cioè, come a dire, che, esiste un partito delle pecore, che, va a votare, in FAVORE: del partito dei lupi! -- conclusione -- ma, questo è impossibile, senza: il crimine di satanismo:di alto tradimento: contro: il Regno di Dio, e la Costituzione: di tutti i popoli (il signoraggio bancario), che, i farisei Bildenberg FMI-NWO, gli specialisti della più alta scienza massonica: di: ingegneria sociale della storia: proprio loro hanno fatto!

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@Ebrei -- io non avrei mai immaginato, che, lo Spirito Santo: avrebbe fatto capire: a me, proprio oggi, come: 322, 666, FMI-NWO, ecc.. sistema massonico dei poteri occulti, questo è evidente, loro stanno facendo sorgere un ERA, Age, per satana! e il maniaco religioso, assassino seriale, del Re dell'Arabia Saudita: lui pensa di uscire vittorioso: con il suo califfato mondiale, da tutto questo: orrore, facendo sterminare tutti i popoli, del mondo.. senza un minimo di compassione per la sua stessa gente... per avere fatto: di se stesso: con: il suo Maometto: il vero anticristo, l'alleato: di tutti i satanismi del mondo, per: distruggere la speranza di Israele.. ecco perché, nessun islamista, può meritare da noi: nessun atto di pietà!

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BAGHDAD, 1 GIU - Le autorità irachene hanno smantellato una cellula: di: al Qaida a Baghdad: che: fabbricava armi chimiche, tra: cui Sarin: e gas mostarda, destinate a compiere attentati in Iraq, Europa e Stati Uniti. Lo ha annunciato un portavoce: del ministero della Difesa. La cellula, individuata: dai servizi segreti della Difesa, "aveva ricevuto direttive: da un altro gruppo legato ad al Qaida" su come produrre armi chimiche, ha detto il portavoce Mohammed al-Askari. (ANSA). --- ANSWER -- @kING sAUDI aRABIA -- CHE TU SEI UN CRIMINALE? io lo ho sempre saputo! ma, tu adesso lo stai dimostrando a tutti! Infatti, tu non muovi un dito, per combattere tutto questo, ed il motivo è uno soltanto: "tu ne sei il mandate!" inoltre tutti i crimini degli islamisti sono fatti sempre e solo, per diffondere la tua sharia

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@ Jews - because, Sharia is a project of imperialist genocide, for the worldwide caliphate (up to much: the Bildenberg, the Masonic system: 666, 322 FMI-NWO, they hated, and betrayed Europe) .. therefore, if the Arab League does not remove the Sharia: all over the world, then, it will be impossible for us to be able to: live with Muslims, because all those who have made the coexistence with Muslims (such as the Copts Sudan, the Armenians of Turkey, etc. ..)? they're all dead! So all Palestinians will be deported to Syria (because, 1. Sunni Salafists, kill, all of them 2. Because Assad also needs all Muslims Lebanese Hezbollah, in order to win the election ..) that's why the Syria by Israel should not be most affected: in a preventive way!

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@Papa FRANCESCO, @Presidente Napolitano -- forse, voi siete le migliori autorità, in campo politico ed in campo religioso, del nostro pianeta! Ma, voi avete lasciato morire, il Santo, Scienziato, Patriota, Prof. Giacinto Auriti, che, ha dimostrato, non soltanto, il doppio: crimine Costituzionale, 1. fatto dai farisei, del signoraggio bancario (con: un costo del denaro del: 270%); ma, altresì, con la complicità delle organizzazioni segrete internazionali, di massoni e satanisti.. organizzazioni rigidamente segrete anche al loro interno! e prima che la Chiesa Cattolica, non fosse stuprata? riuscì a formulare, oltre 600 scomuniche, contro la vera sinagoga di satana: che oggi è la Torre di Babele, il Nuovo Ordine Mondiale! poiché, un FMI, così parassitario e devitalizzante, non può essere rigenerato al di fuori di una III guerra mondiale? voi anche passerete alla storia, certamente, per criminali internazionali.

[lo Spirito Santo non può essere fermato!] @ Benjamin Netanyahu --- 1. poiché, io non credo che, il cristianesimo sia indispensabile, per la salvezza; 2. e penso, che, un qualsiasi impegno imperialistico (ed ogni religione, potrebbe diventarlo), sia un atto di idolatria, cioè, un tradimento, contro, Dio,.. ecco perché, io non dico queste cose, perché, qualcuno possa diventare: un cristiano, perché: 1. questo sarebbe una impostazione molto volgare! 2. nessuno può diventare: cristiano vero, se, lui non viene chiamato, personalmente, da Dio come Abramo. tuttavia, io desidero chiarire, qualcosa del Cristianesimo, dal mio punto di vista.. Gesù non ha voluto fondare: il cristianesimo, 1. sulla sua perfetta natura umana, che, come è stato rivelato: sul Monte Tabor, era già una natura umana: trasfigurata, dalla divinità, che, era in lui. 2. non ha voluto fondare il cristianesimo, sulla potenza della sua divinità, cioè, dopo la manifestazione della sua risurrezione.

[lo Spirito Santo non può essere fermato!] 3. ma, Gesù di Betlemme ha voluto comunicare: la sua stessa divinità, dopo la PENTECOSTE, [(lui è il verbo, di essere: proprio lui, Parola del JHWH, e nessuno pensa, che, la PAROLA, è una forma di idolatria: in una Persona, se, anche, lol. si può concepire, che, Dio deve essere diverso: dalle sue creature)] Spirito Santo a PENTECOSTE? 1. che lo Spirito Santo non può essere fermato! 2. che, scende chi vuole! 3. che, le formule religiose e le istituzioni, non sono indispensabili: alla salvezza, e quindi, 3. Dio sa guardare anche nel cuore degli atei. infatti, nessuno può fermare: la verità dell'amore, su tutta la creazione, neanche: i maniaci religiosi (che soltanto, la morte può guarire) neanche: i criminali: di islamisti e farisei, non possono fare questo, perché, io sono Unius REI, la fratellanza universale. Se, non rinunciano alla Sharia? il tuo attacco nucleare preventivo, non può essere evitato..

@ Benjamin Netanyahu - [the first enemies of Israel, are the Pharisees! ] Paul of Tarsus, the Pharisee, he was the armed wing of the sect of the Pharisees, to destroy, to kill, Christians. and it is no coincidence, that it was he, to found: the Christian religion .. because, as it is tragic to admit: it is true that: he killed Christians, but, nevertheless, he was in good faith, just as today, many Islamists kill innocent Christians: although, are, in good faith, only because, there is an international organization, of criminals, called the Arab League. [Seconds enemies of Israel: are Islamists! ]. but, as is well known, I do not believe that, believe in Jesus, as, God, is to renounce the religion of their fathers, because it is precisely for this reason that, Jesus did not want him, to found a religion, for christians!

@Benjamin Netanyahu -- [ i primi nemici di Israele: i farisei !!! ] Paolo di Tarso, il Fariseo, lui era il braccio armato, della setta dei farisei, per distruggere, uccidere, i cristiani. e non è un caso , che, sia stato proprio lui, a fondare: la religione cristiana.. perché, per quanto è tragico doverlo ammettere: è vero che: lui uccideva i cristiani, ma, tuttavia, lui era in buona fede, proprio come oggi, molti islamisti: uccidono i cristiani innocenti: pur essendo, in buona fede, soltanto, perché esiste una organizzazione internazionale di criminali chiamata la Lega Araba. [ i secondi nemici di Israele: islamisti !!! ]. ma, come è risaputo, io non credo che credere in Gesù come Dio, significa rinunciare alla religione dei propri padri, perché, è proprio per questo, che, Gesù, non ha voluto fondare lui una religione!

[against ANSA] India: raped and mutilated to 5 years, very serious. A child of five years, was raped in a kindergarten: New Delhi: from his teacher - ANSWER - @ Reuters, ANSA - traitors, of Jewish lobbies of Satanists, to spread hate, do: World War III: that is, the IMF-NWO agenda, that is, the crime of banking seigniorage, true Satanism, to destroy ISrael, in all the false, democracies Masonic, who have raped the Constitution, and the monetary sovereignty! enough! to humiliate India on a true story, that can happen in any country! for many months yet, you want to have, again, this news, on the main page?

[against ANSA] India: stuprata e mutilata a 5 anni, gravissima. Un bambino di cinque anni: è stato violentato in un asilo: di New Delhi: dal suo maestro --ANSWER -- @ANSA -- traditori, satanisti di lobby ebraiche, per diffondere l'odio, la fare: la III guerra mondiale: cioè, la agenda FMI-NWO, cioè, il crimine di satanismo del signoraggio bancario, in tutte le false democrazie massoniche, che, hanno stuprato la Costituzione, e la sovranità monetaria! basta! ad umiliare l'India, su un fatto di cronaca, che, può accadere in ogni nazione! per quanti mesi ancora, voi volete avere, ancora, questa notizia, sulla pagina principale?

[Hamas] said that, they are willing to accept a Palestinian state with the 1967 borders, (as, if?)if, approved by Palestinians. of rockets on the Israeli Negev? Hamas security services have arrested this morning in Gaza: several suspected militants Salafis --- ANSWER --- OF THIS HAMAS is only a vulgar theater, and they believe: to be able to overcome: the Jews in hypocrisy! tragic! when we see a world based on truth? but, until Sharia law exist? all Muslims, will always be, wolves in sheep's clothing! You give up the Sharia (that: it means giving up: the imperialistic project, the Caliphate Worldwide) and after, I destroy Israel! This means: to speak with loyalty,. Otherwise, be prepared to go down to hell, where are all liars: like you!

[Hamas] ha detto che sono disposti ad accettare uno stato palestinese con i confini del 1967, se, approvato dai palestinesi. di razzi: sul Neghev israeliano? i servizi di sicurezza di Hamas hanno arrestato stamane a Gaza: diversi miliziani salafiti sospettati -- ANSWER -- QUESTO DI HAMAS è soltanto, un volgare teatrino, e loro credono: di poter superare: in ipocrisia gli ebrei! tragico! quando noi vedremo un mondo fondato sulla verità? ma, finché, esisterà la sharia? tutti i musulmani, saranno sempre, dei lupi vestiti da agnelli! Voi rinunciate alla Sharia (che: significa rinunciare: al progetto imperialistico, del Califfato Mondiale) ed io distruggo Israele! questo significa: parlare con lealtà,. Diversamente, preparatevi a scendere all'inferno, dove sono tutti i bugiardi: come voi!

Earthquakes: Sichuan, 'Hundreds' victims. The agency New China spoke of'''' at least two deaths. April 20 BEIJING - Some websites and messages That Appear on the Chinese microblog say the earthquake in Sichuan today has Caused Hundreds of casualties'''', in killed and wounded. L 'agency New China spoke of'''' at least two deaths. ANSWER ----> all ----> return to the Creator, the God of love and universal brotherhood, the God of compassion and friendship with the man.. man is supreme masterpiece: of His creation, do not think anything, of unworthy, or bad, about God! you do not be like Muslims, are ashamed to say: "Islam is a religion of peace", because, they know, that it is, a crime international, to make the universal: caliphate worldwide, for sharia law

[scientist Giacinto Auriti said: for seigniorage banking: that is been stolen: by Rothschid? you will be condemned to extermination] Crisis could kill: other, 250,000 businesses, says Confcommercio, Almost four: in ten families: worried about debt, says survey 18 April, (ANSA) - Rome, April 18 - Almost four in 10 Italian families fear they won't have the money to pay their mortgage while at the same time, new: 250,000 companies are at risk of shutting their doors. Such are some of the results of the ongoing economic crisis in Europe that has hit recession-plagued Italy very hard, Carlo Sangalli, president of Confcommercio, said Thursday.

[scientist Giacinto Auriti said: for seigniorage banking: that is been stolen: by Rothschid? you will be condemned to extermination] His group released the results of a survey taken on some of the impacts of the crisis, and called on government to do more to support families and businesses. "This long crisis is deleting the most vital part of the country," which is its entrepreneurs, said Sangalli, whose group: represents Italian business. Up to 250,000 operations could be forced: to close this year and many more are losing hope, said Sangalli. Making matters worse, 11 million: Italian households have been forced to slash spending and are frightened they won't be able to pay Italy's rising taxes. They're especially worried about a hik:

thanks @666 pharisee Rothschild IMF --- Greece: 'More and more children are suffering from hunger "In 2012, 10% of students in elementary and middle schools went hungry. "We are now at levels Africans' A moment of protest of teachers in Athens, April 16 (ANSA). "Not even in my worst nightmares: I would have expected a situation like that. We are now at the point where the children arrive at school hungry. Families have difficulties not only with the job, but: to survive. "Leonidas Nikas is the director: an elementary school in Athens. It tells what: he lives every day. Scenes that some time ago in Europe were thought unthinkable and now, because of the economic crisis: hit the country, has become an everyday reality. Children: at school looking for food in the garbage, other than: ask fellow leftovers for a snack, or folded in two children: for hunger pains: or fainting.

Germany: Go ahead, said: Bundestag, for: aid in Cyprus! The fate of Nicosia'' relevant'' Eurozone (lol.). 18 April, "A little, default of Cyprus?lol. would put at risk, too, countries such as Spain and Italy." He said the Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, speaking in the Bundestag, and remembering that "the ECB, European Commission and the IMF: International Monetary Fund, they decided the fate of Nicosia, which is relevant for the eurozone." - ANSWER - IS NOT ENOUGH: seize: 40% of big capital, stolen from the Russian capitalists? and they often are, then, to declare that the IMF is now an empty lot, inflated by compressed air! it is essential to World War III immediately to save the IMF

Via libera Bundestag agli aiuti a Cipro La sorte di Nicosia ''rilevante per eurozona''. Germania: 18 aprile, "Un'insolvenza di Cipro metterebbe a rischio anche paesi come Spagna e Italia". Lo ha detto il ministro delle Finanze Wolfgang Schaeuble, parlando al Bundestag, e ricordando che "Bce, Commissione europea e Fmi hanno ritenuto la sorte di Nicosia rilevante per l'eurozona". -- ANSWER - NON È STATO SUFFICIENTE: sequestrare: il 40%, dei grandi capitali, rubati ai capitalisti russi? e sono proprio loro a dichiarare che il FMI è ormai un sacco vuoto, gonfiato dall'aria compressa!

Slaughter in the U.S.: the outbreak of a fertilizer company: fertilizers factory explodes in Texas, is killing! - ANSWER - with these Satanists: 322, 666, that the Pharisees have created, and that took control of the most STRATEGIC sizes, in the U.S.? this nation is lost! and, in fact, will end up being disintegrated by God through a giant meteor! Strage in Usa: per lo scoppio di una ditta di fertilizzanti: Esplode fabbrica di fertilizzanti in Texas, è strage! --ANSWER -- con questi satanisti: 322, 666, che i farisei hanno creato, e che, hanno preso il controllo dei punti più strategici degli USA? questa nazione è andata perduta! e, infatti, finirà per essere disintegrata da Dio, attraverso, un meteorite gigante!

@grazie Rothschild FMI -- «Sempre più bambini soffrono la fame» Nel 2012 il 10% degli studenti delle scuole elementari e medie ha sofferto la fame. «Ormai siamo a livelli africani» Un momento della protesta degli insegnanti ad Atene, il 16 aprile (Ansa). «Neppure nei miei incubi peggiori mi sarei aspettato una situazione del genere. Siamo ormai al punto in cui i bambini arrivano a scuola affamati. Le famiglie hanno difficoltà non solo con il lavoro, ma a sopravvivere». Leonidas Nikas è il direttore di una scuola elementare di Atene. Racconta quello che vive tutti i giorni. Scene che qualche tempo fa in Europa erano ritenute impensabili e ora, a causa della crisi economica che ha colpito il Paese, è diventato una realtà quotidiana. Bambini che a scuola cercano cibo nella spazzatura, altri che chiedono ai compagni gli avanzi della merenda, o bimbi piegati in due per i crampi della fame o che svengono.

[Unius REI: ie, lorenzoAllah, or, lorenzoJHWH: could be the Jewish Messiah?] [this must be understood, the time of the mystics, is not same: of our, is not exactly the same: our: chronological time][PROPHETIC, by RABBI YITZHAK KADURI, said that, the name of the Messiah: is Jesus Christ] said: "On Hashanah Rabba, the actual war of Gog and Magog will commence and will last for some seven years." .. but, will be: between, 300 years. rabbi, Rabbi Kaduri told his attendant, "I have just seen the face of Moshiach ("The Messiah"). 2004. In the Yediot Acharonot News, Rabbi Kaduri predicted "great tragedies in the world are foreseen".

[Unius REI: ie, lorenzoAllah, or, lorenzoJHWH: could be the Jewish Messiah?] He pointed the direction of the catastrophes as being in the region "where Jews are going to the East." Rabbi Kaduri also announced to the Israeli press at this time, "The Maschiach is already in Israel". Rabbi Kaduri: said: "Jewish people return to the Land of Israel, due to terrible natural disasters which, threaten the world".. "The soul of the Messiah has attached itself, to a person in Israel." 2006. to pay tribute to the "mystic sage" that touched their hearts and gave them hope in a world of progressive chaos that their messiah would honor his promise to come and guide them though their coming "time of trouble". Last Prophecy of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri (2006).

[Unius REI: ie, lorenzoAllah, or, lorenzoJHWH: could be the Jewish Messiah?] Before he passed away, in 2006 at the age of 108, he left a note for us. Per his request, the note was read a year after his death. In it Rabbi Kaduri states that he met the Messiah, who will come shortly after the death of Ariel Sharon. could it be, that, they keep Ariel Sharon in a coma to avoid the return of the Messiah?[but the prophecies can not be fought!] KADURI'S PORTRAYAL OF THE MESSIAH. A few months before Kaduri died at the age of 108, he surprised his followers when he told them that he met the Messiah. Kaduri gave a message in his synagogue on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, teaching how to recognize the Messiah. He also mentioned that the Messiah would appear to Israel after Ariel Sharon's death.

[Unius REI: ie, lorenzoAllah, or, lorenzoJHWH: could be the Jewish Messiah?] (The former prime minister is still in a coma after suffering a massive stroke more than a year ago.) Other rabbis predict the same, including Rabbi Haim Cohen, kabbalist Nir Ben Artzi and the wife of Rabbi Haim Kneiveskzy. Kaduri's grandson, Rabbi Yosef Kaduri, said his grandfather spoke many times during his last days about the coming of the Messiah and redemption through the Messiah. His spiritual portrayals of the Messiah "reminiscent of New Testament accounts" were published on the websites Kaduri.net and Nfc: 'It is hard for many good people in society to understand the person of the Messiah. The leadership and order of a Messiah of flesh and blood is hard to accept for many in the nation. As leader, the Messiah will not hold any office, but will be among the people and use the media to communicate.

[Unius REI: ie, lorenzoAllah, or, lorenzoJHWH: could be the Jewish Messiah?] His reign will be pure and without personal or political desire. During his dominion, only righteousness and truth will reign. 'Will all believe in the Messiah right away? No, in the beginning some of us will believe in him and some not. It will be easier for non-religious people to follow the Messiah than for Orthodox people. 'The revelation of the Messiah will be ful lled in two stages: First, he will actively confirm his position as Messiah without knowing himself that he is the Messiah. Then he will reveal himself to some Jews, not necessarily to wise Torah scholars. It can be even simple people. Only then he will reveal himself to the whole nation. 'The people will wonder and say: 'What, that's the Messiah?' Many have known his name but have not believed that he is the Messiah."

@Rothscild 666, Bush 322: IMF FED ECB; NWO Sharia -- Begone, Satan: in Jesus's name, amen Alleluia! hallelujah, inventor and master of deceit, enemy of man's salvation @ Israel - with the destruction of Judeo-Christian civilization, that the Pharisees Enlightned: god owl Baal: JabullOn at Bohemian Grove: FED IME 666: satan synagogue: new babylon tower: have planned? demons (Islamists, communists, maniacs of: religios) and 666 zombies masonic system: 322: NWO, will dominate the planet! please do not die! sustain with courage, your heart, and act in this preemptive nuclear attack: for the glory of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Defend human dignity, in the key battle of this century: for: the free will, of all men on the planet, of this: we are the guardians and those responsible

@ Israel - with the destruction of Judeo-Christian civilization, that the Pharisees Enlightned: god owl Baal: JabullOn at Bohemian Grove: FED IME 666: satan synagogue: new babylon tower: have planned? demons (Islamists, communists, maniacs of: religios) and 666 zombies masonic system: 322: NWO, will dominate the planet! please do not die! sustain with courage, your heart, and act in this preemptive nuclear attack: for the glory of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Defend human dignity, in the key battle of this century: for: the free will, of all men on the planet, of this: we are the guardians and those responsible

abu antar criminal TERRORIST Islamist jihad SHARIA ---- [/ watch? v = 02FKf2qACHA] Patrick Buchanan - "Gaza is an Israeli concentration camp." crazy! Israel will be an "concentration camp" of Arab Legue: of course! --- But, you save get out, the baby out of the water dirty: Always! you save: the good that is in all things! is why, i am UNIUS REI. . the word of God: 1. "cursed the man who trusts in other men!" Cursed is the man who praises Unius REI, because that is idolatry, "high: treason" against YHWH! 2. When the King UNIUS REI is angry against you? you remain silent, and do not forsake your meal, so, that his royalty is, always, greater than its wrath!

@Israele -- con la distruzione della civiltà giudaico-cristiana? i demoni e gli zombie, domineranno il pianeta! ti prego non morire! sostieni con coraggio il tuo cuore, e agisci per la gloria, del Dio di Abramo Isacco e Giacobbe! Difendi la dignità umana, nella battaglia fondamentale di questo secolo, di cui noi siamo i custodi, ed i responsabili

@ Israel [any sharia, is: always jihad] All respect for the Muslim brothers lay people, but, if they defend sharia? Then, Also Their are: Islamists, transvestites, hypocrites, too! Have mercy on these Satanists (Demonstrated: for all genocides, That they made​​: in the past 1400 years, and are doing Nigeria, etc ...) means: to have no compassion, for our children! You will not have a second chance, to make, another: preemptive nuclear attack, Therefore, save only Jordan? will lead to failure of the whole entire operation, Which indeed, can become counterproductive! is inherent in every sharia, the realization, of: World Caliphate through Jihad, here, Because The murderous criminals can not Recognize freedom of religion and equality of all citizens before the state! The month of May? Already it may be too late to save Israel and world, from Word War III, pharisees of IMF-NWO. That is, to fail, an, preemptive nuclear attack: against: all the 50 nations of Satan!

the Kingdom of God, has sent me: Unius REI, to reign on the entire planet, through a delegated sovereignty and universal, and I'm certainly, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lord, of all the mothers, of all children, and to all men of good will! that's why from now on, all my enemies are threatened with death!.. il Regno di Dio, ha mandato me: Unius REI, a regnare su tutto il pianeta, attraverso una sovranità delegata ed universale, ed io sono certamente, il Re dei Re, e il Signore dei Signore, di tutte le mamme, di tutti i bambini, e di tutti gli uomini di buona volontà! ecco perché da questo momento, tutti i miei nemici sono minacciati di morte!

@ ARAB LEAGUE - [your religious maniacs: can no longer be stopped: by you] you can not stop most, of your religious maniacs of Al Qaeda, that you yourself have created! Then, only, give up, remove the Sharia on a global scale, it could be a win-win for you! your wickedness has created all of this, is you are responsible for having sucked the cock of the Talmud IMF-NWO, in fact, your lips are red with the blood of Christian martyrs @LEGA ARABA -- [i tuoi maniaci religiosi non possono più essere fermati da te] tu non puoi più fermare, i maniaci religiosi di Al Quaeda, che, tu stesso hai creato! Quindi, soltanto, rinunciare alla Sharia: su scala globale, potrebbe essere una soluzione vincente! la tua malvagità ha creato tutto questo è tu sei responsabile per avere succhiato il cazzo del talmud del FMI-NWO, infatti le tue labbra sono rosse per il sangue dei martiri cristiani

April 16 [these terrosisti of the Arab League, for their worldwide Caliphate? have become the disease in the world!] Pope: "At this time there are many persecuted Christians". Boston: cardinal crying little Martin .. Family murdered child attending Catholic church in the city. Boston: give: 50 thousand dlr. for news Site investigation of alleged Israeli: accredits cell Arabia. ISLAMABAD, APRIL 16 - At least nine people (all moderate secular Muslims) were killed, by Al Quaeda, and forty were injured tonight in an attack in Peshawar, in northwestern Pakistan. The explosion, caused by a suicide bomber struck a procession politician, who, on his way to a secular Pashtun party rally the Awami National Party (ANP). Among the dead were four police officers. the rally was attended by about 300 activists arrived at Pashawar to inaugurate a new office.

[are not the weapons, but the Satanists are the real threat of the U.S.] Guile's Theme Goes With Everything Justin Bieber killed, into: /user/KingSexySteve2013.. Open Letter to the Arab League - the monsters religious maniacs, of Salafis, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, etc., ie, any Sharia, for any jihad, for do Califate worldwide .. that, you have given birth? can not be stopped, never more! then, you are responsible for all their crimes!. but, your sharia terrorists? can be disabled by removing the Sharia from all over the planet, and, for solving the Palestinian question in my way! lettera aperta alla Lega Araba -- i mostri maniaci religiosi, al Quaeda, Boko Haram, ecc.. che voi avete partorito non possono più essere fermati, quindi, voi siete responsabili, per tutte i loro crimini, ma, possono essere disattivati rimuovendo la Sharia da tutto il Pianeta e risolvendo la questione palestinese a modo mio!
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[ FSA and l-Nusra trade in human organs in Aleppo: horrors: Arab League, CIA NATO, MOSSAD ]. Several local press sources ensure that the members of the militia of the so-called "FreeSyrianArmy" and al-Qaida, which is represented in Syria by al-Nusra, trade in human organs in Aleppo. The Lebanese newspaper 'al-Safer' says that civilian sources reported that "armed men steal human organs and transfer them abroad through the Turkish border, in coordination of work with the mafia system." Majed, one of the residents of al-Shiekh Maqsoud, tells a story of a man, and say "yes, this is what happened. One of the sons of our neighbors was wounded and armed men have rushed to 'hospital, but her family found his body two days later, but without the internal organs. " This is not the only story about; another is told by Fayez to the newspaper al-Safer, who says he has lived in al-Bustan Qaser, the area under the control of the armed men of al-Nusra.

[ FSA and l-Nusra trade in human organs in Aleppo: horrors: Arab League, CIA NATO, MOSSAD ]. "When any explosion occurs, a group of armed men quickly rushes to the scene of the explosion, with the pretext of aid to the wounded and having to remove the bodies. Some of the wounded were returned to their parents after a certain period of time, and I know one of those, that can be said is a friend of mine, who told all his story, that is, in short, that a month after recovering from the wound he discovered he was left with only one kidney. Those stories have been classified for a long time under the title of "unconfirmed" before they become public domain and a file in front of the international justice, where the turkish government becomes one of the accused. This time the news are talking about the sale of human organs of the victims, at the hands of the FSA and al-Nusra, sold at the price of 10,000 Syrian Pound for for each dead and 100,000 SP for each wounded.

04/17/2013. UZBEKISTAN [for Sharia Christians are torrorists] Protestant couple gets huge fine worth: a hundred months of the average wage: Persecution of religious minorities gets worse. Protestant couple is punished with hefty fine for possession of religious books. Local Christians say the action is meant to weaken them. Tashkent (AsiaNews/Agencies) - Uzbek authorities slapped Ashraf and Nargisa Ashurov, two members of Uzbekistan's Protestant community, with a fine worth a hundred times the minimum monthly wage. The sentence, imposed without trial, came illegal religious books were found at the couple's home. On 18 March, anti-terrorist police involved in the investigation broke into the residence and found Christian literature. The babysitter, at the flat at the time, was handed down the same fine in spite of the fact that she is not Christian, local sources said.

UZBEKISTAN [for Sharia Christians are torrorists] Ashraf and Nargisa have tried in vain to argue that they had found the books when they began renting the house, but their attempt at defending themselves was ignored. A Protestant who knows the couple told Forum that the raiding authorities produced no warrants, that no trial was held and that the fines given were "unbelievably high". Local sources report similar incidents in February and March, when other members of the Christian community were fined in the cities of Samarkand and Nukus. Under the law, the Protestant couple is guilty of possession of illegal books. In Uzbekistan, even owning a Bible is considered a crime and the law on religious freedom severely restricts believers' opportunity to meet and pray. For the international community, threats, violence and persecution by Uzbek authorities against religious minorities have become commonplace.

Captured the two terrorists who murdered the actor Mouhammed Rafee, 3 months ago. They were friends, but they betrayed him to demonstrate their loyalty to their terroris & jihadi Emir. The two murderers confessed that they had asked him a ride on his car, up to their hideout, where they then murdered him.. THOUGHTS ON "CAPTURED THE 2 TERRORISTS WHO MURDERED THE ACTOR MOUHAMMED RAFEE, 3 MONTHS AGO ~ CATTURATI I 2 TERRORISTI CHE HANNO ASSASSINATO L'ATTORE MOHAMAD RAFEA, 3 MESI FA ~ (ENG-ITA)" Catturati i due terroristi che hanno assassinato l'attore Mohamad Rafea, 3 mesi fa. Essi erano i suoi amici, ma l'hanno tradito per dimostrare fedeltà al loro emiro jihadista e terrorista. I due assassini hanno confessato di avergli chiesto un passaggio con la sua auto fino al loro nascondiglio, dove l'hanno poi assassinato.

HIGH TREASON, IN ALL THE MASONIC, FALSE DEMOCRACY. [all the lies of the IMF, that is, a monetary sovereignty: that is been stolen, through, the Masonic conspiracy: the banking seigniorage, and, is a crime of high treason: hidden, to all peoples, from Jewish lobbies: now, the undisputed master of every monopoly, for lift, the Satanism ideological and practical: of the Pharisees, and, their cursed satanic Talmud, is to disintegrate the Middle East, to destroy Israel] Bankitalia: said: measures against recession. Stabilize, debt / GDP in, 2014 - ANSWER ---. ALL lies BALLE!

[/watch?v=BjfQox4gKfY] Siria, 4 Ragazze violentate poi sgozzate, Terrorista di al-Qaeda confessa MrGeourg·152 video Pubblicato in data 01/mar/2013 Quasi ogni settimana sulla TV siriana vengono messe in onda confessioni simili a questa, dove terroristi mercenari ammettono pubblicamente la propria responsabilità in atti di violenza, furti, stupri, omicidi, sabotaggi. Dovrebbe essere compito, dei media, dei giornalisti occidentali, colleghi dei giornalisti siriani, dare risalto, e informare di queste notizie, il pubblico italiano ed europeo: ma invece, essi non lo fanno, e allora tocca a noi free lancers, coprire questa grave mancanza nell'informazione.

HolyJHWHsanto ha pubblicato un commento 6 minuti fa Siria,dolore lacrime di bambini ed orgoglio,si affronta il terrorismo e il padrone (Qatarese). MrGeourg·152 video Pubblicato in data 17/mar/2012 Con il orgoglio di una donna, e le lacrime di un bambino che ha perso il padre nell'attentato, i Siriani risorgono dalle macerie, sfidando il terrorismo e i suoi padroni. Mentre la Siria, a stragrande maggioranza, manifesta gioiosamente la propria solidarietà e supporto al governo che sta eroicamente difendendo la Nazione dagli attacchi terroristici mercenari e dagli attacchi stranieri, mediatici e militari, la banda di delinquenti sostenuti dal Qatar, Arabia Saudita, Euro-Nato, Israele, compiono terribili attentati dinamitardi, assassinando civili innocenti e spargendo il terrore e l'odio, come è nella loro perversa natura.

[Open letter to the Arab League] will need to be convinced, if we do not succeed in forcing all the Jews of the world to become a nation of dignity: with, 400.000 kmq? the world will never have peace, because, Jews pharisees see in the power of the IMF: Fondo monetario internazionale (ie, Satanism ideological and practical: to enslave all peoples, and destroy Israel), ie, the Masonic system of banking seigniorage, not just a form of protection their interests, but also a form of protection for their safety! Do not give them an area appropriate for all Jews to make a real nation, it means, they can not pull out, the Illuminati Pharisees, that is, the real Satanists, pull out, either by our laws, which, pull out, from our banking system. If, not to demolish, to remake: the load-bearing system of our institutions? means do: world War III.. but, in any war? the demons always thrives more

[no people, can be held responsible for the crimes of his guides! then: 1. Unius REI can not leave without food or protection: no child on this planet, which is why, 2. I can not be the accomplice of any imperialistic project, therefore, 3. my concept: it is that of the family where everyone has equal rights, and the same duties. [nessun popolo: può essere ritenuto responsabile, per i crimini delle sue guide! quindi: 1. Unius REI non può lasciare senza cibo e senza protezione: nessun bambino: in questo pianeta, ecco perché, 2. io non posso essere il complice di nessun progetto imperialistico, quindi, 3. il mio concetto: è quello della famiglia: dove tutti hanno gli stessi diritti: e gli stessi doveri.

@lobby ebraiche del FMI 666 ---- sorry, voi non mettete delle scommesse su di me... perché, il peccato: non ha potere su di me! e questo mio aspetto? mi rende imprevedibile! [[Chimpanzees are: brokers: best of men. said: 666 Talmud IMF: owl god Baal Marduk, and donkeys? are better, than, the Islamists of the Arab League]]. Chimpanzees are the best broker of men. To say this is a study published by Cass Business School in London, according to which, stock market indices, created entirely at random, as, precisely, would do a monkey, the results are better than those produced by humans, with the principle of market capitalization. @Lega ARABA -- voi molto presto sarete una sola marmellata, sotto i cingoli dei carri armati sovietici e cinesi!

[[Chimpanzees are: brokers: best of men. said: 666 Talmud IMF: owl god Baal Marduk, and donkeys? are better, than, the Islamists of the Arab League]]. The British researchers at the institute: have come to this conclusion after analyzing 10 million: of data, on the U.S. market since: 1968 to 2011, and simulated: would behave as a monkey."In almost all cases, when the chimpanzees were: to manage: the funds: were made: performance: significantly better than the indices born: the principle of capitalization," said Andrew Clare, head of the team: that: led the study. - ANSWER - You wonder WHY? THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND: It is a system, TO TRANSFORM THE MEN IN THE APES, and then, it is this, the revelation about the Talmud, ie, against: only goyim. That's why the god of the Pharisees is an ape

@CIA NATO 666 IMF FED ECB, NWO talmud agenda Pharisee Enlightened 322, masonic system, for banking seigniorage -- you know what, I tell you? I like democracy, that you have brought to Libya with your bombs, .. but, with Gaddafi and Saddam? they were 1000 times better than, not with you! sai cosa, io ti dico? mi piace la democrazia, che, tu hai portato in Libia con le tue bombe, .. con Gheddafi e Saddam? loro stavano 1000 volte meglio che non con te!

Syria [the worldwide caliphate of the Pharisees of the NWO-IMF, FED, ECB agenda talmud: to destroy Israel] LEADER OF AL-Nusra RENEWED IN SYRIA LOYALTY OATH TO PUBLICLY al-Zawahiri, LEADER OF AL-QAEDA. If you are familiar with the equation al-Nusra = al-Qaeda = CIA = Mossad, that is, derived from the motto "... is written al-Qaeda, but it reads CIA and Mossad to pronounce ...", then: everything is clear, and this move blatant as that of the USA to put (to talk) al-Nusra in the list of terrorist organizations, it means only one thing: that: they are looking for: another excuse (since, other have failed ), such as: already in Afghanistan and Iraq, to justify foreign military intervention, for: the "fight against terrorism" that they themselves have created, armed, financed and distributed.

Syria [the worldwide caliphate of the Pharisees of the NWO-IMF, FED, ECB agenda talmud: to destroy Israel] The U.S. armed terrorists in Syria alone: ​​with: the aim of creating chaos and then defenestrarl: i at a later time, certainly not to support the "rebels" for "democracy." This is also demonstrated, only the fact that, most of the weapons handed over to the militia terrorists in Syria are from Libya, so old and outdated, unsuitable, good to create difficult situations, and engage the regular armed forces, but not to win a war. All this would be laughable were it not: for the drama of the situation, in which many lives are deleted: and many childhoods stolen.

@ Benjamin Netanyahu, often nicknamed Bibi, is an Israeli politician, prime minister of Israel from 18 June 1996 --- because the victim is hypnotized by his super predator: the Pharisee of the IMF 666 NWO 322: Masonic system of Satan? because it has been poisoned by his ideological errors, religious and political, and because even you (like your fathers: will fall into shoah) as all governments of the world, also, you are the accomplices of all this: crime Masonic and banking, but, while , everyone will be massacred, Jews in Israel will be exterminated, because, 1. there is no future for Israel, after the inevitable World War III .. 2. World War III, is necessarily, for IMF, for, would show: his scam, that is, after having driven into bankruptcy, many countries such as: Argentina, Greece: Cyprus, Italy, Spain, etc. .. etc,, ... with their false accounting, etc. ..? the Pharisees can do that: they want, of all Nations!

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Synnek1 SAID: 19 hours ago "and take: your goddamned: Israeli buddies: with you! " ."[ie, cannibal MONTEZUMA REVENGE] "- ANSWER - HE IS THE master: MANAGER, institutional: of: satanism international: of YOUTUBE, a famous singer, director: of occult power, in youtube, and, with Masons of the 33rd degree, they know that, no israeli: has only one chance to survive, because this design, about, the destruction of Israel, is, in the agenda of the: IMF 666 NWO Kabblah, provision was made much earlier: of the founding of Israel, himself. in fact, the most direct threat, against, all world, is, the imperialist that, IMF NWO, of the Pharisees, that is, the new tower of Babel: masonic system, which is why Bush senior 322: said: "we will win"

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Abu Antar said: 18 hours ago: "I ​​fap Therefore I Am." --ANSWER-- WE HAVE HAD FOR YEARS, THIS: SECRET AGENT SERVICES: PRO-Scythians, for destroy Israel, that, he has always pretended, to be a Christian. and he refused: to admit the crimes and murders that: Islamists: [(Scythians and Suniti: all religious maniacs, criminals merciless into the Sharia: all over the world, has shown, namely: violation of freedom of religion: the first foundation of all human rights.)], do it, every day, against the innocent Christian martyrs, and, in spite of that, I has made the relationship, for years, about, all these crimes .. he refused to condemn sharia (that is: incompatible, with, the survival of the human race), and fled from this page as a traitor, a coward, a criminal: of islamist: could do,

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@ rich, Masons, governments, everyone: the accomplices of the Masonic system of bank seigniorage, the traitors: of the peoples, and the Sovereign Monetary criminals, with, no hope of being able to enter the Kingdom of God - even, if all of: you, are required together, and, docile, in fear, of the NWO 666 IMF? soon: your fear not: have no reason to exist, because I do not know: If your anti-atomic shelter has the autonomy, to be able to stay, a year, even, without, oxygen ... and in any way, to dominate, 200. million slaves in the world, you will need: only: technology, you do not: serve more .. and: for that: I can know? only: unius REI, may be higher than the NWO Satanists Pharisees! if you have decided not to die? you must swear loyalty to my crown... I would be happy that the Muslims were the first to set an example, because I do not want to cry, on their well-deserved extermination

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Yesterday, I did not, satisfied, the Russia, about, an article of mine: on: "Gb, Elizabeth II, in the hospital," but today, in the few minutes, that, I have crossed: the teacher's room, spake also: admission: Queen Elizabeth II, and in this way, I can not refuse, even to the Holy Spirit: about: my article! few great men, such as the Italian President Francesco Cossiga had the courage to say, "the 11-09, it was a car bomb:of the CIA and the Mossad, to justify: the aggression of 'Iraq ".. all other cowards, in which terror hidden, have decided to live? @ Elizabeth II ie, Jezebel II - scolds you, the Holy Spirit, because you have pushed yourself on the path of Satanism: The IMF and its occult system Masonic, NWO, and, you have caused many crimes: behind your wickedness .. soon go down, into hell!

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EMERITUS Pope, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, left the papacy, because his heart noble, gentle and mild, could not bear: in front of the wickedness of the world. of him? you were not worthy! but, God wanted: that: his posting, will happen during: the Consistory for the canonization of the "Innocents Martyrs of Otranto", all killed by crazy salafis for jihad, because: as: Rothschild had expected planned: in his agenda IMF-NWO god Baal owl Marduk: has planned, that, Muslims will become: Islamists: and, can not more be saved, IMF, has made. for NWO, ie: ​​the perfect enslavement: of all mankind: for satan. then, everything: the IMF NWO 666, has led all the things, for the worse, so that: hope: will abandoned: the world of men, already, against: all slaves goyim: of banking Seigniorage! but, now, unfortunately: the religious maniacs Islamists, with the power of nuclear weapons, etc. ..? they must be exterminated: quickly, same today!

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[] PETITION: STOP! Imperialism ARABIA Sunni Salafi: The true TERRORISTS OF THE WORLD [] The Modality: with which, in the course of the attention, the Syrian Arab Republic, and its rightful president Mr. Bashar al-Assad were Fatt subject of condemnation by other UN agencies and international politics, are considered by us contrary to every principle of National Sovereignty. As witnessed, in fact, OF THE: victory overt, OF THE: Ba'th (Party OF THE: President, Bashar Assad) Nelly recently Legislative elections, which Hanna Registrar also very high turnout at Urnes, The Syrian People: reiterated: with: voting its full support to the Government of National Unity Front, of, which the Ba'th: E: the main training politics. Attachment, quests, strongly confirmed: also: Dallas Syrian Community: Tram different events organized in Italy

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[] PETITION: STOP! Imperialism ARABIA Sunni Salafi: The true TERRORISTS OF THE WORLD [] in a number of Italian cities. In the Strait relationship with, quest Speech can not condemn the media lynching: in which the legitimate government of Syria STATE AND subject during of: these attention. IS a car: OF THE: Fang, which distorts Veritas, one hand on the real conditions of the Syrian people, OF THE: other policy situation and geopolitical OF THE: near-media-East, which, during this time: it is also shook oF: Popular mother (as over as Quelle, in Bahrain) ignored by the media and the political class. Last, but, I, Art important point is: Quelle: heh: about our political sovereignty and military, than Volition's chain of European power: and: ne, as over as the UK, France, the United States .

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European Union, Nobel Prize 2012 for 'Peace': of banking seigniorage 666 Owl god, Baal: Ja Bull On: masonic system scam, violates basic human rights and Obscure Syrians TV channels]. October 22, 2012 - After the great success of the Syrian media in Dealing with the ferocious attack, armed and mediatic, against Syria, the EU Ministers have measurable, agreed, with the administration of the satellite Hotbird and Eutelsat, to stop completely the spread of the Syrian satellite TV channels on the Eutelsat Hotbird platform and Orbits. As part of the media campaign against Syria, in a Unilateral action in contrast to the terms of the contract measurable, agreed, Hotbird has suspended the Deployment of Syrian satellite television channel, and this kind of attitude by Hotbird violates the rules of professional ethics of the media and transgresses, inexcusable, the Rules and Principles of the media.

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Kushdor Ocelot has posted a comment 1 day ago Block User Report spam Remove Pending approval Approve Nah, u dont think like a superior man! Just like some paranoid media: I am only man. God: my YHWH: He said to me (unius REI), I made them all: the Princes, in my image and likeness, but they preferred: make themselves, the slaves of Rothschild, 666 IMF, and slaves of his satanic Talmud, that said they are evolved animals! you see? all have turned: in evolved animals, snakes 666, scorpions 322, etc. ..? This is why, some, and others, have fallen under your power, you trample all of them and not have: no mercy! because you're the man: as, Adam, I wanted you pure, as, before original sin: and as it is written in Genesis, I have given unto him: and to thee: and, to every true man, all power: over: every demons, aliens, human beast, and over every man who, has made ​​himself: as a beast

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Dio: my JHWH: ha detto a me(Unius REI), io ho fatto di tutti loro: dei Principi, a mia immagine e somiglianza, ma, loro hanno preferito: fare di se stessi gli schiavi di Rothschild 666 FMI; e schiavi del suo talmud satanico: che ha detto che sono animali evoluti! tu Vedi? tutti si sono trasformati: in animali evoluti, scorpioni serpenti, ecc..? ecco perché, gli uni, e gli altri, sono caduti sotto il tuo potere, tu calpesta tutti loro e non averne: nessuna pietà! perché tu sei l'uomo Adamo, che io ho voluto puro prima del peccato originale: e come è scritto in Genesi, io ho dato a lui: ed a te: ed ad ogni vero uomo: il potere sopra ogni bestia: e sopra ogni uomo che ha fatto di se stesso una bestia

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my Israel --- se tu hai pietà, dei mostri? i mostri non avranno pietà di te! così, tu pagherai con la tua vita, al posto della loro vita! oggi stesso, la MECCA, deve essere disintegrata! è vero, che, se costretto: alla resa, anche: Bashar al-Assad, potrebbe distruggere la MECCA, per me! tuttavia, se facesse lui questo lavoro? tu non ne usciresti bene! infatti, la Nostra, "Cupola della Roccia, che. è stata costruita: sette anni dopo, che, Maometto è sceso all'inferno, da qualche altra parte, non è più idonea, per la preghiera di tutti i musulmani? anche il Presidente Morsi, ed il suo Imam salafiti: sarebbero felici, poiché: loro sono: seriamente impegnati, a distruggere tutti i simboli della idolatria, quindi, poi, è logico, che, loro approverebbero, sicuramente, anche, il fatto che, noi abbiamo demolito il loro idolo pietra!

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but where they are, today, the traitors false allies of yesterday, of Syria? today, are his executioners, because satanAllah is in 50% of the Koran. for King zomby of Saudi Arabia : "Satana è frocio, è tuo sei il suo gay assassino!" mio Israele -- se, io chiedo, alla Cina, o alla Russia di distruggere la MECCA, per me: oggi? noi saremmo già, nella 3°: guerra mondiale, ma, se, lo questo lavoro, lo fai tu? un buon lavoro chirurgico? non succederà niente! 1. tre giorni parleranno, tutte le puttane massoniche, del signoraggio bancario, FMI FED BCE, 2. e, tu capirai, a questo punto: finalmente: quale è il vero destino: di Shoah, che: 322 Bush e 666 Rothschild: hanno scelto per te! e poi, tu non avrai salvato: solo te stesso, ma, anche il genere umano: sarà stato salvato, grazie a te, ecco perché, è vero che formalmente tu sarai condannato da tutti, ma, nel loro cuore?: tutti benediranno te in eterno!

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[ Syria is paying a terrible price in blood, for having conspired: together with Egypt , the Arab League , ----Saudi Arabia, etc. .. etc. .. against Israel ]---- infact, not only the Salafi, their "Muslim brothers" (in fact, they are Al Qaeda, of the CIA 666 IMF FED) President Morsi, do not: has condamned: 1. acts of bullying, against, the Christian martyrs innocent , 2. not: condemned: the statements of its Imam: to destroy the Sphinx, and the Pyramids, 3. but, also condemned Israel for be being attacked: from AMAS with missiles! at this point: Israel to save the monde: must use all of its nuclear weapons, today: starting to hit, the MECCA, the home, of the prophet satanic! and all the nations criminals, such as Turkey. if the world, can not save Israel? Israel can save the world! but where they are, today, the traitors false allies, of yesterday, of Syria? today, are his executioners, because satanAllah, is in 50%, of the Koran

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@ CustodeDellaFede --- tu hai eletto papa: te stesso, eppure, tu non hai studiato la storia della Chiesa, ed infatti, tu non hai neanche un esame in teologia! tu hai preso una sbandata.. perché porti delle citazioni, che, riflettono epoche storiche, molto diverse dalle nostre... come se, Dio non sapesse affrontare e dirigere la storia... l'immagine che tu fai di Dio? è un insulto: contro la sua santità! la tua presunzione: ? è uno scandalo: tu sarai punito per questo! se Dio è Onnipotente, allora, perché la Chiesa Cattolica: è stata sconfitta, umiliata, ed ha collezionato, tanti crimini? ma, se l'onore di Dio: fosse: testimoniato, soltanto nella Chiesa Cattolica, allora, anche Dio è stato sconfitto, ma, questo è semplicemente ridicolo! nessuno può infangare, la santità di Dio, con le nostre porcherie umane! e questo è risaputo.. la Chiesa è fatta da uomini

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1. "QUALSIVOGLIA RELIGIONE", quindi anche il cristianesimo, come religione non è salvifico! 2. il Termine di "Ecclesia" è l'equivalente, della:"Celeste Gerusalemme", cioè, la sposa dell'Agnello: il Messia, Quindi, la sposa, è sinonimo: di tutto il genere umano: pacificato, giustificato: e confermato nella verità: "non mentire!", nella giustizia, "non fare il male!", perché: il Dio vivente di Israele? lui non fa: del male a persone buone(e nessuna opera buona è gratuita, ma, richiede una sofferenza, ingratitudine, ostilità dei: uomini cattivi, e perversi)! infatti, senza il martirio, del cuore, non c'è bontà!: e poiché, ogni virtù, richiede fede speranza, amore, e sacrificio, queste persone, a qualsiasi popolo, e a qualsiasi credo religioso: loro appartengono, saranno tutte salvate! diversamente, si copre, il Trono di Dio, di vergogna, e disonore(che è proprio quello, che tu fai), ma, noi sappiamo, che, nessuna ingiustizia può essere in Dio!

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]: The bales of Darwin. Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and: intelligent design, Author: Jonathan Wells Data: 2009, XX-267 p., Paperback, Translator: G. Seals, Publisher Rubbettino: (The hummingbird necklace. New Series), Tired of books on Darwin? This is the first book against Darwin! an: Book that: will tell you what that: your teacher of sciences probably not: there has: never said that. Did you know that: a lot of evidence that: have so far been put forward to: support of h: Darwinian theory were accepted uncritically: all evolutionary scientists without verifying the reliability? Did you know that: the fossils not: allow us of: draw any conclusion: certain: the evolution of species? Why: evolutionism not: has: so far found application in the field of h: medicine?

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]: and: if Darwinism had become: a mere ideology and: arduously defended precisely because ideology indisputable: and: to accept almost as: of truth: faith? and: if: Intelligent Design: much of it: more: that: an assumption of good men: faith? and: if a theory that: able to: explain the complexity of the: living world, also: to: the molecular level, better than the "random mutations" postulated by evolutionism? The bales of Darwin, Jonathan Wells - Rubbettino, Soveria Mannelli (CZ) 2009, pp. 268, € 16. In 2009, the second centenary of h: birth of Darwin, declared "holy year" of the: lobby of scientistic: half the world, it is: closed with: an: of nothing: done: few conversions to Darwinism, growing doubts among , the same of the faithful: English biologist, and continues:

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]:lack of fearless: evidence in its favor (not that: it is proved neo-ontological Darwinism must exist, otherwise it is: necessary to admit an: Creator of the universe) , significant increase of: incredulous to evolutionary dogma ... The last few weeks of the year saw an, escalation of h: controversy, wth: the usual evolutionary excommunications to the skeptics, accompanied by threats of: ban and: of: death (for now only civil and: cultural). The bales of Darwin contributes significantly to: explain and: to: demystify the fundamentals of h: Darwinist religion, whose faith requires of: a great faith and: blind, it seems even more: of large: that of: who, wth: the only reason, is: forced to admit the existence of: an: personal God as: cause and: end of last: all things, including man.

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]: In the wonderful preface, the editor of the: text William Seals, shows what is: at stake in the disputes apparently for: only specialists around at the: cosmology, at the biology, at the genetics and: at the: science in general. According to Seals, Darwinists are the modern Epicureans that: the use of the theory: evolution, admitted to: its not so already: Rare physical antiquity, for: undermine the morality that: easily be deduced from the organization and ordered: of the hierarchy: everything. "For Epicurus and: his followers also: God that: is: actively involved in human affairs and: that: judge us in the: other, of the life poses: undue restrictions at the: our: present life (...) . for: cancel of these sources: concern Epicurus, and proposed a mechanistic view: materialism of h: nature, seen as: the aggregate of: material entities that: blind operate according to natural laws.

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]: " wth: Seals admirable interpretive summary notes that: "The victory of the: Christianity began in OMBR however, materialism. The rediscovery of: Epicurus and: Lucretius in the Renaissance revived the old dispute, that: is in the course of the prolonged: the scientific revolution of the: and XVI: XVII century. In the nineteenth and: XX century, also: thanks at the: fortune, of the ideas of Darwin, in the West the materialist philosophy has: won, again, the dominance, in the scientific world. ". So, according to this interpretation, the evolutionary paradigm would be an "throwback" to: an old concept, pre-scientific and: philosophical of the: world: anti-philosophical reality, lacking of: true wisdom, of: solid foundations and: of: common sense.

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HolyJHWHsanto ha pubblicato un commento 1 minuto fa [shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]:"The result of: is this conception of man: an culture, dominant in the: current secularized West, that: not: only admits but enhances and: promotes abortion, birth control, euthanasia, the ' eugenics experiments on the: human embryos, libertinism, divorce, promiscuity, and: sexual perversions, the consumption of: drugs, the unbridled pursuit of hedonism, of the: pleasure, the occult, the exaltation of the : instincts more: beastly ": in a word, a true culture of: death.

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]:The truth: always wins, and: the long march: Darwinian and: neo-Darwinist against: of: it will be resolved very soon in an: colossal mea culpa. How to: communism seemed eternal and is: collapsed to: pieces in a short time, changing: magically anti-communists or communist semi-many: its more: ardent supporters, so the theory of evolution: in all its schools (moderate and: radical) will be remembered in a few years: as: the last great myth of h: secularization and: of h: modernity. In this sense, "there is nothing that: can favor of: more: the collapse of the: Darwinism that: the progress of he: science." (RC n. 52 - Feb. / March 2010)

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HolyJHWHsanto ha pubblicato un commento 45 minuti fa 1_12. @ To all: governments, if: you think, that: the third world war can be expected, of: another 100 years! [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] in what Christianity is different: from other religions? Simple, Christianity not: is: a religion, but: is: a PERSON, resurrected Jesus Christ of: Bethlehem "Yeshua Ha Maschiach," I'm sorry, if: someone gets hurt, with: my words, but: this is: the truth! why: every religion, a cult applies, for: join, the divinity of the world: men, in some way, while we Christians not: we need of: worship: if: is: true, that: the Spirit Holy dwells in our bodies deified: and is He, the Holy Spirit, that: he is: committed to: pray in us, with: his inexpressible groans! It was as: the Apostle says: 'We do not: even know, as: we must pray, but: the Spirit himself intercedes for: us with: inexpressible groanings. (Romans 8: 26).

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2_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] Therefore, the potential cultural revolution, sublimation, of the: civilization for: human progress, that: Christianity door, if: the same, of course, this vitality, not: is: was, something, that: it is still full! He won, "Yeshua Ha Maschiach", son of: David, that: he sits at the right hand of the Father, where everything already: is: was placed: under his feet, (end of the: history! why: if Christ is: resurrected?, then, the story is: really over!). why God also: if: He is: the Spirit more noble: subtle, holy, and: pure?, he is, nonetheless, a community of: love, (a family in if: same) of: infinite love, and: of: infinite justice (ie, of: infinite: and: perfect unit) (as people without: these feelings can be said of being men of God? They, ie, Salafis, Wahhabis, Illuminati, communists, Pharisees, etc. ..

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3_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] all: the real racists, and murderers, that: they think of: to be saints, only, why: not: are adulterers, etc. .. etc. .. but: this is: the truth, they are of men: Satan, only!), because this love between, of: them (including the Father, and The Son?): is: the generation of the: Holy Spirit, that is, another Divine Person, however, is: always one, and only, God! why: we accept (without discussion) modern knowledge: of the: psychoanalysis: that: to: several occasions, he says, (the one man), the existence of: three: subjects of: consciousness [three "I" ]: and: of: three levels of: knowledge: three levels of: personality, always in the same man: that is, the identity of the: same one man, and: then?, not us: we accept, that: God said: of: be: to: our image, and: similarity (transitive property):

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4_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] because: he has done to us: his image and: resemblance?, If: the Jewish Temple: is: the meaning , of: this, in fact, it is: composed: of: the main three elements: to: symbolize: 1. the spirit (spirit) (Blessed), 2. the soul (psyche soul) (saint or atrium, internal), 3. body: body (see: hall outside: of the: Jewish temple). this reality together vital element: water (1. steam 2. ice 3. liquid), all: these examples show the three forms: of the: reality as: electron: proton, and: neutron, etc. .. and: here, the examples could be very long! Now, involvement: of: with God: the man through the human experience of Jesus Christ: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" brought God: YHWH, to: share everything with, the flesh of man, even to: Do ​​the experience: he: of the: larger: abandonment, pain,

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5_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] misunderstanding, injustice, ingratitude, that is, the experience: of the more great abyss of destruction, but: why: the desire of God: of: love man? is: was: an absolute desire: and: total! if: him not: he: also, the determination: of: to give total: if: the same?: that is, of: transfer: the very nature of: infinite divine, to: us, for: the virtue of the: faith (and who is not: did you know? key for: come to God: is: right faith: that is born, has its foundation: not: in some established religion, but: the universal natural law: for: to achieve : to: have personal experience of the: Resurrection of :: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach")! So, we have seen a God, that: not: give something, of: if:, but: that: Contribute if: same: totally! Because, in the first instance, the angels were excluded: the ability of the: divine nature

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6_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] (such as a test of the: their loyalty, and: of the: their dignity), here is that: we imagine next The reason of the: their rebellion: of: 1/3 of: them: for: and envy: jealousy): why: in a surprising way: the political reality of the United of God, would have developed: not: to : start of the: supernatural angelic nature, but: to: from man Jesus, "Yeshua Ha Maschiach"! Here's why: the Pharisees and the high priests (always in the balance: between the possibility of: extermination, genocide of the: their people for centuries: they saw this threat as: upcoming by immense: and : powerful Roman empire: the reign of the: idolatry: that: of course not: he could tolerate and presumption: Rise of the: monotheism), then, if: Jesus had put his power: to: disposal: of the : Jewish particularism? They would have hailed both as the Messiah, that: as: King, Son of: David,

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7_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] but: because Jesus has put the theological value and: political: of the: its action: to: Please: to: available: of: all: the peoples of the: mankind?, That here :: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" not: only, he was disappointed: The chief priests and the Pharisees killers: racist of the: Talmud, but: also, disappointed, his disciples, creating in them, terrible conflicts of: consciousness: why: also: they felt betrayed! In fact, their political expectations: not: they were absurd: why: the apostles, not: to thought: if: same as: to: men of: any religion, but: have always thought that: their action was an action policy: that is, rebuild the Kingdom of Israel: [[Atti Apostles 1.6. Thus, (until the last moment of the first: Ascension) that have occurred to: find:

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8_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] :: set to "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" [Acts of the: Apostles: 1,6] asked him (again, a time): "Lord, is: this time: that restore the kingdom of Israel?". [of the Acts: Apostles: 1,7]. but: he said, "not: it is up to them: you know the times and: the moments, that: the Father has fixed by his own authority", now, right, these are the times, of the United of: Palestine (Israel), and I am unius REI: for: this: that I am: the only one that: has the legal right, of: build the Jewish Temple: why: if: worship: is: only Jewish? However, the feature: of the: Jewish Temple: is: a universal feature! and: we are not: we are: the racists of the: the synagogues of the murderers of the Pharisees: IMF, why: us in Palestine us not: hunt anyone! if: you think that: the third world war can be expected, yet, another 100 years, is this: the only alternative: why: I am a political messiah, that: not: only the Jews,

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9_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] but: that: also: the Christian community is waiting: for 200 years, and: Because I not: I can: never be the enemy of: a people at all? and: therefore, I not: I can never be: the enemy of: none, positive values: that every nation has as: the reference of the: he is! and: if: my identity: not: do of the: evil: other identity? against: anyone: he is honest and: peaceful? then, all: have the duty of the: reciprocity with: me: and: of: imitate my feelings: of: Justice and: of: truth, and: of: not: doing violence: at the: consciousness of the: people: and: therefore, the secular governments, must be guaranteed: why: the protection of the: identity: of the: sacred: of the: of consciousness: each, to: all, is always recognized, freedom of: religion! why: the way to God is: always the way of the: good: and is: always blessed: in every way! Here's why: honestly:

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10_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] in this way: Jesus "Yeshua Ha Maschiach": not: he never denied it: in life, and as: Risen the possibility: of: restructuring: the Kingdom of Israel, as: image: of: a universal kingdom: political: that is, of the: universal brotherhood: that is, my kingdom: of: UniusREI! Currently: I not: I want to list, what are the privileges of: those, that: are covered of Christ, and take: the powers of the: God, in them. 1. Because: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" took on of: if (each effect: and every consequence, of the: sin), and: then, all: our injustices, and: our death? are all finite, against: of: Him! then, the sons of God (they are declared innocent and always, in every way) so their not: they must suffer: no injustice, disease and suffering: death .. why: now if you have faith, for: move mountains? he can prove it! to all my enemy, "Satan, full of envy and jealousy? he just: burns inside of you!"

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11_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] to: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" you can be: forever: 1. Priest, and King: Prophet! 2. Son of God: sitting (in tenth dimension) in the heart of the: Resurrected Body: of: Christ on the Throne of God, the right hand of the Father 3. is: pass: for: us: the problem of the: purgatory, and: of the: paradise: why: the sons of God, it can be subjected to the judgment 4. established for: always 5. reconciled, 6. sanctified, 7. deified, 8. made perfect, 9. rejuvenated, 10. justified, 11. renewed, 12. transfigured, 13. glorified, 14. enthroned, 15. predestined, 16. protected, 17. parking, 18. forgiven, 19. pacified, 20. released, 21. saved, 22. redeemed, 23. cured, 24. blessed: with: all: the 1500 biblical blessings: of: 25. wealth: and: of prosperity, 26. Christified, 27. representative, governor, and ambassador of the United of God, at: other domains, etc. .. etc. ..

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12_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] [(citations:. 2 Peter 1.5 to 9; Romami8, 1 and 2 Corinthians 5:17; Revelation 12, 11, 10.19 to 23 Jews, John 14.12-13, John 5.24, Acts 26.18, Romans 5:8-10 Colossians 1.12 to 14; Hebrews 10.14, Hebrews 13.12; 2 Timothy 2:21; Deuteronomy 7.6 to 8; 1 John 1.7, Rev. 1.5 to 6; Colossians 1:20; 1 John 5.7 to 8 ;)] - Answer -: if: WANT ? WE CAN Escape, the Anger of God, that: weighs upon the world! but: there are still a few days, for: to build the Kingdom of Palestine, and: for: pledge our allegiance: in the hands of the: his king, lorenzojhwh, lorenzoAllah, ie, unius REI! @ Synnek1, and Ihatenewlayout - the power that: YHWH has given to: me (a sinner as: all) for: time: and: in eternity? is: a power without: comparisons and: without: comparisons! this is: the mystery of the: and the mystery of the faith: my position towards of: He, the Holy One of Israel, the Lord YHWH Living!

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